The Seduction Of Carol… Chapter Five

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The Seduction Of Carol… Chapter Five

The next morning was almost turning into the afternoon when I was awakened by the smell of coffee and the absence of my favorite bedwarmer… Carol. Last night had tired me out. Not bothering with a robe I followed my nose and padded barefoot and naked into the common room of the hotel suite. Carol was just sitting at the bar to sip her first cup when I came up behind her. Giving her a hug I inhaled the smell of her. The aroma of pussy and cum from the sex of the night before was still strong on her skin and combined to give her a wonderful fragrance. I’m sure I stank of the same combination.
Releasing Carol to pour a cup of coffee for myself, I took her hand and pulled her to sit side by side on the couch. For a time we were quiet while sipping strong caffeine. Noticing the blush of her cheeks, I knew she was remembering all that she’d allowed three strangers to do to her on this same couch only hours before. With strong coffee having washed away the worst of our morning breath, I leaned over Carol for a long kiss. When my hand slid under her robe to cup a large, heavy 36DD tit, she moaned and kissed me harder but when I trailed kisses down to suck on a nipple, she laughed and pushed me away playfully.

‘Oh, my God! Didn’t you get enough last night,’ Carol laughed and sat up straighter.
‘Not even close to enough,’ I purred and kissed her again while putting my hand back under her robe. Gently rolling a hardening nipple between thumb and finger, I asked if her tits and pussy were sore.
‘A little. But, it just…’
‘It just reminds you that your pussy has been well fucked,’ I completed Carol’s sentence when she seemed at a loss for words. Carol was still hesitant to use words like fuck and pussy. Leaning in again to kiss her, I waited as her stiff posture softened before moving my hand from her tit to her side. Pulling her soft and now compliant body close as one of her arms went around my neck, I softly kissed my way along her cheek and neck. Sucking on an earlobe as she moaned, I breathed in her ear, ‘Just think how your pussy will feel after I let six men use you… How you will feel the next day…
‘One man after another… Between your legs… In your mouth… Using your body… You’re lying there… Letting them do whatever they want… ‘ I kept my sentences short as I painted a whispered picture of Carol spreading her legs for one man after another while I licked and sucked on her neck. My hand re-captured her tit and the nipple was hard as Carol moaned from my hot breath in her ear and the mental images my words were forming in her imagination.
‘I won’t fuck any of them,’ I told her. ‘I’ll be there to keep them hard for you… I’ll be there to guide their cock tips to your pussy… I’ll be there to eat their cum from your pussy… I’ll be there to feed you their cum… But I won’t let them fuck me… Their cocks will just be for your pussy and mouth… How many times do you think six men can fuck you… Until their cocks are drained… Twenty… Thirty times?’
Carol was moaning and unc0nsciously spreading her legs wider as my hand moved down to push the thin, wet crotch of her panties aside. Her large clit was hard and wet from her own pussy juice as I lightly manipulated it with two fingers. Pushing her panties further down her legs, I slid my fingers deeper to bring more juice out of her cunt to lubricate my fingers on her clit. 

‘By the time you think their balls are drained… Just as you think they have to be fucking you for the last time… Your pussy will be red and swollen… But each of them will have fucked you three or four times already… They won’t come quickly now… They’ll just keep fucking your sore pussy… Pounding their cocks between your legs in an effort to come one more time… You’ll be begging for them to come… And just when you think the last cock has come… Just when you think the last man has moved from between your legs… I’ll suck another cock to hardness… Or another cock will get hard bursa escort while they watch me suck the cum from your pussy… Maybe another cock will get hard as a man plays with your big tits while you suck his cock… And another man will be spreading your legs… I’ll watch as another man mounts you…’

‘Oh, God,’ Carol muttered as her breathing deepened. I quickened my fingers in Carol’s pussy. Thrusting deep and fast as my palm pressed hard against her slit and clit. The sound of Carol’s wet pussy being finger fucked was loud as she put her head back and began breathing in short, rapid breathes. I love playing with Carol’s pussy. There’s just so much to play with. The large, fleshy inner lips were perfect to suck on and so easy to grasp and pull apart to expose her pussy to my tongue. Lying half on top of Carol, I intensified my finger play of her pussy. I’d begun this just to play but Carol had responded so quickly that I was about to replace my fingers in her pussy with my tongue when…

Without warning, Carol cried out as her head and back bowed back. Clapping her thighs together, grasping my wrist with both hands and pulling my hand harder against her pussy while humping her hips up to meet my hand Carol began coming with a long, drawn out wail. I finger fucked her furiously as grool from her orgasm flowed from her pussy hole. This continued for several seconds until , just as suddenly as her orgasm took her, she cried out, ‘Oh, SHIT! Oh, God… I can’t take any more!’. Carol opened her legs while reversing her hands to now push my fingers from her pussy. Her back and neck began to relax as she panted to draw breath from her abdomen as her stomach muscles relaxed.
I love playing with Carol’s large pussy lips and clit especially when they’re wet with grool or cum. But I knew she was very tender after a night of sex and her just achieved orgasm. I pulled my hand from her grasp and instead of playing with her pussy, I wiped my fingers dry on her mound before beginning to massage her thighs as her breathing began to return to normal, fully satisfied with myself for the orgasm I’d given her.
I moved to let Carol stretch out on the couch while I knelt on the floor and continued my massage of her thighs. She was lying on her back perfectly content and relaxed in the aftermath of her orgasm. If she was a cat I was sure she’d be purring.
With a long whoosh of blown out breath, Carol finally opened her eyes and sat up on her elbows. In an exasperated tone she asked, ‘How the hell am I supposed to study today if you keep making me horny all the time?’
I laughed and began sliding a hand up her thigh, almost touching her pussy before she reached down to grasp my wrist. ‘Stop that,’ Carol begged. ‘Stop trying to touch me there. Oh, my God! What have you done to me? Jesus, I let three strangers fuck me on this couch. I just came on your hand and I still want you to touch me again already.’
‘Where? Where do you want me to touch you?’
‘There. You know, between my legs.’ Carol was still hesitant to say words like…
‘Say it… Say where do you want me to touch you,’ I told her again as my hand that wasn’t held began moving up her other thigh towards…
‘My pussy,’ Carol whispered.
‘What? I didn’t hear you.’
‘My pussy! Stop trying to touch my pussy! My twat! My cunt!’ Carol screamed. ‘Are you happy now?’
I laughed and moved both hands away as Carol fell back onto the couch and hid her beet red face behind her hands. Actually, I was very happy. Carol was going to become one very delicious slut under my tutelage. With her face still hidden, Carol muttered, ‘God, I have to study today. I have a test this week and between classes and work today’s the only day I have that I can study. Please! Stop making me want you!’
‘I promise not to drag you to my bed. But if we shower together I can’t promise I won’t stop you from dragging me to your bed,’ I laughed. ‘Instead, why don’t you go put your swimsuit on and we’ll go down to the pool and swim before you go to the library. That will görükle escort bayan wash the sex off of us and you might be able to keep your hands off my pussy if we’re in public,’ I told her with a grin before leaning over to kiss her with tongue.
We had the entire pool to ourselves. The hotel had part of the pool indoors and part of it was outdoors with sliding glass doors separating the two halves. It was a beautiful day and Carol and I swam under the doors to the outside. With no wind it was perfectly comfortable as we did a little frolicking and touching under the water. It wasn’t long before our tops were half undone as we played with each other’s breasts and took turns sucking on chlorine flavored nipples.
Towards the end of Carol’s stay in the pool, we were kissing when she pulled away and asked the question she had to have been wanting an answer to since I’d brought the subject up,’When?’
‘When what?’
‘You told me you were going to invite six men upstairs to our suite. When are you going to have six men, you know…’
‘You tell me what, ‘you know’, is.’ I thought it was so cute how Carol was unable to say certain words. But she was learning.
‘God, you’re impossible sometimes,’ Carol exclaimed before adding in a softer voice, ‘When are you going to let six men fuck me?’
‘Mmm, you sound pretty eager to have your first gangbang.’
‘Not eager, really. Just…’
‘Yeah. Curious about what it would be like… So, when?’
‘I don’t know,’ I answered. ‘Maybe tonight…’
‘Maybe, if I decide to. It might be next week… Maybe a month from now. I haven’t decided. What I have decided is that they’ll fuck you and only you until they’re exhausted. And they’ll fuck you in any way they want except one.’
‘No anal. Do you want to know why?’
‘Then ask me why I won’t let them gang fuck your ass.’
‘Why won’t you let them gang fuck my ass?’

‘Because,’ I answered, leaning in to run my fingers under her bikini bottoms and down her ass cheeks, rimming her anus with a fingertip. I’d licked Carol’s ass enough times during our sex to know that Carol liked ass play much more than I did. Carol gasped and tried to move away. I tightened my grip on her fleshy ass cheeks and forced my fingertip a nails length up her tight asshole.
‘Because,’ I repeated. ‘I’m going to give your ass as a Christmas present to a friend of mine.’
I moved closer and this time as I kissed her, I pushed my finger up her ass to the first knuckle and began a small in-and-out motion.
‘He’s fucked my ass many times, but he didn’t get my cherry,’ I continued as I kissed Carol softly, my lips moving against hers as I continued, ‘I always wished I’d been able to give him my last cherry. But, that didn’t happen, so instead I’m going to present your virgin ass to him as my Christmas present this year.’
Of course, I meant Jason but Carol didn’t need to know that yet.
I pushed my finger up Carol’s ass to the second knuckle and Carol moaned out a loud, ‘Oh, GOD!’ and then cried out when I drove my finger all the way up her ass as I finished telling her, ‘For the entire night he’s going to fuck this virgin asshole and bust your last cherry wide open.’
Carol moaned again as I withdrew my finger from her ass and rimmed her anus for a short time before pulling my hand from her ass. I wanted nothing more than to take Carol upstairs and eat that now wet pussy under her bikini bottoms until she screamed. But I remained true to my word to let her go study. With a last kiss and adjustments to our almost off bikinis, I stayed in the pool and pushed away from the side to float on my back as Carol left the water to use the outdoor shower to wash off the pool’s chlorine.

The hotel pool was given some privacy from traffic and people walking by with walls and shrubs. But neither walls nor shrubs shielded the pool from curious eyes on balconies above. As Carol and I had played, I’d noticed eyes from time to time peeking over a balcony to watch us kiss.
After Carol left to change and to go study, I swam bursa escort bayan for a bit. The pool wasn’t large enough to get in proper laps but I was able tp work up a good burn in my thighs. I was standing in the shallow part of the pool with my head tilted back to wring water from my hair when the eyes I’d noticed on the balcony swam under the doors and surfaced at the side of the pool.
A teenage boy pushed up to sit on the edge of the pool to swish his feet in the pool while trying not to be too noticeable as he stole looks at me. I tried hard not to grin at the very noticeable bulge of the hard-on he was trying to hide in his swim trunks. We exchanged hellos as I walked by him to stand beside a lounge chair.
I don’t usually go out of my way to tease young teenage boys, but I couldn’t resist letting him have a good look at a camel toe as I ‘adjusted’ the wet, nearly transparent crotch of my bikini bottoms before turning to let him have a long look at my ass as I spread out my towel before lying down. I wasn’t wearing a thong bikini but there was plenty of naked ass cheek for him to look at. I’ve always been excited with sex in public and the thought of what the guy must have seen as Carol and I had our make-out session in the pool had my mind on sex. As if making Carol come earlier hadn’t already made me horny. Turning onto my stomach, I reached behind to un-tie the back and neck strings of my top.
Keeping my eyes closed, I asked, ‘Was that the first time you saw women kissing? Did you like watching us?’
‘Um, yeah… I’ve never seen lesbians…’
‘We’re not lesbians. We like men and women.’
I’d brought suntan lotion in case I’d want to get some sun. When I asked if he’d put lotion on my back… Of course he came running. Well, running as fast as he could while trying to hide the tent in his swim trunks with a towel. The sun was warm and I was relaxed and in the mood to play so I make no apologies for moving my legs to tighten my ass cheeks while giving him a nice view between my legs.
After he’d slathered lotion from my shoulders to the small of my back, well, I guess he thought he’d died and gone to Heaven when I asked him to do my ass cheeks and legs, also. He lingered on my ass a bit longer than he needed but I wasn’t complaining as the ass massage he gave me felt good on my sun warmed skin. Though my legs were spread wide enough to make my pussy lips accessible, he couldn’t muster the courage to go that far though his fingers came close to the thin material of my swim suit’s crotch. My long legs took a while to lotion up and as he got to my ankles I was feeling pretty wicked.
‘I’m going to ask you some questions and if you lie to me I’ll know it,’ I told him. I had his complete attention as he sat on his ankles beside me. He reminded me of nothing so much as a dog with its tongue hanging out and begging for a treat. ‘If you lie to me I’ll send you away. Understood?’
‘What’s your name?’
‘Where are your parents?’
‘They went to take a horse drawn tour of the city.’
‘When did they leave?’
‘A few minutes before I came down. I told them I didn’t want to go.’
I guess watching two women making out was much more exciting to a guy than a tour of the city. I’d taken the tour of the city so I knew we had at least two hours even if his parents didn’t have to wait long in line. I had nothing else to do while waiting for Carol to come home so I made up my mind to be very wicked.
‘How old are you?’
’15.’ At least I wasn’t twice the guys age… Hell, I’d lost my virginity at 15…
‘Are you a virgin?’
‘Oh, umm, ahh, yes…’ I grinned at his stumbling answer.
Hell, with a couple of hours to work I knew I could make his first time pretty memorable, so…
I sat up, leaving my bikini top on the towel and making the poor guy gulp as he watched my bare boobs moving only inches from him now. I reached over and moved the towel off his lap. The tent his cock was making in his swim trunks was very noticeable and I reached to grasp the outline of a hard shaft with my hand. With a wicked smile I leaned forward until my hard nipples were rubbing against his chest and my mouth was next to his ear. Squeezing the outline of the cock in my hand I softly asked, ‘Is there any reason you want to remain a virgin?’

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