Out of Afrika

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Out of Afrika
Out of Afrika, Chapter 27

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Satinlvr_mwf


Chapter 27


“And this is all that’s worth noting tonight.” Then the weather-girl broke into her almost porn-star wide smile, and finished out the evening broadcast. “Good night, and be safe everyone… Bye-bye.”

Oskar pointed the remote at the screen and the TV went blank. He was seated on the couch in his extravagant office, alongside his latest recruit to the Rhino Empire, Mrs Suzi Recreant. They had just viewed a clip of her daily broadcast as a weather girl with a Southern California television network which Suzi had brought along, as part of her presentation package at her final interview for the vacancy at Rhino Multimedia as an anchor on the soon-to-be-launched Rhino TV Network.

“Very impressive,” he said, “I can see why you have proved to be such a popular celebrity.”

Suzi sipped the cup of herbal tea, which had been served on arrival at Oskar’s office and she smiled at the back-handed compliment, “Thank you. That was just one of the jobs I did before moving on to be one of the news team.”

Oskar nodded as he absorbed the seductive tone in her voice. There was no doubt in his mind that this lady would be a very attractive ‘face of the franchise’ to Rhino.

He took out his phone and tapped a couple of keys, and so began the almost imperceptible hum from the speakers hidden in the ceiling. He referred to the file he was holding, which contained Suzi’s CV, photograph, and other pertinent information about the young, buxom lady, “Why don’t you tell me a little more about your background as a newscaster; for example how your average day was spent; were there any ‘stand out’ moments?”

Suzi heard the request through a relaxing fog that seemed to have enveloped her brain. She looked at the most attractive black man who was gazing intently into her eyes and without any aforethought launched into ‘her story’.


“I could almost see myself on the televisions across our small metro coverage area, that same smile that gave me a casting couch session, and a small job modelling some ladies’ cocktail and evening wear, before I got called up to be the new Hot Weather-girl in San Diego.

“A couple of interviews, and there I was, gesturing about the weather, and sometimes field reporting for a small but burgeoning TV station. The News Director decided my wardrobe for me, usually a silky or satin top, one that displayed my D-cup girls prominently, as well as a flirty miniskirt, or ultra-tight pencil skirt. My heels were always stiletto, and usually patent leather, in various configurations. I prefer ankle-strap heels as they stay on when I had to move quickly. I won’t say run, because I have never mastered the art of being able to actually run in a pencil skirt and heels, to my chagrin one night. I was covering a local riot, instigated by one of the racial-support groups advocating black rights.

“I had been trying to interview one of the leaders, and something went wrong, somewhere, and the next thing I knew, myself, my camera man, and my producer were running for our lives. Only they were men, and wore pants and tennis shoes, leaving me behind in the dust, and to my own fate.

“I was gang-****d that night, and the next morning, the likeness of my nude form being humped by a late-comer to my demise was being played on network news across the globe, with the necessary spot-blurs to keep the FCC happy. The internet, however, had no such restrictions, and a large number of viral videos showed me in my nude glory, from multiple angles, being fucked like a lion eating a meal, and my soft voice begging him not to cum in me and give me his black bastard…. ”

Her voice trailed off and she sat there in a trance as the pleasurable memory of those black cocks played through her mind. How long she sat there was a blank spot in her memory, but when she did surface it was to see that Oscar was now sitting behind his desk. He looked up and saw that she had awoken, “Ah good, you’re back with us. Well Suzi, what can I say other than, welcome to Rhino. Our people will be in touch.”


I got a call from my current employer, Rhino Multimedia the following week. I was flown to their national headquarters in Hawksville, a very impressive campus, and lots of happy, smiling, and well motivated staff doing staff-things. Once I was there, it was only six days before I was marked for a trade, from my old employer to Rhino Multimedia.

I had been so very impressed with the Rhino business model, of low-profit and high volume, and the rapid expansion. First with cell phones, and then the associated infrastructure, and then consumer televisions. From there, broadcast media was the next logical source, and someone somewhere made the obvious connection of going to TV maker to TV content producer! The President, himself, interviewed me, a nice man named Oskar, and while I don’t remember much, I do remember feeling elated, and calm, and having this really strange taste in my mouth, that I had no idea where it came from.

I left with a contract to have my attorney review, and a new gift, a brand new Rhino Cell Phone, in an exquisite black case! I had to wait until I got back to the house that Rhino had rented for me to charge it and figure out how to get it all programmed and working, but from that day on it has been with me constantly.


It was funny how long it seems between the sign-off and when the stage director says ‘OK, we’re off.” It is actually only about two seconds’ time but it is amazing what you can think about in that short span. I have no idea why but that evening my thoughts flashed back to the night I was gang-****d. It was a memory that often came to me and although I should have been traumatised by the experience it was something that I secretly had found pleasurable and now, dare I say, craved.

For tonight though, my thoughts quickly focused on me and this wonderful turnaround in my life that was my career.

I had only been with RMM about two months now, and my first ratings reports were coming in. I was scoring well. Far better than even some of the top-tier stations network anchors. My mood was terrific, as was my boss’s but then, who doesn’t want to look at the sexily-attired newswoman?

My work done for the evening and I felt very comfortable as I walked to my new Mercedes.

Wow, a new Mercedes. My attorney had caught something I had missed in the contract, a healthy signing bonus which was enough to buy myself a great car and pay off my school debts. Life was good for although I graduated college only three years ago now, age twenty-five, I was already looking forward to being debt free and I had a husband who loved me. I called him on my Rhino phone.

“Hey, Zackers, how’s my husband doing?” I asked cheerfully. He really was a complete wimp and so indecisive about, well, almost everything; I loved it. When I came to Hawksville for the 3 months that would be my probationary period, there was no question that he wouldn’t be coming with me, I mean, I loved having him around and he was good for my ego.

My husband of two years answered, and with his characteristic indecision asked, “Hey, Babe. I’m at the mall. My old cell-phone keeps dying on me; I need to get a new one. Want to meet me and help me decide?”

I told him to stay put and that I was on my way to meet with him.

Zack was so very good to me and I loved that he asked me for things, rather than told me; a complete contrast to the way my father treated my mother.

As I made my way to the parking lot I recalled the time when it all became clear to me as to their relationship.

I really didn’t care for the way my father ordered her about like a General commanding the troops. It was only after I graduated college that, I finally had the nerve to ask her why she put up with it.

‘I have a little side-thing going on, dear,” she had said, while patting my hand. “Now just keep this between us; while your father provides for me, I’m not providing for him!” She broke into a wide, Cheshire-Cat smile.

After some needling, whining and begging from me, she finally admitted she was sleeping with the black man across the street and had been for over a year back then. I could understand why she was so attractive to men, since she was still in her forties and looked great. I only hoped I looked that amazing when I hit that age!

She had told me that she had gotten a new television, and a new voice-controller-thing that ties in with the internet. It allows you to just talk to it, and give commands, and things like the lights will turn on and off, or the TV will change channels, or it will even act as a remote speaker.

She had told me she liked that feature a lot, especially when doing the dishes, so she could follow her favorite music, and just listen to the white-noise of music it seemed to know when just to play. She could relax, and the next thing she knew, the kitchen was spotless, she had time on her hands and she had a caller at the door.

The caller was the neighbor, a man called Malik. I’d met him on one of my previous trips back home, but it was just a perfunctory ‘Hi, hello, see ya’ later!’ kind of thing.

I could see why my mom was attracted to him. He was tall, devastatingly handsome, and had a smile that could make a girl swoon. Had I not already been engaged to Zack, my future husband, I might have succumbed to Malik’s devilishly wonderful charms! As it was, when he called at the house I would make my way out and he would make his way inside.

He went inside the house, inside the master bedroom, inside the marital bed, and inside my mother.

I had to wave my hands and stop her talking, to keep me from hearing more details, which my mom seemed only too happy to offer. Some things are just better left unsaid between parents and their c***dren!


I had parked my car on one level of the parking structure higher than I needed, so I could protect my precious new white baby from any dents and dings.

I started down the level to find the stairwell. My outfit consisted of a set of tall spiked heels, which I needed as I was only five-foot two inches, and weighed an admitted 115 pounds. With my over-sized ‘girls’ for my frame, I looked a bit like a porn starlet, complete with tight bubble butt, which my heels helped show off magnificently, or so my husband liked to say. My top was a champagne illegal bahis siteleri satin blouse, undone to the third button, a contrasting maroon chiffon scarf d****d from my neck and shoulder, a wide, black patent-leather belt, and a black satin circle skirt, hemmed above my knees. My auburn hair cascaded down my back in along wavy fall, while my bangs and side-swept part gave me an open, even appealing countenance. It was, as the news director had once put it, a way to connect with my viewers, even if they were total strangers.

My phone had started to vibrate, and as I brought it to my ear, I saw it was making a very pretty and colorful swirling pattern on the screen. It was so pretty that I just stopped and had to look at it. There was nobody on the line just the sound of soft humming.

By now, I was standing at the entrance to the stairwell, and the updrafting breeze was filling my skirt to billow up the circle-cut, until the wind fell out, but only after at least a portion of the hem had risen to my waist, exposing my black lace garter-belt and black-seamed stockings. I made no sound such as squealing in shock at being exposed, it somehow felt good, like I was being a good girl. In fact something in my head told me I should be doing it more, so I just stood there, and let it happen.

Over and over again, my skirt lifted to my waist, and exposed my lingerie and my taut butt to anyone who cared to look my way. It was only a few more seconds, so what could it hurt? Besides, it just felt so, so… right! Onlookers and people driving by could see me, but it felt good to be visible and exposed. I figured it would do no harm and that it would make me popular. I wanted to be popular, what girl didn’t?

I stood there almost in a trance, eyes closed and as the breeze continued to blow I suddenly was aware of a pair of hands beginning to feel me, touching me under my billowing skirt, and it felt so good! Next a tender touch was gingerly sliding my panties down, the thin red satin thong falling as if by magic. I found myself shimmying my hips a little to help. It felt so good to be doing that, and to let the hands touch me. It felt even better when my vulva was cupped and I found myself spreading my heels apart, wider and wider. A soft, dark voice was telling me I was being a good girl, and how much I wanted this.

The voice was right; I did want this, very badly, in fact. So much so that to please my companion, I simply attacked his lips with my own, and started to kiss him.

My tongue led the oral assault, and as my labia were being groped, my voice was sighing in a soft mewling, while his tongue wrestled mine into total submission. My eyes had fluttered closed, and I didn’t have a clue who I was with, only that a last glimpse of his skin was coal black.

His hands began to m***** my chest and I felt my fingers moving to undo a couple more buttons, and allow my perfectly manicured fingers to access the front clasp of my bra. I had come to want to wear the newer-style front clasping bras, the more sheer and lacey ones, because it felt good to wear them and I was being a good girl and wife for wearing them. I was being a good newswoman as well, letting the male viewers see more of my curves that normal, so good that it was my new normal.

The kiss broke when I had to arch my back and moan aloud, as my moistened heat was penetrated by a long, thick, dark finger. Hooked inside me, it began to massage my special spot, and my hips started to rock back and forth in a mating motion. I started making noise, in fact. Lots of loud moans, and my legs tensed to lift me to my toes, while my tiny fists clenched, showing white-knuckled tension.

I was vaguely aware of others around me, but I paid them no heed. I was to be with the man touching me, and so I was being a good girl; a good woman and a good wife. I had no feelings about being watched, I just felt that the finger inside me felt better than my husband’s below average-sized penis, but this finger was a better lover than he ever could be. I whimpered and whined, begging him to get back in me, when the finger withdrew.

As I was turned and felt the pressure on my back to bend over, I automatically rotated my hips, and rocked them back, letting the hem of my skirt float up and onto my back. I had an odd sensation of a crowd around me now, but that was okay. They were my viewers, and I wanted my TV audience to see me. It would make me more popular, and my ratings would go even higher.

Then I gasped, the thing that I felt pushing at my petals wasn’t a finger, but much larger, and yet it felt wonderful! The penetration was long, and slow, and yet there was no stopping it, even if I wanted to. My mind kept seeing images of my skirt up, and my exposed body surrounded by naked, powerful black men, all of whom would take turns ravishing me. Each one cumming deep inside, using those powerful hips to drive their cocks deeply into my fertile valley, the heads of their cocks pushing their semen against my cervix, as if they could squirt some of their virile black seed past my body’s last protection, and impregnate me. The vision if black seed invading my womb and, my belly swollen with an unknown man’s black baby was enough, and it pushed me over the edge.

I shuddered hard, and felt a hand clamp over my wailing lips as I cried out in passion, a small splash of my fluids dribbling from my crotch and splattering on the floor, to mix with the dripping lubrication that was already there. A moment later, my head smacked the wall, as I took a final, erratic and bone-jarring pelvic thrust, and my lover climaxed, indeed doing as my visions predicted, holding his thick black cock completely inside me, as the mighty warrior pumped his African seed into my willing pussy. I could feel his spasming black spear as my cervix was scooping into the pool of superior black genes, my body eager to suck in all it could.

I grew warm, and had this wonderful feeling of contentment, though I whimpered as I felt my void vacated, and empty, save for the deposit of semen, hearing him zip up, and then start to walk away.

“Thanks for the fuck, bitch!” He called out over his shoulder, his boots sounding fainter with every step.

I stayed that way, gasping for air as I recovered, having just had one of the more intense sessions of intercourse of late. I wasn’t distressed, not sure why, but my mind went to make a comparison with the rare occasions I slept with my husband, it just wasn’t the same. He was lacking in almost every way, now, at least for me. He couldn’t satisfy me, and as I stood there, bent over, ass rotated to accept another man, I had a dream of another black man taking me. It was short-lived, however, and as I came around, I realized I was alone, and disappointed of that.

I looked around and quickly found my thong, which was still wrapped around one ankle. Pulling it back up, I made sure to securely ensconce my folds into it, keeping any of that man’s semen from spilling down my thighs. It was too important to let a single drop go to waste. I was a firm believer, somehow, that every drop of black seed was precious, and not to be wasted on the ground. My place was to enjoy and consume every drop, no matter where a black man placed it in me.

I had started back down the stairwell, my circle skirt billowing up and out unrestrained as my phone rang. The custom ringtone, a version of a recent song that was a hit amongst the teen girl demographic told me it was my husband.

“Hey, Honey!” I chirped out cheerily.

“Are you running late? I need your help to decide what to do!” My husband’s voice whined.

“Five minutes. What are your choices?”

“Oh, the usual, like the one I just am turning in, and one by some fruit-based company, but I can’t stand them. Too… too… bossy. But they have this phone by a company called Rhino. It comes pretty well loaded, and has this great sound system. It feels good in my hand, and it has a good case on it. It’s a shiny black and looks, I dunno… powerful and mysterious? I kinda’ like it, but it requires a contract and an extra fee.”

“Honey, I’m now an employee of Rhino, remember?” I rolled my eyes. He could be so stupid at times. It was like his brain was the size of a pea, and had the consistency of tapioca. Ever since he started watching our new TV, it was like his IQ dropped daily. “I’ll be right there and use my ID, and we’ll get the company discount.”


Zack was still standing holding the phone in his hand when she came into the store. If she could have got inside his head she would have heard ….

….. When I got my new phone, I was ecstatic. I loved the way it felt in my hand, and how dense it felt. True to her word, my wife showed her ID and we got a lot of the nuisance fees and other miscellaneous costs eliminated. I was impressed with how capable she was, and how easily she could get things done. If only I could do things as well as she could!

I followed her home to our rented house and admired the view of the rear end of her new car; it was almost as beautiful as the sight of her own ‘rear-end’! I felt blessed. Since our temporary move to Hawksville I had so much to love.

Entering the Rhino-provided house, a nice, modern, and well-equipped suburban ranch-style with four bedrooms, a Master suite, and three more full baths, I wanted to grab my wife and hug her and tell her thank you. I got my arms around her and managed to get a single kiss on her closed lips, before she squirmed away. I was a little bit disappointed to hear her say, “Honey, it’s been a long day, and I’m tired. Let’s just get ready for bed, and call it a night, okay?”

I looked at her critically, and it was true, she looked like she’d had a rough day. Hair mussed, and her makeup disturbed, I was surprised how I didn’t see it before. I’d started taking an interest in clothes and makeup, and what looked good, and just knew I could have given her a nice touch-up. Not that I don’t already help her with her wardrobe. She brings home all of these really sexy clothes, and I help her select the best one for the day, and even help her get dressed especially when she’s going out for an evening dinner meeting with her co-workers and bosses. She has been having more and more of those, and they must be really taxing, because she comes home really beat, looking like a wreck. More than once, she’s come home wearing someone else’s boxer-shorts, too, and canlı bahis siteleri I can only surmise that the meetings are so tough that she’s had an accident. My poor wife!

There is a pleasant side-effect to her dinner meetings, and even over-night stays. It gives me the opportunity to bring out my own clothes and play!

Once she’s left the house I’d start by turning the TV on, that nice, new Rhino 60-inch flat-screen in the family room, and watch porn. Lately, I’ve been finding not only interracial porn so hot I could blast-off without touching myself but then I discovered this other topic called sissy porn.

It is where I can dress up, and be as good looking as my gorgeous wife, and then dream about some black hunk having his way with me! I would watch the screen and get lost in the dreams of my legs being split wide, and held open, as a long black spear is invading my ass. No, not ‘my ass’, it’s called my boi-pussy, now, so I am realizing. I’ve started to sneak some shopping on the internet and found some great sources for women’s clothes tailored for my frame, from skirts, blouses and dresses, to even heels, lingerie and sleepwear.

I didn’t dare buy anything that looked similar to clothes my wife had. Though I was tempted more than once, because she has such a sexy and tasteful wardrobe, I couldn’t take the risk of our clothes getting mixed up. So my favorite was this diaphanous chiffon and satin nightie that d****d from my arms and across my flat chest, and ended just at my butt. It was so light and filmy that I couldn’t help walking around in it, giggling and trying to sound like my wife, as if it was her in the videos. Doing that play-acting just felt so right, I began to hold out hope that one day I could do it all the time!

I was startled from my reverie as Suzi came out of the bathroom, all scrubbed and clean. Even without her makeup, she looked devastatingly gorgeous. She saw me staring at her, and smiled that brilliant smile.

“Thank you, Honey. I know that stare. I’ll take that as a compliment,” she sniggled softly as she climbed into bed.

She was under our silky pink satin sheets that clung to her form like a glove and again showed her sexy form. I found myself making my way towards her side of the bed, a signal that I wanted her. Again I was rebuffed, “Not now, Honey, honest. But I’ll be good to you tomorrow, ok? I promise! Besides, you need to get your new phone charged up and ready for tomorrow. You’ll want it with you.” Again, she flashed the killer smile, turned over and was almost instantly asleep.

On the plus side, when she slept, she was like the dead. Nothing short of physical touching would wake her for hours. So that was my opportunity to get dressed up, and enjoy wearing my nightie!

I padded away to the kitchen and after plugging in my phone, I went back to shut the bedroom door, just in case. The only sound was to hear her snoring softly as the door closed. Perfect.

I couldn’t help sneaking around the house, even though she was dead to the world. I kept most of the lights off, only turning on those I needed to be able to see. From the outside, it appeared as if we had turned in for the night but the truth was far from it! Stealthily sneaking into the garage, I pulled out my sheer and soft nightie, and grinned as I reached behind the box in the closet and pulled down my pink stiletto heels. They were similar to the ones my wife wore to work, I loved the look and how they made her walk and I wanted that same sultry and sexy sway of my hips. Slipping them on my feet, I was instantly much taller, but felt petite and sexy!

Spinning on my feet, I let the nightie float widely, and found my little pecker getting rock hard. It was a respectable, to me, almost five full inches, and my wife had never said anything about the size, though after watching the porn channels, especially the ones of a redhead getting screwed by these black monster cocks that were probably twice my size, I did begin to understand that I should keep my wife from seeing any of these movies. I laughed to myself as I thought she might realize what she was missing, and have an affair!

I went back into the house and stood there, watching the TV for a moment, and felt this need to go all the way, and dress like a real girl would. I had done it before, and found it very exciting, only to be scared out of my mind when Suzi came home early, with a co-worker, no less! On that occasion I had to hide in one of the spare bedrooms until the house got quiet before I could sneak out and then was able to change back into male-attire.

As I crept down the hallway it was for me to figure that she must’ve left something in the bedroom that she needed to show him for they were both in there talking when I passed by the door. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, other than it sounded for all the world like she had back-talked him as I heard a sharp, resounding slap, followed by her yelping in surprise and then moaning. It went quiet and then they got into this quiet communication.

I didn’t dare disturb her to see what was going on but I wish I could treat my wife like that sometimes, especially for refusing me in bed.

Tonight I decided the best thing for me to do was sneak out and come back, later.

I exited the far bathroom with my makeup and wig on, as well as my nightie and heels. I felt so feminine and went back to the TV, to watch more porn. I loved to watch what happened to the actors, before I couldn’t stand it anymore and exploded myself.

There was a new video being streamed and the image I saw was of a woman, another redhead, only she was in a parking garage, bent at the waist, her satin skirt up on her back and three naked black guys standing around her. They were taking turns with her, alternating fucking her from behind, or shoving their cocks past her lips, and down her throat. The video ended with a man calling out, “Thanks for the fuck, bitch!” and she was left standing there for several minutes, her skirt flitting about as she was ready in case another black man came by.

I secretly hoped one would because it looked so exciting, and I began to fantasize about my Suzi being that girl, and having all these men fuck her like that, anonymously, bareback, and unprotected, making her risk having the baby of a random black stranger.

It wasn’t difficult to fantasize for the woman looked very much like my Suzi, the red hair, the sexy clothes and lingerie just like that she wears. It was so very arousing to me! It was really exciting when I could see her throat distending her neck as she took the whole length like that, and I wondered how it would feel if I did that, and so I decided to try.

Prancing my way into the kitchen, I bent at the waist to poke around the refrigerator, and found a small zucchini. Pulling it out, I looked at it, and stroked its length. It felt cold to the touch, but was warming up as my fingers delicately tickled along it, and then I began to stroke it in earnest. It felt wonderful in my hand, and I found my lips starting to drool, so I made a mistake of slurping it all up, and swallowing.

Shaking my head, I continued to stroke my new toy, and then my concentration was spoiled for my new phone chimed. Distractedly, I went to it, holding onto the green phallus while I sucked it in and out and checked the new device. My phone was telling me it was fully charged, and it began to display these amazing colors. They were so pretty, and so attention grabbing. I brought the phone and zucchini with me into the living room and sat down in front of the TV.

I found yet another a new channel, one of sissy-girls frolicking and playing, stealing kisses from guys and teasing them, while my phone started to vibrate, but just a hint. Suzi had told me it might do that, as hers did, so I ignored it as normal, and began to shift my attention back and forth from the small screen to the big one.

Next thing I knew, I was on my knees on the floor, bending over and balancing the pretend-cock on its end, lowering my lips to it, and kissing the ‘head’, before opening my jaw and starting to suck on it. I pushed my lips farther and farther onto it, until I felt it tickle the back of my throat. It was enough to make me wretch, but I managed not to vomit. I found the vision of my green cock mesmerizing as it was coated in my saliva, and I wished it was a real one. Like in the videos, especially the one of that redhead girl getting royally fucked in the parking structure. I wanted to be here, so I thought I would try it and see how much of the newfound cock I could take in my boi-pussy.

I had already discovered that wearing heels made it far easier to squat, and lower myself down. Whoever invented high heels was a sheer genius! I aimed the sloppy-tip at my boi-pussy and began to lower myself, letting gravity do the work. All the while I watched the TV, and found a video of some sissy cross-dresser like me being reamed hard by a black man and his hard meat-missile. She was wearing a full-set of lingerie, but had no boobs to speak of, and while she wore heels, she hadn’t any wig or dress. I resolved then and there that I would make sure to get the lingerie and be better looking than any other person on the sissy channels. Maybe they would one day select me to be featured on it!

The thought was enough to push me over the edge, and I let loose a loud grunt, my bum surrendering to the invasion of the pretend cock, and I slid further down. I felt so full, and so sexy! It felt so right to be like this, and I resolved to do this more and more. I began to rock my hips and flex my thighs up and down, until I was being fucked like a real girl, and my pecker began to leak. Small droplets of pre-cum splashed against my nightie, and my feet and legs, and even small spots on the carpet but I didn’t care. This was so thrilling I vowed to do it with a real man, the dream of a real man fucking me like that girl on TV was the final straw and I spurted my couple of small ropes of semen uselessly on the carpet, while I sighed in frustration. No man’s cum would fill me…. For now.


“And this is all that’s worth noting tonight.” Then the new news anchor broke into her almost porn-star wide smile, and finished out the evening broadcast. “Good night, and be safe everyone… Bye-bye.”

Having been hired by the new Rhino Multi Media Corporation, Mrs. Suzi Recreant had become a bit of a ratings sensation. bahis firmaları Thick red hair, styled in a gentle wave that trailed half-way down her back, and tonight wearing a deeply d****d mint-green satin halter dress that showed her complete cleavage. The material flared widely at her waist to reveal black racy garter and suspender straps when she pivoted, which her stage director had her doing at least once a broadcast. She had taken to wearing only the most scant of panties, or a thong that was thin mesh, and revealed her trimmed landing strip. Her viewers knew that there was no doubt, Suzi was a natural redhead. Combined with the smoky eyes and bright red lipstick, she was the quintessential fuck-fantasy for more and more men. Her ratings were skyrocketing.

The RMM creative team knew what they were doing, and electronic billboards were popping up all over town, short videos of Suzi smiling and turning, looking back at her viewers and smiling or blowing a kiss, as a strategically-placed fan threatened to billow up her short circle skirt to her waist, and reveal her charms. Accompanying text revealed her broadcast times, and soft flirts, like “I can’t wait for you to see me!”

When the billboards first went online, there had been several car accidents, with male drivers’ attentions diverted from the roads, and deep into their sexual fantasies, along with noting the channel and times to see the buxom woman. Her popularity had grown so high that she could not allow herself to be seen in public unless she was dressed for broadcast, even if she was just running to the store for groceries. White males wanted to be with her, white women wanted to be her, and black men? Well…


Having finished her late-night news outside broadcast, she was making her way to her Mercedes, strutting her hips as she walked, shoulders back to advertise her ‘girls’, and cross the street to cut down the alley to the parking structure. The alley was littered with overflowing trash dumpsters, as there was a city-workers strike, which Suzi had dutifully reported on, interviewing one of the black sanitation workers earlier that day.

At the close of that interview, she turned to him and placed an aggressive, deep, tongue-slathering kiss on his lips. The camera continued to roll, of course, and recorded her as she whispered to him that she would ‘see you later’.

The Camera crew had already left her and had returned to the studio where back in the broadcast center, the techs were astounded and growing more aroused as they witnessed her behaviour. There was no doubting that Suzi was becoming more susceptible to the Rhino programming than most. Was there a weakness to be exploited? Was it redheads? They would have to study her more closely … but that would have to wait for later.

For her broadcast, Suzi was wearing one of her trademark outfits, a pink satin shirtdress, hemmed at mid-thigh, with the bottom two buttons undone, revealing the tops of her stockings. The top was unbuttoned to advertise her girls, halfway down her cleavage, and her white heels gleamed. None of this registered with her at the moment. Suzi wasn’t in plain sight, not that she would have cared, and her phone was humming pleasantly in her purse. Neither did she care to look up and see the Security CCTV camera blinking its red light to indicate that every movement in the alley was being recorded.

She entered the dark passageway to see the man waiting in the shadows. She caught his arm and dragged him down and started to throw herself at him. It took her no time at all to pull the man’s coveralls open, and her perfectly manicured fingers were caressing his growing member, teasing the turgid rod to full-mast.

The worker was no fool, and recognized his chance, grasping her by the hips as he lay down right there in the alley, lying on his back as her tall heels straddled his thighs. She started to squat, her slender fingers trying to aim that long, throbbing black missile as it started to dribble some of his virile pre-emission. She sighed loudly, her blue eyes rolling up in her head as her slick labia parted from the contact of the sanitation worker’s dark meat. Engaging the head, she then let gravity take over, her soft voice emitting along, feline growl. She lowered herself fully, the silky hem of her dress flaring out as she did so, exposing her backside to the man, and her black cock-filled pussy to the camera.

Hard, calloused, black hands reached up under her dress, and began to maul her butt cheeks, the grasp so hard it made her yelp softly, each finger leaving a constellation of small bruises. For several days hereafter, a lucky television viewer might notice the extra marks on her flesh when she twirled on the set. She was a marked woman, marked for and by black men.

Suzi was bounding up and down on the black sanitation worker, letting her thin skirt rise and fall effortlessly, as the camera rolled, and she flexed her core muscles. Her soft voice mewed with each caress of her sweet spot by the thick, turgid rod. As the strokes grew in number and intensity, her voice grew higher and tighter, until she could no longer do anything but take deep gasps of breath, and whine loudly. Then she felt him erupt inside her, and she could no longer hold back. She flexed her Kegel muscles and shuddered violently, as her body slammed onto her erstwhile lover’s shaft, where her body worked to take his semen deep into her willing vagina. Her cervix began to sip the hot emissions blasting it, and trying to complete the mating action. Because of her desires to start raising a family, she had stopped taking birth control. Only she hadn’t told her husband. She rarely had sex with him, and demanded he wear a condom.

Having fully inseminated the white news anchor, the worker simply used his hulking muscles to lift her up, and literally toss her aside, where she landed heavily, her mind somewhat blank. Getting to his booted feet, he stood and looked down at her, and on her. Laying there, on a smattering of wadded up newspaper and debris, Suzi was gasping for air, and her legs were loosely folded, while the hem of her dress lay at her waist. Her thong was pulled aside, plainly obvious for the camera to record.

He spoke in his deep baritone, “Thanks for the fuck, bitch,” and he strode away, his dour day somewhat brighter. She remained on the ground surrounded by trash feeling strangely fulfilled and tried to gather her jumbled thoughts.


For Suzi’s sake, all she had felt was the keen sensations of a cock deep inside her, far deeper than her white husband could reach. Zack had tried to make love to her the night before, but failed. His erection, if a disinterested observer could call a half-masted pole hard, reached only to about maybe five inches on a generous scale, and she barely felt him. Even his penetration required extra effort, and she found herself barely stifling a laugh. She could tell something was changing between them, but she wasn’t sure what it was. For some reason sex between them, while never great, was growing worse, and more difficult to come by. Whether it was her late hours, or her husband’s pathetic lovemaking skills, she was beginning to contemplate different options for becoming a mother. The fate was sealed when he fell out of her, and couldn’t re-enter, his confidence shot, and his erection deflated like boiled spinach.

Sitting up, she tried to talk about it, to ask him what was wrong but then her phone began to softly vibrate, and as she saw it, the pretty, colored patterns subtly shifted to enchant her. It had also begun to affect him, and they both sat there, lost in their fantasies.

Suzi saw herself impaled by an army of black men of all types, persuasions, and occupations.

Zack imagined himself wearing his nightie, dressed as pretty as he saw himself, and being fucked by that same army.


The crew in the broadcast center knew that she would make her way back shortly. In the meantime, they had to post their video and send it into RMM and the Hawksville headquarters. The porn show she had just completed would be on the Rhino porn channel within hours.

The homeless man who had been sitting nearby, hidden by a dumpster, had witnessed the whole encounter and watched it live, he didn’t have or need access to a TV. He rose up, and approached the prostrate woman….

Her black-encased phone hummed its seductive message; as she looked up to see the rough-looking gnarled old man pulling out his stiff black cock the CCTV camera swivelled and refocused.


Oskar reefed through the weekly reports from his section leaders and after reading RMM’s comprehensive breakdown mused to himself, “Hmm, that Suzi Recreant is proving to be quite an asset.”

The next report he read was from the newly formed West Coast office based in La Jolla. They confirmed what he was waiting to hear, that the infrastructure was in place to allow the expansion of Rhino’s business to California and for ‘the word’ to be spread to this agreeable part of the nation.

He was of the opinion that the experience gained in Hawksville with Rhino Media and broadcast news had been a most effective method in influencing attitudes and acceptance of the Black man’s inherent superiority. It was time to send Suzi back to her San Diego roots and for her to be at the vanguard of spreading the message according to .Rhino.

Simone knocked on his door and entered carrying yet another file needing his attention and approval. She placed it on the desk saying, “Here are the travel and accommodation arrangements for the Africa trip next week. I thought you better check them out and sign-off before it gets too late.”

He sighed as he reached to pick up the papers. He was clearly feeling the strain of the constant demands for his attention.

Simone recognised the signs and knew exactly what to do to relieve his tension. She walked around to his side of the desk, dropped to her knees and told him to lean back in his chair. He made no objection as she unzipped his fly and with little resistance drew out his cock. It took no time at all before she had encouraged it by the deft use of her hands and mouth to bring him to an impressive erection.

He sighed again but this time it was one of contentment as for the next few minutes he felt her suck and for the pressures of work to drain away. What a treasure he had in his choice of employees he thought as his spunk began to pulse and spurt over her face.

As she cleaned him off he decided that she ought to be included in the party going to Lerotica as a reward for devoted service. “Thank you Simone, I needed that. Now, how are you fixed for the next couple of weeks?”


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