Real Intoduction to Dogging Part 2

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Real Intoduction to Dogging Part 2
I wrote how I initially dipped my toe into dogging and received quite a variety of responses. I’ll simply choose to ignore the rude ones and will share more with those who were interested. Something I feel I should point out is that reality and fantasy are quite different things. Although I talk about what happened back then calmly and comfortably now, things were quite different for me back then. A lot of time has passed and many things have happened that have helped me grow comfortable with what happened.

You have to understand that I was simply a woman who was having sex with someone other than my husband. I wasn’t overly open minded or sexual. I wasn’t one to fantasize or masturbate. I wasn’t a nymphomaniac who had some uncontrolled need for sex. I simply liked how he made me feel alive and desired and there was something primal about our meets I enjoyed. We met outdoors out of a need for discretion but it grew into its own thing.

Given some of the responses I received, some read what I wrote and jerked away and made a mess. I think back to it now and a lot of the tension and stress I was feeling then are just faint memories. The truth is it almost ended my time with my friend. Although I’m not religious or a big believer in fate, I considered the whole thing a warning. My brain came up with dozens of ideas of how things could have gone worse. How it could have been the police that came across us, how it could have been someone I knew, how it could have been someone with a camera and we’d end up in the paper. How if it had gone worse, my life as I knew it would have been over. Having a strange man touch me was not a turn on for me. If anything it felt like a punishment at the time. A warning.

I did stop seeing my friend for a while. Part of me kept telling myself, ok I need to stop, not worth the risk, back to life as normal. I did return to being a normal person for months but found over time life returned to feeling “meh”. The thing about having a good life is it’s also quite repetitive. Not much stress or excitement. I found I started to miss my meets with my friend. Not because I was horny or that he was so accomplished at sex. I found I missed feeling nervous. I realized that nervousness made me feel alive. All that worry about how things could go wrong and affect my life actually made me appreciate what I had more.

When I did connect with my friend again it was winter. Winters up here really aren’t made for sex outdoors. Not unless you want frostbite in places it really should never happen. So we didn’t meet often. When we did it was usually in a vehicle in an out of the way parking lot, like a couple of teens sneaking away. I liked how he made me feel desired but I really started to believe I was far too old to be cramped into a vehicle.

The thing is, where I had put the incident in the park behind me, he was quite obsessed with it. When we met he’d bring it up. While we were having sex he’d talk about how it could have gone or how he would have liked it to have gone. He wanted me to visualize a lot of scenarios where I did a lot more than I actually did. This eventually led to him bringing up the idea of a threesome. Inviting someone else to join us. I was very happy with what we had and didn’t feel a need to change it, other than maybe having a more comfortable place to play. He though, was completely obsessed with the idea.

He was quite persistent and it was ok but at a point I started to feel it was taking away from things. He said a lot of things to me to try to get me interested but I simply didn’t have the same desires as him with the whole idea. One day he decided to be honest with me and explained about the park. He told me straight, bi and gay men often went there looking for a release. I’ll admit it confused me because I thought how can a guy be straight if he’s playing with another guy. It took some time and effort for him to explain all that went on up there. There was a part of me that thought he must be pulling my leg. If that sort of thing went on, everyone would know about it. Our city isn’t that big for something like that not to be known. In the end, my noseyness and curiousity is what got me into trouble.

One day, I met him at lunch at the park. We drove separately and I moved over to his vehicle when I got there. There was one other car in the parking lot. We sat and had lunch and he pointed out a guy walking by. We saw the same guy walk by a number of times. At a point another car showed up and a guy went out and walked straight over to the outhouses. He told me to watch and the first guy circled around and around and then knocked on the outhouse door. It opened and he went In. My question was what are they doing? His response was it could be anything. One could be giving the other a bj or having anal or taking turns. Who knows? I had never thought of men together or pictured it in my mind and it wasnt like I was suddenly horny. There was this part of my brain though that just wanted to know what they were doing, that big nosey part of my brain. Not long after the guy who had been circling came out of the outhouse, walked straight to his car and drove away. My first thought was that was fast. I expected too see the other guy come out shortly after but he seemed quite content in there. A bit after that a truck pulled up and a guy got out and walked over to the outhouse and around it. He knocked and was let in. Like the first one, he wasn’t in there long before coming out and driving away. Shortly after that the other guy came out and drove away as well.

I found it odd how curious I was about the whole thing. I’d never heard of let alone seen anything like it. It just seemed so unusual. It wasn’t that I was suddenly obsessed with men together. It was more the other things. Like If we had only gone to the park to walk, we’d have never noticed what was happening right there. For me, it was simply knowing it had happened there that I found interesting. That made me wonder what else goes on that I’m clueless about. It wasn’t that I met kaçak bahis my friend a lot, but the times we did, we’d have lunch, spy on the comings and goings of people, and I’d give him a handjob or blowjob to pass the time. We also had a lot of time to talk about the situation, the men we saw coming or going and try to guess about them. People watching with a twist you might say. It was also educational for me in learning a guys point of view on some things.

The way he explained it to me, there were some gay and bi men he called bottoms that were really into pleasing others. They would suck or let men fuck them. Some gay men he called tops would show up and use the bottoms to get off. He also explained that other men, often married or divorced men, who had no sex life or an infrequent sex life or no oral or some unfulfilled need would also show up and use the bottoms. He said if the men had a woman they could call on they’d prefer that but many didn’t so it was more an “any hole will do” sort of thinking.

Over time, you started to recognize who was a regular. As well you could guess who was the bottom and who was the top by who stuck around vs who “came” and went. It surprised me how dedicated some were. Like I’d seen a guy show up and sit in that outhouse for the whole hour with no visitors. I’d also seen times where there was an actual line up. The sheer variety of looks and ages was interesting too. It’s like it could be anyone.

I found when we started going and spying my friend finally dropped the pressure for me to do more. We had nicknames for some of the regulars and one day he pointed out that we must seem like regulars in our own way to them. That they see two people arrive in separate vehicles and spend lunch together in one. That some of them probably had their own beliefs about the two people who met up there. That to them we were probably 2 people sneaking away at lunch to be with each other. How some had to have noticed me jerking or sucking him off. That’s when he started talking about how some of the guys probably wished they were him there in the car with me. Or how some probably wished it was me in there sucking instead of the guy. Or how they’d love to see my pussy when they open the door instead of an ass.

After that he started to push again, but in a different way. When it was a regular we recognized, he’d want me to do things in a way that made what we were doing more apparent. Like if I was jerking him and he saw a guy look over he’d tilt back his head and open his mouth so there was no doubt about what we were doing. If I was going to give him a bj, he’d wait until a guy was looking before my head disappeared. I’ll admit, in a way, the boldness of it grew on me. Like we knew what they were doing and they knew what we were doing but we could feel confident they weren’t going to tell anyone. It felt both naughty and safe.

If others were there, I’d give him a hand job and blowjob usually. If it was quiet, we’d walk into the woods and have sex. There were times I think he preferred blowjobs to actual sex so he was happy either way. One time we went and two of the regulars were busy in the outhouse. I was giving him a handjob and he just got out of the car. It was a warm day and our windows were down. I asked him what he was doing as he shambled around the car without pulling his pants up. He got to my window, didn’t say a thing and just thrust his cock at me. I thought no, those guys will finish and see us. Then I thought, not if we are fast. Part of my head pictured it as a race where I had to try to get my friend off before the guy in the outhouse got his friend off. I didn’t really think about the fact they had a head start. So I did it. I sucked him through the window and squeezed his ass and did everything I could to make him cum fast. It felt fun and naughty and after he came I turned and saw both men across the parking lot watching us. All I could do was duck down and out of view like somehow that would solve everything.

My friend came around and opened his door and pointed out he couldn’t sit with me in his chair. I asked if the guys had left and he said they were just talking and smiling. He thought they liked the show. I told him to tell me when they were gone. He said it didn’t look like they were going soon. I said ok get in and drive away. To which he pointed out was I planning on leaving my vehicle. He was finding the whole thing very funny and was egging me on to do a walk of shame to my own vehicle. I worked up the nerve and did it while covering my face as best I could. The silly thing is they’d seen it many times so it was silly but I just felt the need to do it. Afterwards, I couldn’t help freak out thinking we had gone too far. Over time though I calmed down and kept telling myself they already knew what we did they just happened to see that time. I kept trying to reassure myself it was ok.

After that, bit by bit, us going became less about spying on others and more about exhibionism and being seen. My friend would come up with various ways to do things and then help me get comfortable enough to try. Over time, them keeping their distance disappeared. At times we would show up and there’d be a car or two waiting to watch. When the weather started to change again and things started to feel very much fall, we realized our time doing it was coming to an end. So he asked if I’d push things for him. Make it a fun ending. I asked what he had in mind. His first idea was for me to drive all the way there totally naked. Too much for me. So he asked if I’d get naked in my vehicle and then come to his car naked. I surprised myself realizing, yes, I’m up for that. That’s when he asked for us to park on opposite sides so I had to walk across the parking lot. I said no no, I’ll go from mine to yours like that but we have to be parked beside each other. It was a bit freaky actually doing it but I’ll admit I felt proud pushing myself.

I should say by this point we’d gone a lot of times and done a lot of things but always with limits. Like we had had sex in his car kaçak iddaa with the windows up and seen guys masturbate watching us and it was fairly common for some to cum on the windows or on the car. I think one guy had a thing for cumming on the car handles. He was totally naked in the back of the car when I got there so I got in and we started playing. We started sitting then lying down and then I ended up on top of him. What I hadn’t noticed is that this time the windows were down, not up. Something he hadn’t warned me about. Something about not having the glass barrier thre made it much more freaky.

At a point he wiggled over while I was on top of him so we were by the door instead of the middle. There was a cock poking through the window and he didn’t so much as ask as simply said “grab it”. I did and almost involuntarily jerked it a little. My friend arched up so he could thrust harder and it was easy to tell he liked it. I kept jerking but was watching his reaction, not looking at the cock. He looked so intense, I’ll admit I liked the look. Before he came I got startled though because all of a sudden this cum shot in front of my face. It didn’t catch me just suddenly flew across my view. I must have been pointing it a bit away from me. It made a mess on my friend and his seats for the most part I was missed but some ended up on my hands and my leg. My friend came and we started laughing a little. For me it was kinda a nervous, I can’t believe we just did that. He said he wanted to see me and had me arch back and squeezed my tits. It was then I noticed he wasn’t looking at my face or my tits but the window. I turned and there’s another guy frantically jerking off. I realize my friend is holding up my tits for him and I realize I’m not sure what I think of this. Before I can figure it out, the guy starts coming and makes a mess on me.

The others quickly took off and there the two of us are in his back seat, both very messy. I’m not sure how to describe it. Like we should have been worried about other people coming by and seeing but part of it was part exhaustion and part was simply not caring. We were messy but in a way I felt comfortable. I Didn’t feel the need to move or do anything really. He ended up opening both doors and we lied across the seats and had sex a 2nd time. I didn’t hear any cars drive up during but part of me expected to sit up and have another audience waiting. Part of me, I realized, almost wanted that.

That was our last meet before it started snowing. We kept in touch through email and chat. The thing is he got very obsessed with 3 somes and moresomes and arranging something in a motel. It got to the point where I felt he either wasn’t listening to what I was saying or didn’t care how I felt. At a point I got fed up and said it’s over. I fell into thinking it was probably for the best. We had fun, we did some crazy things. Ok, out of my system, time to be good, move on, focus on my family. Maybe put it behind me and pretend it never happened.

I found at first it was pretty easy to do that. Winters here are long and cold and don’t exactly make me feel frisky. What I found, quite late though, is that not having someone other than my husband, and I know that sounds bad, but I got lazy. I wasn’t as physical, I wasn’t worried as much about my weight and I gained a lot that winter. When Spring came I found a lot of clothes I’d normally wear no longer fit. I found I started to feel a bit down and self concious. Got on and off various diets, got more physical but despite that not much changed. At a point I started to think of my friend and how he made me feel when he looked at me. I realized I missed that feeling.

It was during this time I went to a get together at a girlfriends house up on the hart Highway. I wasn’t drunk but I’d had a little wine and hadn’t been out in quite a long time. It was nice to simply sit around and socialize. Driving back into town I crossed the bridge and looked over at the cutbanks and started thinking about my times playing outdoor with my friend. I started to think maybe I should contact him and see if he’d like to meet again. But then I started to focus on how I felt when things ended and said no I shouldn’t. Then I started to do a pro and con list in my head and eventually I found myself asking why I wanted to see him, really. That’s when I realized I wasn’t interested in him so much as having him to take me to the park. In a way he was my safety.

That’s when I started to ask myself do I really need him. Maybe I can find someone else to take me. Then I thought why do I need anyone to take me, why don’t I just go. I then found myself turning away from home and towards the park. The thing I found though is that they are completely different places, night and day. At night it feels so scary. Maybe it was just because I was alone. It was different though. In the day you can see so much. At night there are no lights and it’s pitch black. There was one car there but I had no idea if it was someone there looking or maybe a couple sneaking away or just someone passing through who pulled in to sleep. I’m not sure how long I was there but eventually the cars lights came on and he left. Well I thought he was leaving but he ended up moving and parking right beside me.

I looked down and and thought I saw shapes and movement but wasn’t sure if it was my eyes playing tricks on me. At a point his interior lights came on and I saw a guy. Couldn’t see his face because his shirt was pulled up over his head. He had his seat fully reclined and his pants were off. There he was, lights on, lying back and masturbating. It’s funny, but the first thing I thought wasn’t that he was masturbating. It was his stomach. He seemed long and tall and thin but fit. Not so much muscular as in shape, lean. I actually liked looking at him. He kept jerking until he made a mess on his stomach and chest. Then he reached around until he turned off the interior lights. Shortly after that, he drove off. I was left sitting there thinking, ok, that’s was different.

I found after güvenilir bahis that, if I was bored or tired, my mind would often wander back to the park. About things we’d done, about the guy I’d seen that night but more about curiousity. Did I know everything about the park or did more go on I didn’t know. It wasn’t that I was thinking does this or that happen, nothing specific, more a question of what don’t I know. With my life, I can’t really get away alone at night often. I found the rare time I did, I would often swing by the park to see what I could see. I found it really varied depending on the time of day. Like on weekends or late afternoons or early evenings, you’d have families and people walking and hiking and riding bikes. But other times it seemed more abandoned and that’s when you’d see men walking in circles or walking down trials or meeting in the outhouse.

One time I came down during the week at lunch and it was surprisingly busy. As I was parked there, eating and listening to music I noticed guys kept appearing out of this path just off the parking lot. One would appear and drive off, then another and another. In all, I saw 5 guys drive off. It’s just me and one other car. It’s then I realize, hey I think it’s that lean guys car. I’m pretty sure but not positive. My curious nature comes out and I keep an eye on the path wondering who he might be. The thing is, fairly shortly after that someone comes out but it’s a woman. I start to wonder if she was attacked or if she’s drunk because it appeared like she was staggering a bit. I then think oh god, I’ve been sitting here the whole time, what have I done. But then I think who would wear that at the park as it’s a plaid skirt, very short and blouse, like a schoolgirls uniform. Then I notice other things, she’s wearing a wig, why would she wear those shoes into the woods. Then I finally clue in it’s a man dressed as a woman. The parking lot is gravel and mud and he’s doing his best to walk in shoes I’d break an ankle trying to wear. He gets in, drives off and once again I’m left thinking, well that was different.

Now some who are reading this might think this was some sort of daily thing or something but it was nothing like that. For the most part I have a very normal life that keeps me busy. What I would do is if it was convenient to wpswing by without being missed I would. Sometimes I’d spy a little. Sometimes I’d stay a while, sometimes leave right way. It really varied all over. Once in a while though, things simply happened. Sometimes all it takes is one simply little thing to happen to lead to more.

One of those times, I swung by and had my lunch there. The guy I had seen go into the washrooms many times was there but no one else. It was a hot sunny lovely day. We drive an suv and I decided to open up the back and have my lunch there to get a bit of a breeze. That guy did his circles waiting for someone to appear and on one of them he walked by me and said hi. We made a little small talk about the weather. It surprised me when he asked about my friend. How it wasn’t the two of us there any more. He also made a comment about seeing him in ages and wondered if “we” had moved. We got talking and quite by accident I found out that my friend new about the place because he often visited himself, something he hadn’t told me. He had carried on like everyone was a stranger. It was kinda fun and interesting chatting with the guy though. He was so open about everything. So matter of fact.

I had assumed he was a gay bottom as we had labeled him. What I discovered is that he was a married bi man who liked pretending he was a woman. He didn’t dress up as a woman, he simply pictured a woman in his place when he did things. He talked very openly about what he liked and didn’t and how long he had been doing things. He even walked me over to look at the outhouse. I was surprised he could stay in there as long as he did, it was anything but pleasant. There was a lot of graffiti and notes and drawings though which added a certain feel to it. He also said how a lot of guys he knew would love to get their hands on me. At the time, I felt anything but attractive so it surprised me and I thought he was just being polite. He took it further in suggesting I should take his place for an afternoon and give it a try. He also offered to arrange things with some guys he knew. I thanked him but said oh no, not for me thanks.

Quite a while after that, I popped down and he was there in the parking lot talking with another guy. I assumed they had finished and were leaving but they ended up going down a trail instead of to the outhouse. He ended up coming back and waving me over. When I didn’t budge he ran over and said I really need to see this. I said no no have your fun I’m ok here. He said no, trust me, you’ll want to see this guy, he’s huge. I imagined he had seen many cocks so for him to call something huge, I’ll admit, I was curious. I ended up following him up a little path to a bit of an open spot. I kept my distance while the other guy walked up to him. He knelt and the guy dropped his pants and he wasn’t k**ding, it was massive. The guy it was attached to was kinda short, stocky, but this cock looked like it simply didn’t belong. I thought it was massive and it was only semi hard. Once it was hard all I could think of was poor guy, it’s too big, you can’t actually put that in someone. When the other guy started sucking him it was almost comical to watch. Like so little of it was going into his mouth. Despite that he came pretty quick. Then it was pull up pants and walk away without so much as a thank you or see you later. For some reason that stuck with me.

That guy was surprisingly social and often approached me if no one else showed. He was interesting if not a little “off” but which of us is perfect. One day he came up to me and said I needed to see something. In the outhouse scribbled over one wall were doodles of what was supposed to be me and comments and things from a number of men. It was shocking to see but after the initial shock and ignoring some of the more hurtful comments I’ll admit it felt a bit wicked in a good way. When I look back, I think that is what helped me take the next step. Either that or simply meeting that one guy. Maybe it would have happened either way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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