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This is the story of my first proper sexual experience. I had fumbled around in my early teens with the odd girl but never had sex. Mrs Wilkinson changed all that when I had only just become of legal age.

It was 11 am on a lovely sunny morning, in the summer of 1979, as I walked along the street to my friends Steves house bouncing the football I was carrying as I strolled. I arrived at his house and knocked on the door. His Mam answered.

“Is Steve in” I asked. “Oh hello Steven (i have the same name but his spelt “ph” mine with a v) “No sorry he’s away for the weekend with his Dad I’m afraid” “Oh Ok Bye”.

To my surprise she said “No don’t go, I’m glad you’ve called as you can give me a hand with something, Come in”.

Mrs Wilkinson was a very sexy looking lady, about 5ft tall, slim, short bobbed dark hair, and shapely firm legs, and as my hormonal changes had been completed I was no longer a prepubescent young boy, though illegal bahis siteleri I was still very naive. My dick twitched instinctively as she stood next to me smiling and looking at me with her brilliant blue eyes.

“It’s a lovely day isn’t it” she said, again smiling. “Yes lovely and warm, what would you like me to help you with?” I stuttered.

“You seem nervous Steven ?. Its nothing. I just need help to get the sunbed out of the shed, Is that ok ?”

“Fine” I replied. We wandered to the shed. She unlocked the door and pointed. “There they are Steve”. Two sunbeds were just inside the door. “I’ll take one you get the other and lets get them in the garden. Suns got there now”.

The back third of the garden was coated in sunshine so we placed them there. “Why two Mrs Wilkinson?” Oh Steven ! Call me Hazel. You’re a big boy now ok” “Ok Hazel please call me Steve. Im called Steven by Mam when I’m in the bad books”. She laughed canlı bahis siteleri and said “Im just going to get changed wait here”.

I did as I was told and she came back in her bikini with two glasses and a bottle of wine. My eyes popped !!

“Please stay and keep me company” she said. She sat on a sunbed and proffered me the other. I looked at her, her stunning figure in front of me and my young cock hardening rapidly. “Erm I don’t know I should go”. I’m sure my face blushed.

“Don’t be silly Steve sit and lets chat relax ok” as she poured two glasses of wine.

“Here drink this. Should help you relax”.

I had never drank alcohol in my life as my parents didn’t drink. I took a sip. She saw the sour look on my face and said “Wait there” and went and brought a bottle of lemonade and poured some into my glass. “Hows that?”. I tasted and gulped it down in one. She immediately refilled and put a little less pop in. Again I gulped it bahis firmaları as I was thirsty but it did taste good.

I thought she was just sipping hers but half an hour later the bottle was empty with me and Hazel talking constantly.

She disappeared then reappeared with another bottle. Id had four glasses and was in a really good mood feeling at ease, finally, in her company. She also had brought a radio so we laid and listened to the music, chatting merrily.

“Do you like how I look Steve?” she suddenly asked me. “You’re gorgeous” I spluttered out. “But I must go for dinner”. “Steve it’s past two o’clock” “What Oh No ! Im in trouble !”. “No your not ! Don’t worry I’ve phoned your Mam and told her you’re helping me in the garden so don’t worry. Im just popping to the kitchen wait there OK?”

She returned with a large plate of sandwiches and another bottle of wine. I couldn’t take my eyes off her slim body as she walked towards me.

The afternoon progressed and she came and sat on my sunbed and placed her hand on my knee. She rubbed my leg lightly then up and down my thigh and whispered “I think we’ve had enough Sun Steve. Lets go inside”. I didn’t care, I was in a very merry mood.

To be continued ……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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