Preeti And Her Mom Party Sluts

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Preeti And Her Mom Party Sluts
I remember that day, it was 2nd Saturday of June month was raining heavily so sitting in the balcony with my Mom (as it was her ½ day and didn’t changed). As the chatting was on my mobile ranged Zara Zara touch me touch me, must be Ronit so rushed to grab my handset to see who is calling?

Ronit: SP (sexy pussy), what’s on? I said nothing just chatting with Mom. So he said just have a chat with Preetam who was our classmate in college. I said yes and spoke to him and then he said he wants to visit our house today. So Ronit talked with Mom secretly and took her appointment and told her that Preetam and his Dad (Khot uncle) will reach in hour as Ronit was going to Poona by car on urgent.

Preetam and Khot uncle arrived in 45 minutes and we had a chat for 15 minutes and that time Preetam invited us to his house for a late night party on his father’s return from US after 3 years.

Khot uncle confirmed from Mom something in her ear and gave a go ahead signal to Preetam. So Mom came and sat beside me, opposite to Preetam and stretched apart her legs as she hasn’t changed her office wears (blazer and short skirt).

I found something suspicious so pretended to go to my bedroom for some rest and closed my door with a bang. As I step out of my room for some work but got frizzed to see them in our guest bedroom opposite to my bedroom and the door was open and Mom was standing in the door and Khot uncle beside her with Preetam on his knees as Khot uncle suggested him to remove her panties.

Preetam guided his hands under her dark blue skirt and rolled down her white cotton panties completely out of her legs to stuff in his pocket. Then stood up and loosened her hairs by removing her hair clips. Pulled her right blazers shoulder to get the view of her white-black lacy bra. After he released his hand off her blazer Mom adjusted her blazer and he unzipped her skirt down to the floor. Now Mom was in only her blazer and bra under it and nude below her waist.

Uncle behind her, unbuttoned her blazer for a view to Preetam of her cups. He removed her blazer off. Mom immediately grabbed her pussy to deny Preetam’s view from her trimmed hole. Preetam asked uncle to be on the sofa and he fingered Swati to come up and he lay on the double bed by removing his upper clothes. Mom went near the bed by covering her pinky. He asked Swati to unzip him remove his shorts for his erection.

Swati jerked her thighs to cover her pussy and bent down and removed his pant and shorts and was surprised to see his 7” cock and went back towards the toiler by grabbing her pussy. Preetam came out of the bed and Swati undid her bra and hung it on the handle bar of the toilet door and sat on the furniture by lifting her ass and by a glance to Preetam telling to kiss her eagerly waiting vertical lips by his broad lips.

Preetam went near her smooched her pussy lips “pucccchhhh” and Swati went mad and moaned loudly aaah aaah aaahh ouuchh ouch ummmm ummmm cummm unn unnn aaah and Preetam began to tongue fuck her pussy infront of Khot uncle and I was watching them from my room door. I immediately inserted my left hand in panties and started stroking my choot with moans.

Preetam began to pull her lower pussy lips by his teeth and bite a lot on her pussy nut. Swati was holding a bar above her and Preetam stretched her legs to get full tastes of her continuous flowing cum. He then lifted her in his arms, drop her onto the bed and began to lick her choot.

Khot uncle was busy rubbing his Lund in his pants. Preetam turned on for 69 and stuffed his erect lund in her jaw to stroke her, stretching her petals by his fingers and insert his nose in her choot to smell. After 30 mins of foreplay he removed his head off her pussy as his half face was wet by her fluids. He too ejaculated his semen in her mouth for a gulp but Swati immediately rushed towards bathroom for cleanup.

Khot uncle went inside the bathroom by holding his masturbated penis to release his semen in the wash basin. They 3 took some rest for ½ an hour and gathered in the hall as I was watching the movie “Insaaf Ka Tarazu” end scene. We all had some light stuff and coffee and then Preetam took Khot uncle in a corner of the hall and told him that Swati and Preeti will be his and Dad’s sluts for today’s late night party at 08:00 PM sharp and he went away.

Khot uncle gave us the message on behalf of him as we were sluts for the late night party to him and his Dad in typical Indian style dress (e.g. saree, peticoat, and blouse) and proper makeup. Khot uncle stayed in Mom’s bedroom and at 07:30 PM we started the journey in our Black Santro car to Preetam’s house on bypass road. We followed Khot uncle’s car because he knew his house.

And it was an identity to the party organizers that the sluts were in black car. I was wearing an orange color plain saree and yellow peticoat with front and back low cut sleeveless-blouse to display my 75% cleavage and back from it. Mom was wearing yellow color saree and orange peticoat and low cut blouse, we with regular makeup with ornaments, payals, bindi, sindoor (Mom in mangalsutra) and high heels.

After stopping I gave away the keys to the attendant to park our car separately. Preetam’s dad was a high profile businessman and renowned too. His dad greeted us and welcomed by touching our visible belly buttons by his palms. Our saree’s were tugged below our waist to give the perfect view of our belly buttons. He asked his manager to attend the other guests and he guided in the outhouse and asked Preetam to take the panty codes of us.

Khot uncle didn’t follow us as he was busy with other friends. We were asked to lift our saree’s to give the codes. I was wearing a light blue color full netted satin panties with burning red lips sticker in middle and Mom was wearing a cream color full netted panties with smiley sticker in the middle. He then shared the codes with his father.

The codes were hot burning red lips and smiley was the codes. Shinde Sir noted the codes as Hbrl and Smly so sent a SMS to us and his manager. My panty was having an opening on the sticker of hot burning lips to directly bury the face by sliding the sticker lips in my pussy instead of pulling the panty out. We started walking towards the lawn and in few minutes Preetam’s Dad also followed us and offered us some refreshments as the party already begun.

While having soft drinks he showed us to come under the Mango tree where in the dense bushes as the code announcement so to fuck us. He introduced me to many of his friends and relatives so he could get a chance to touch my bare parts. An announcement was done for Smiley so Mom moved towards backside beside the Mango tree and went in the bushes. As the space was lighten by 3-4 Lanterns.

Preetam rushed to the spot from the other side in a minute and I was able to see their clothes shedding. I was able to see Preetam removed Mom’s MC pad from her panties and tore apart her blouse and a knife in his hand and cut down her bra and then the strings of her peticoat, uttered Smiley word loudly and kissed her deep on her panty sticker, then stretched her panties to cut the stitches by putting it in between her panties and waist into 2 piece and separated those.

Gently inserted his cock and accelerated banging her pussy bun by laying her on the grass. Mom moaned a lot but no mercy by him as she was his slut. I was busy chatting with Mr. Shinde’s friends. Sir used to come in between us and would touch me on my bra straps on backside as I was wearing a clear strap (invincible straps) bra under my blouse.

By that time Mom and Preetam finished there sex game and I was waiting for my and suddenly a call for HBRL was made so I disappeared bursa escort bayan from the party and went where Mom went. In a minute Sir came and asks me on to my knees. I unzip his pant and pullout his cock thru his underwear. His cock was giving a piss smell and he pressed my head to take his cock in my mouth as it was touching my strawberry flavour applied lips. The coat of lipstick stuck to his 7½” x 3” fat erect cock.

In 5 mins he made me standup to lift my saree petticoat and uttered loudly hot burning red lips and parted the sticker lips portion and buried his lips to deep kiss my hot choot to make it wet. He helped me ripping my clothes, firstly he pulled blouse hooks, then my peticoat, then by holding my pallu pulled my saree and pushed my purple bra on the upper side of my boobs and laid me on the fur bed sheet and again by parting the sticker of my panties he again buried his mouth in it and began licking my sweet pussy.

He was uttering some bad words like teri maa ki choot, tera bhosada main aaj phaad doonga, tujhe to main apni rakhel banake rakhoonga and those below waist bad words. He began licking my choot inner part in deep, deep and too deep as I was sensing his French cut touching my inner vulva so I began moving my body like a fish removed from a pond. He used to circle on my clits by his tongue.

By removing his face off he came in between my legs for a game and again parted the sticker and rushed his fat cock by downing the Lund foreskin in my love-den and began drilling my pink choot. My whole sexy body till my pussy was under his stout body as only legs separated and was screwing me and drilling out my yoni in full speed to moan a lot. His chest was rubbing on my tight breasts and he unhooked my bra by turning me on a side and brought my bra in between our stroking genitals.

The sticker of my panties was teared due to wild fucking nature. He stretched and lifted my legs to his shoulders and started pumping my pussy with his cock deep inner my vulva to get the touch of his cock cap to my uterus. I was busy rubbing my palms on his back and ass and helping him by folding my legs on his ass to give his cock the kiss of my uterus. I enjoyed his act. Aaah aaah fuck me like a slut and I am your whore for today’s full night. Fuck me, screw me, and fill your load in my pussy.

With my sexy words he began jerking his waist on my pussy as the pussy was filled with my juices and his pre-cum and was giving a sexy pluck pluck noise. Chuck chuck chook chook plooop pleeep pleeep chulk chulk. Due to his tremendous stroking speed his cock used to slip from my lubricated pussy. He then grounded his knees and lifted me on his thighs and pulled the elastic of my panties to stroke me clearly and said to me that he is cuming.

He questioned me where should he cum, so I said in my pussy darling and then he said here it comes baby and shoot his high speed load in my pussy around 10ml in me. He released me from his clutches and then lifted my waist towards his face and began to lick our mixed cum from my pussy bowl. He lied on the bedsheet and asked me to sit on his face so he would drink the love juice from my bowl.

I stood up to sit on his face by squirting our semen back in his mouth and he started licking my chootras. I rested for sometime by that time he got dressed and joined in the party. He urged me to get completely dressed from the airbag kept in the outhouse and get back in the party and then for next session in the Hotel Gym’s VIP suite in MIDC area.

By wrapping my clothes party I rushed towards the outhouse and changed in a jeans mini skirt and shoulder-less top with brown full netted bra with same clear strap bra and western style panties with thin waist bands and 1½ inch cloth in the middle to cover the ass line and pussy slit only as it was just a fashion panties. Mom was already in the party in her Indian traditional so joined back to the party with some light makeup and again Mr. Shinde welcomed me by kissing me on my deep neck.

When I saw my mobile it was 12:10 AM. By that time everyone started moving for their house by greeting the hosts. By that time Khot uncle joined us. As it was 12:30 AM when Preetam and his Dad joined back to us, said that we are going for dinner in the nearby restaurant to Nishan Garden 4 kms away. We went out in the porch where Mr. Shinde’s driver was waiting in his purple color car Skoda Superb.

I got in and Sir next to me. Mom and Preetam, Khot & Ritu (Shinde Sir’s personal secretary) shared our Santro Car as Preetam drove out them. Shinde Sir asked his driver to ride slowly on the wet roads. He then pulled me near him and brought his hand behind me on my naked shoulders and I could feel his palms warmth as he grabbed the upper breasts part and tilted his neck on my bulging chest exactly below the pendant.

He then pushed my skirt to view my milky thighs. By lifting his hand above and stretched the elastic of my panties route his fingers to my shaven pussy and started finger fucking me, so in sensual manner rested my neck on the backrest. He lifts my left leg on his legs and stretches the right one on opposite to insert his finger deeper. Driver adjusts the inside mirror and I get the clear view in the mirror his fingers riding on my clean land due to opposite sides truck headlights.

He pulls out his hand out of my western panties and I was aroused and my mouth opened he inserted his finger in mouth and tasted my juice to me. We reach to the restaurant. I step out and adjust my skirt and pull my shoulder-less top which was showing my half naked burgers (boobs). We 3 couples sat in the hut located in the backside of the restaurant and immediately the food order was taken. Shinde Sir asked me to follow him and called Swati to follow.

So took in a corner near the public toilet with a general wash basin for waiters was fitted and Swati went on to sit on the Wash basin and stretch her legs apart. The place was clean and odorless due to phenol. A 4W CFL was glowing above the basin with much more trees surrounding the space. Sir moved towards her and lifts her petticoat and saree till her waist and with a turrrrrrrrrrrr noise he jerked-off her use-n-throw panties from her waist in the soil, unzipped him and pulled his tower outside so I rolled down a condom on his.

He push his cock in her small haired pussy and go for massive strokes for 10 mins till that time just unhooked her blouse and bra and squeezed her boobs. He inserts his cock in her garam choot and fucks her again. Mom was moaning silently due to open space as no waiter turn towards the toilet. What a tight choot both the Mom and Daughter are having excellent were his words.

Sir fucked her wildly that she should moan loud as it was unbearable to Mom to accept his powered strokes but controlled her loud moans by shutting up her mouth tight. Uncle removed his cock from her Oven and pulled his condom off in her bra and stuffed his cock in Mom’s mouth by pulling her down to her knees and fucked her mouth with 5-6 strokes and spanked all his cum in her mouth. He cleaned his cock by her pallu and said see you in 10 mins for dinner.

That time he told us that he needs a woman / girl everyday for his pleasure and it was their plan when Preetam tasted our vaginal entries so to invite us as party sluts. I said to Mom I need to change my dress as the top is loosened by Sir due to excess stretching him in the car, so got changed behind the wall to peach color full transparent Salwar-Kameej-Dupatta and didn’t change the inners.

Mom grabbed her other panties from her purse then a quick makeup and we reached in the hut. I sat beside to Sir facing my back to the passage at the entrance of the hut & Preetam, Mom, escort bursa Ritu and Khot uncle opposite to us. Sir enquired about my dress so gave the reason. Food was served to by waiter. While having food, Sir’s left hand was touching my back to feel my clear straps of bra and hook. He slowly unzipped my Kameej as I could feel the chillness of air which was kissing my bare back and low waist.

Sir’s palms were caressing my back and bra belts. He moved his hand till the front and feel my tight breasts cupped in netted bra. Then hand moved down in my salwar thru belly button, waist and touched my shaved pussy. Unknowing I uttered avouch and everyone looked at me and Mom questioned, so told her that the salad fell on my dress. But Mom knew Sir’s movements so just smiled at me.

By that time Sir pull-out the knot of my Salwar and off from my waist. He moved his palm in my panties and finger fucked me. As the waiter came up in our hut I was sure he must have viewed my bare back with lingerie as the hut was lighten up by 60 Watts bulb. After the waiter departure I moved down after having a spoon of salad and unzipped Sir’s pant and masturbated his cock in my mouth. He headed my head to take his throbbed in my mouth.

When I turned under the table Khot uncle removed Ritu’s panties by his leg thumb. Preetam’s hand was in Mom’s saree touching her bare choot (absence of panties). I sat down for food & finished it in 10 mins. After they went out we aroused our feelings so Sir was sucking my breasts by lowering the bra straps and sucking and biting my errect nipples both in sitting position and I was stroking his cock with my hands.

Our eyes were closed as we were riding in heaven. I heard some noise so opened my eyes and was surprised to the waiter standing with the bill. Sir paid it and gave Rs.500/- as a tip to him and he went away so Sir asked me to hurry up and wear back the dress and join him in the car as we were going to the Hotel Gym as it was 01:15 AM. I got in the car where Sir was already in and I brushed my ass on his nose to get in thru him.

I felt sorry and accelerated us to the Hotel as Khot uncle went to drop Ritu to her house in old city. In the middle near a flyover he asked the driver to stop as I told him mujhe mootna hain so woh bhi mere pichche pichche aaye aur mujhe puri nangi hokar mootne ko kaha. Maine apne purey kapde utaar ke unke haath mein thama diye mootne baith gayi phir hone ke baad main car ki taraf nangi chali padi.

Darwaje ke mirror se unka driver meri nangi jawani ko chhup chhup ke dekh raha tha. Sir ne Gaadi mein pure kapde driver ke bagal wale seat pe rakh diye. Meri panty aur bra sabse upar padi thi to driver ne ek do baar hath bhi lagaya. Sir mere nange badan ko beech sadak pe tatol rahe the. Driver ne meri panty ko uske haath mein lekar 4-5 bar soonga aur apni jeebh se geelapan taste kiya.

Main car mein aake baith gayi aur Sir ne phirse meri baalrahit gori chikni choot ki chuma chati shuru kardi. Main aannh aaannh unnh unnh kar rahi thi. Wo bol pade ki teri choot teri maa ki choot se bhi tasty, tight aur hot hain. Unhone mujhe car me hi lita diya aur meri kamar uthake meri choot mein thoonk diya aur phirse chaatne lage. Aisa do teen baar kiya aur driver to car rokne ko kaha aur mujhe kahan ki bahar jaake apne kapde phirse pehenlo.

Then we reach to the Hotel Gym and we were asked to get fresh in toilets near the reception counter. In ½ an hour the receptionist told that we are called by Mr. Shinde on 6th floor in Suite-269. The attendant took us in the lift and dropped us in the corridor and told to turn left and walk till the end. We reached to the Suite-269 as the door was closed so pushed the door. Both were lying on separate old fashioned wooden beds in after-bath hosiery long jackets with folded legs and sipping little from glass of wine.

The wooden beds were shaking a lot due to their light movements too. The room attendant came out of the room and told us: 2 sluts will be fucked in this room by son and dad. The fucking session will commence at 02:00 AM till the breakfast time. Firstly both the sluts will have to arouse their partners. The man on pink bedsheet is for the HBRL and the man on light green bedsheet is for the Smly.

The door of this suite will remain open. No other attendants, waiter-waitress will disturb you in your sessions. The sluts will not remove their heels till the end unless her partner does. The sluts can receive the calls from their cells but the fuckers will continue their act. When I saw my mobile it was already 01:39 AM and 6 mins to go for the banging’s.

Mom said to me that we are getting fucked in the same room so went in. The room was completely chilled by the AC’s. The attendant was waiting outside to see the proceedings. As the room was painted with red color, red floors and large mirrors fixed all over the room. Behind the main door there were 2 toilets with lavished bath essentials.

We went straight to the respective beds and kept our purse and mobile on the side tables. Back to the entry and we started stripping infront of them. My masked man was Shinde Sir as he was having grey hairs on his chest. Mom’s masked man (Preetam) was having a ring in his index finger.

I loosened my Salwar by pulling the string and let it on the floor by removing my legs from it. Swati undid her peticoat and blouse and went straight to Preetam to arouse him and their session started. The attendant sat the chair opposite to the room door. I unzipped my Kameej by wrapping my hot body in the full transparent dupatta. And walked towards my cockman and stopped just 3 away from the bed.

I took the glass from his hands and kept on the side table and asked him to relax on. I climbed on the bed and started dancing and unwrapped my Dupatta and threw hung it on the ceiling fan. Unhooked my bra and threw it on his chest. Started caressing my Vaksha-Sthal and uttering the words fuck me, screw me. Then said to him that wants to see my Juicy Pussy he said Yaa!

So walked some steps towards his face and started lowering and lifting my waist near his face and slid on my panties to my knees and forcefully stuck my pussy on his face and lifted his head to give him more pleasure to lick my glory hole. He also rushed his hands on my buttocks and started massaging it and inserted his middle finger in my asshole. I grabbed his head hairs and started bumping his face on my choot.

I started rubbing my pussy from his forehead to chin. One time he fucked me by his straight nose. Went down towards the knot of his jacket and undid the knot and separated it from his shoulders. He was completely naked now and his tower was fully in errect position. Went down towards his waist and started rubbing my juicy den on his waist, stomach, chest and neck. A sweet aroma from my pussy was filled in the room.

Again went back on his chest and brought my legs together near his head and pulled out my panties from the knees and out and rolled it in the hand to stuffed it in his mouth and said in marathi that “ghe majhi chaddi tujha tondaat ghe ani khavoon taak majhi chaddi, karan maghashi tu garam karat hotaas naa mala at food time tar maag chaat majhi oli chaddi ghe melya ghe Tujhya thunki ne oli kar maajhi chaddi mug punha chadhaveen majha puchchii var (take man take my panties in your mouth as you have aroused my juices me while having food naa, so lick my juice sprayed panties and make it wet by your saliva and then will again wear that wet panties. He began chewing and wetting my panties in his mouth. I bowed down to his ear and said “aapka lund choosna hain, choosoo kya” he said “haa deri kees baad ki hain”. I moved reversed back till his knees and bent down to feel his erection on my erect bursa escort nipples and started playing his cock on my nipples and breasts.

He pulled my waist towards his face and licked my asshole, buttocks and pussy. Suddenly I heard some noise from opposite side bed where Mom was playing. Mom came down from the bed by covering her pussy by her right hand and her mouth covered by left hand, hope she was to vomit so rushed to the toilet. Preetam too followed her in the toilet. I too went behind them and saw Mom vomiting and splitting his semen taken in and Preetam was busy fucking in her backdoor.

Her boobs were smashed on the basin marble and Preetam stroking her in speed and telling her that “abhi khatam nahi huwa meri jaan, hum dono baap bete nein Viagara dose liya hain” “teri aur teri beti ki aaj poori maar ke hi rahenge” Darna mat Khot uncle Ritu ke ghar me Ritu ko chod rahe honge” jaldi wapas nahi aayenge” Aaj tu meri randi hain teri to main khoob maroonga” Purey paise wasool karenge hum dono baap bete” and released her and asked her to be on bed for “Shayya”.

I moved from there and again on the bed with Shinde Sir on took his tool in my mouth and started lick stroking it. Shinde was moaning loudly and was shaking his head on the pillow. I sucked his Goti’s also and pulled 2-3 hairs of his jungle by my teeth. Then again climbed on his face and by holding his head said: ley chaat meri choot ko, meri choot ke andar wali gulabi chamdi chaat saale, so he began to lick and suck my pink inners parts. He pulled my choot dana by his lips and stretched long.

By that time Mom joined Preetam and they were engaged in 69 in Mom on top and Preetam down. Mom’s clothes were spreaded all over the room. Shinde Sir told me: Ab chal tujhe chodata hoon meri Chhinaal Raand, and he turned me on the bed and brought his face near my choot and splitted 6-8 times in my choot and came in between my thighs to fuck me. He pushed his Lund in my Choot and started stroking me wildly for 5 mins.

Then asked me lay on ground on my stomach and lifted my waist till his Lund and again pushed his cock in me and asked to crawl on my hands and enjoy the walk-crawl fucking. He started pushing and walking and took me out in the corridor in the same position. I was getting his fucks and was feeling his Goti’s on my Choot openings. He took me till the staircase and asked me to crawl down till the 5th floor and on every stair I enjoyed his strokes as my hands used be on 6th stair and he on 2nd stair.

We came at 5th floor and again told me to move it the 6th floor and this time I on upper stair and he on lower so he used to lift me in straighter position to fuck my Pussy by his throbbed Lulla.

I enjoyed the crawl-walk fucking session and said I enjoyed this position and told him that do tell Preetam to do with my Mom as she would also enjoy this position. Then we reach back to our room in the same position. He released my legs and I turned around towards his cock to lick back his cock filled with my pussy orgasms.

Preetam was busy fucking Mom in doggy position as I turn to them due to groans and moans.

Sir asked me to get on the wardrobe side near the mirror and asked me to keep on my hands straight on the stool so he entered his tool in my pussy from backside and started squeezing my nipples with his fingers and stroked me in horse style for next half an hour.

I said I want to drink your semen so he nodded his head and said not now darling thoda thamb tujhi maina ragadaaychi aahe mala ajoon. Tujhya puchchii chi dhooldhaan karaychi aahey. I want to rub your birdie now so, wait and watch your pussy been mince-meeted (chutney) and began to stroke me in full form.

He then took me to the wooden chaarpayi and laid me on the bed to force fuck me in the natural position after rolling a KS ultra thin condom on his cock. Firstly he applied his split to his cock and fingered me in pussy. Then put those fingers back to my mouth to give me a taste of my orgasms. I lick dried his fingers and he inserted his penis in my vaginal entry. He began slowly and in 2 mins speeded his strokes and the wooden chaarpayi began to shake due to our strokes.

He was stroking his waist on my pussy and I was busy moving my waist to get the harder stroke in me. When he speeded his strokes my mobile ranged as it was 04:45 AM and it was Ronit who called me and asked about his father as he is not picking his call since 01:00 AM. He could clearly hear my moans voice and hot voice of our genitals being fucked in speed. He said okay continue to fuck and call me after you get release from Preetam’s dad.

Shinde Sir began to hardcore me and the fucking noise was spreaded all over the room with my sighs and moans. Mom and Preetam were busy lying on carpet under the double blanket with their session in slow motion as they were nearing to the end by ejaculating. Shinde Sir firmly hold me tight in his arms by laying on me and biting my nipples and lips simultaneously and released his semen in his condom in force lower down his speed of fucking me and pulled his condom out from his semi erect cock.

And squeezed the drops from the condom in my mouth and I gulped it. It tasted his salty Kheer. Sir by mean of kissing me climbed up to my face and inserted his Lund in my mouth so I could clean the mixed semen of us. He gave me his condom also to clean it which was wet due to my oozed fluids from my pussy hole. I woke up and got from the bed to go to piss but wasn’t able to walk properly as my pussy was burning due to massive strokes from his side.

I went out of the bed and straight to bathroom and pissed in 2 mins by tissue paper in my hand to clean my pissed pussy. Sir told me to stop and took me to the sofa and he sat on it and asked me to come from behind him so he could lick clean my piss scented pussy. I came from back of sofa and sat on his face like sitting on Indian style for latrine and slowly bent down towards his cock to errect again by gripping my hands to his stomach.

After licking his cock for sometime his cock got erected and he again asked me for a fuck on the commode. He sat on the commode and was shitting and I sat with my back facing him and he inserted his cock in my pussy from back and grabbed my balls in his hands and massaged my Mosambi type breasts on his hairy chest.

The cum was dripping from his cock in my choot and from my choot in the commode as we could hear the droppings in water like dubook dubook and then released his all cum in me and a big dubook of load in the water and I separated from him he lay in the bathroom and asked me for 69 immediately after the fuck. I laid on him and we began to lick each other for few minutes. Then we got out of the bathroom after cleaning and bathing us. Came out in the room to wear back our clothes. He said to me that he is completely satisfied by my touch, erotic body and young age.

He asked me to be with him today evening for a ride out of the city with his driver. I agreed and wore back my clothes. As Mom and Preetam were already ready. When I finished wearing my brassiere, he gave us a packet of Rs.50000/- as slut fees. Mom accepted it and kept it in her purse. And I turned to wear my panties and suddenly the other waiter came in with the breakfast. It was an embrassing moment for me as I couldn’t hide my below waist parts so rushed my hands to grab my pussy from his view.

He went away and Mom arranged for the breakfast for us as it was 08:00 AM. I finished up with my clothes and gave a sweet kiss to Sir and confirmed my availability with him today late noon. After the breakfast, we checkout the hotel and Sir dropped us way back to our house and asked his driver to drop our car as soon as possible. He dropped us and went away by saying see you soon in 5 hours and fled away. Mom said now we are now high class sluts of this city and will arrange only high standard persons thru our pimp Mr. Khot who sold us for a night to such a great persons. Now rush your comments

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