Sharing a shower and more…

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Sharing a shower and more…
Tuesday morning my lovely wife called me, to confirm she would be sent by their bosses to a conference meeting outside of town.
Ana could not get a plane ticket; so the travel would be by driving.

I was free from my own business trips; then I offered to go with her so she would have some company. She thought that was a great idea and we could leave as soon as we were ready late afternoon.

We arrived to the hotel a bit late and found unfortunately the place was full due to the conference. So we opted for another small hotel just around the corner. We got a room upstairs on the third floor.

We had enjoyed a quick snack at the highway and my sweet Ana told me she would take a nap before going to have dinner outside.
I was not so tired, so I grabbed a book and went outside the large balcony to read.

There I found we had some neighbors in the next room. They were two large black guys, now having some beers at their balcony.
They invited me a beer and we chatted for a while.

Both guys were staying there for some business in the town.

Everything was fine for them; except they had a broken shower at their bedroom and canlı bahis they could not move to anywhere, since all hotels in town seemed to be fully occupied due that same famous conference Ana should attend the next days…

Then I told them that they could come over one at a time, bring their towels and they could use our shower. They thought that was great and one said he will be over as soon as he finished his beer.

I went inside our room and woke Anita up to tell her about our neighbors and that they were going to borrow our shower.
She said that she should get up and get dressed as she was naked. But then she gave me an evil grin and told me she better would get into the shower with each one of them and she would give them a nice hand job…

Ana laughed and said they would not turn down a good hand job.

About the time the first guy knocked lightly on the door, I let him in and he went into the bathroom and shut the door. A couple of minutes after the water started, Ana woke up and she entered the bathroom. Leaving the door open.
I heard the black guy seemed to be surprised, but Ana told him that her husband thought that he might bahis siteleri need a hand…

A little while later I heard the water shutoff and after another couple of minutes the black guy came out in just his jeans drying his hair.
He smiled at me and thanked for letting him enjoying my wife’s hand. Then I told him not to mention it to his partner, so it would stay as a surprise. He laughed, agreed and just left.

I checked on Anita and she told me that she was fine and was just going to stay in the shower so she did not have to dry off.

I let the second guy in and when he started to step into the shower he was surprised to see my wife standing there naked in it; but she encouraged him to step in.

I heard the shower running and a while later they both got out to dry off just in front of me.
Then Ana looked at me and said she had found a very nice black cock size there; so, it would be going up her pussy. She smiled and led the black guy to the bed.

My sexy wife climbed on the bed on her knees, grabbed a pillow and put it under her chest; then reached back and spread her pink pussy lips wide for him. Ana had been apparently well bahis şirketleri worked up from her time in the shower with this guy and she was ready to go.

The black guy looked at me; then he walked up behind Ana and slowly worked his large cock into her and then set up a hard steady rhythm that had my sexy wife moaning loud for a long while…

I went out to the balcony and told the first guy if he wanted to come back. He knocked at our door and soon he had his hard black cock in my wife’s mouth.

I went out to the balcony again to read my book, as I could hear my sexy wife moaning as she was been serviced by those black men.

Both guys kept Ana very busy for the next two hours before they were drained and went back over to their room.

My wife took a warm shower; this time alone and we went out for dinner. But when we came back to our room, Ana got naked, put on a pair of sexy stilettos and told me she was in the mood for more black cock action that same night.
So I went again to the balcony and called the guys…

The next two evenings after the conference time were pretty much a copy of the first night; with my sensual wife being fucked multiple times in every position by those two lucky black bastards…

After the conference meeting was finally completed, Ana asked me to book the room for just another night.

She said we could not get neighbors like those guys very often…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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