Taken in my own bed

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Taken in my own bed
On late evening I arrived home from my office and I felt very tired.
I went directly to the bathroom and had a nice warm shower…
Later I toweled my body and covered it by just a long T-shirt.

In the kitchen table I found a note from my beloved husband, saying he had gone to his friend’s home Paul.
Then I remembered it was Thursday; then I knew that night I would be home alone during many hours, because it was poker night.

I cooked a light dinner for myself and later I sat down at the living room’s couch, to watch a porn movie, before going to bed…

I was there touching my bare pussy lips as I watched on screen a huge black man fucking an innocent read head girl doggie style…

Suddenly I felt like I was being watched.
I ignored it for a while, but it got to me.

I slowly turned around to see if there was someone in the window, when I was grabbed by two huge hands. He held me tight to him, my arms pinned to my sides. One of his hands covered my mouth.

He lifted me and dragged me to the stairs. When I saw where we were going, I struggled, kicking his legs with my feet, trying to escape from his embrace.
It would be difficult someone would hear me, but I had to try…..

He knew where he was going…this man knew my house…
Then canlı kaçak iddaa he pulled me into my bedroom.

He threw me onto the bed, making me bury my face into the bed sheets until I stopped struggling. He pushed his body full on me.
The pressure was almost unbearable.

He did not say a word. It got me scared in a whole new way…

I heard the tinkle and clink of his belt and the zip being pulled.
Then I knew he was really going to fuck me…

His hand settled on my shoulder as his other guided his dick to me. He rubbed over me and lifted my T-shirt. My bare cunt and ass were open to him and he wasted no time.

He played with me, running his cock over my ass crack and pussy. I could hear his sighs as he worked into my pussy. I braced myself as he plunged to the hilt. I screamed loud when he pounded at me.

I did not mind the pain that was causing his thick cock.
I just could not stand that brutal pounding; the sudden brutal slam of his body driving his dick deeper into me.

He has moving faster now, my face rubbing painfully into the pillow.
I could feel his hairy belly rasping over my ass as he fucked me.
All of a sudden I moaned and immediately felt ashamed.
This stranger bastard was making me feel good and I could not tipobet believe it. He was fucking me brutally and I loved it…

I closed my eyes when he lifted his weight off me. He put a hand on my waist and he held me in position. I did not hear anything, but I soon felt what he was up to.
His thick middle finger was pushing into my very tight asshole.

I was terrified. I knew that he was going to hurt my ass now…

His finger again invaded my anus deeply and I moaned again.
Absolutely ashamed, I just buried my face into the bed. I felt really very humiliated by this man; but I was enjoying this like a bitch…

He pushed to his last knuckle and slipped in and out of me.
It was a bit painfully. Once he was comfortable with his thrusting, he began fucking my wet stretched cunt again.

I sighed at let him take me. I no longer wanted to fight back.

I opened my eyes when his strokes became slightly more erratic. He was going to come soon. He was going to come inside me and then I struggled hard to try to move him from me, but I could not do anything.

Suddenly, he withdrew his middle finger from my hole and stopped. I breathed with relief. I didn’t know what to expect after that; but then I knew I would not have to wait long.

I stifled tipobet giriş a scream as he plunged into my tight asshole. I groaned as he began pumping me hard. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit, but worse of all, I knew that I loved it…
The pain was now as good as the pleasure he was causing me.

I put my hand under my body and rubbed my throbbing clit. I sighed as that bastard stretched my ass with his huge hard dick. He held tight to my hips as he shoved into my poor anus.

Then he shuddered and I knew that he was so close to come…

His jerking thrusts were indicating me his climax and I came loudly as he filled my tight ass with a huge amount of burning semen.
He took a moment before he withdrew, splashing some cum over my buttocks.

I lowered my hips and did not move. I could not move. I was barely aware that he zipped up and buckled his belt again. My breathing was shallow and I wondered about what would happen next.

He reached out and ran his fingers over my hair. He whispered into my ear that he had loved to fuck my ass…
I turned my head and finally looked into his eyes.

“You are an asshole…”

Victor smiled and he slapped my ass cheeks.
He got up and went to the shower. I rolled onto my back and put a pillow under my hips- I lifted my butt and spread wide my legs Then I shoved my own fingers deep inside of my stretched cunt.

I hated my loving hubby when he fucked me in the ass and he was not able to make me cum before he could come by his own…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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