Mattie’s Boy’s

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Mattie’s Boy’s
Mattie’s Boy’s
The continuation of Mattie Gurl

Mattie whispered “I really want to make you mine” as she stood up. She had Jack lie on his back as she mounted him. She rode his cock, then dropped her chest on him. Jim saw Jack’s hard cock bent inside her asshole, she whispered “join your brother inside me”. Jim crawled behind her, eased his cock into her as she grunted “yessssss” then added “fuck me Jim”! He stroked into her slowly, she said “you can do better!..Fuck me”! In a minute, Jack groaned loudly, she whispered “let it out”. Jack groaned loudly as his cock spat inside her! Seconds later, Jack groaned “it’s hot!,,Ohhhhh..Jim’s cock is jerking my cum out”! Jim hissed loudly as his cock exploded inside her! “Good boys!…Good, good, good boys..Give it to me..I want it”, Mattie whispered! They rested a few seconds then started fucking her again.

Jacob snickered as he jerked his cock! He zoomed in to see their cocks smashed together as they stretched Mattie’s asshole. “When you suckle my breast, that’s Love…When you suckle my Gurl Clit, that’s Love…When you fuck me, fuck me like you need to!…Lovingly or slay my pussy”, Mattie whimpered. They humped into her taking turns until they dropped another load inside her. They fucked her most of the night until they were too tired to fuck. Mattie sucked their cocks as they sat side by side leaving the balls empty and their cocks tinder. Jacob watched them for hours, recording everything.

The boys were still sleeping when she slipped quietly away to Jacob’s room. He was just a few doors away unknown to the boys. Jacob rushed her as she entered his room. He was nude with a raging hard on. He slammed her instantly on the bed, flipped her long lounging robe up then rammed his cock in into her as she lay face down, his thrusts to her near brutal! “Fuck I needed this!..Those boys tore your ass up last night..They fucked you like sex machines”, Jacob mumbled. “I loved it!..They made me feel young and hot!….They sucked me everywhere and ate my pussy too”, she groaned as she humped back into him! His cock jerked as he flung cum into her! As he spent, he rolled her over crawled on her trapping his dripping cock against her as he kissed her! “You can really have fun now!..You’ll be a 24/7 cunt for them”, he grinned. Mattie smiled “I think you really like that..Turning them into my studs”? Jacob smirked “actually I’ve been thinking of sharing you more”? Mattie grinned “really?…Have me fucking other men also”? Jacob laughed “you’ve got the pussy for it”. Mattie giggled “what ever you want My Love”.

The boys woke up late finding her in bed actually napping. Jack rolled her on her side waking her as He thrust into her cum filled ass. Mattie still had the 3 cum loads Jacob had wadded into her. Jim suckled her milky tits as Jack fucked her, “Hey, my boy. Were you hungry for my milk” she smiled. “And you back there, you horny thing..I guess you needed some pussy”, she giggled. For the next hour they both suckled her tits and fucked her. Soon after, they dressed and went out to brunch. As they ate she told them that she would tell Jacob that they were fucking her. She said that she would tell him while she was taking care of him and they need not worry.

Jacob had been there for 2 hours.. The boys had heard them nosily fucking, loud and furiously! They also has sat with stiff cocks anticipating with hope and worry. Jacob soon came out sweaty and smiling saying “I hear you’ve grown up enough to appreciate Mattie as a Special Gurl”? They grinned “yes”! Jacob gave them a handshake telling them “good! Carry on!…She claimed you the day we picked you up”! Mattie came up behind him hearing him, Jacob turned, kissed her as he groped her ass. His hands pulled her skirt up, then shoved her pantie’s down. “You don’t need these around us, they’re just in the way if we need you”, he spoke loudly! Mattie giggled as he pushed her toward the boys. She softly fell over Jim’s knees causing her skirt to flip up to her waist. Her bare ass cheeks revealed her anal cleft, wet and glistening with Jacob’s cum! “You boys need to get you some now, we need to get on the road toward home soon”! They were so over joyed with everything they only sucked her milky tits dry then each got 2 full swallows of her “Gurl Honey”, the new name for her cum. Mattie showered as the men loaded the rental van. “Guy’s, fuck Mattie whenever you want!..It’s good for her and she really enjoys it….It’s good for her mentally also, it builds the woman she is”, Jacob spoke. Inside the house they saw Mattie putting on a button front Denim shift, over her nude body.

They had been on the road 2.5 hours, she and Jacob chatting, the boys thoroughly entertained on flat screens in the back. “My boobs are itching. The boys must be getting due..My body tells me now since the suck on me so much”, Mattie said. Jacob grinned, “what’s your ass telling you”? Mattie swatted his arm, “what’s this about sharing me”? He told her that he was showing some of her pictures to Marvin and he noticed after Marvin pointed out, that one had a small pantie peep showing. Their chat turned sexual and Marvin said that he would fuck her. Mattie grinned “and”? Jacob said he replied “She’s good!..Almost too good!..Wears me out”. Mattie laughed, he added that if he could get into her panties just make sure he was there to watch! She giggled, “whats he like”? Jacob laughed “ex marine, 6ft 3in. Stocky and as Black as Tar!..He’s forever calling the others wimps and saying if they don’t get their Candy Ass’s on the move, he will pack their shit!..And hung like a fucking tree limb”! She was giggling when they heard “Mattie?…Do you have a minute”? She grinned at Jacob replying “are you thirsty Baby”? They heard “yes ma’am”. She climbed through their bucket seats saying “Ma Ma’s coming Babies”. Jacob could hear the electric motors laying the rear seats down, as he tilted his rear view mirror

He watched Mattie laying on her back, unbuttoning her dress, “here boys get your milk..I knew you were needing it”. Jacob saw them lay beside her, drag a tit to the side and suck as they robbed her torso.
“Feed babies..Take it all, I make it for you” as she caressed their faces. “That is so beautiful”, Jacob murmured. “Thank You Jacob..I love feeding them..They are my babies”, she answered. He saw each on them slid a hand down under her, cup as ass cheek, then slid a finger into her ass bud. They both finger fucked her as they sucked, she moaned loudly as they dug deeper into her. “Go ahead babies, play with my pussy.. If you need some, it’s there”, she moaned. In a few minutes they rolled away from her. “About 15 minutes until we reach the next rest stop”, Jacob spoke. Jack climbed over her rammed his cock into her, Mattie said “No problem, they just need to let the pressure off”. Jack thrust into her for 3 minutes then groaned loudly. “Good boy!..Feel better”, she asked? He climbed off her as Jim slid over her. Mattie giggled as he furiously rabbit fucked into her “slow down baby, we have time”. He slowed his thrusting and in seconds he came, grunting loudly! Minutes later she sat in her seat smiling at Jacob, they heard ‘Honey”? She giggled loudly “boys, I’m full..You kaçak bahis stirred it up and can have some later”. She winked at Jacob, opened her thighs showing her crotch hair glistening in her own cum, “dripping like a faucet” she whispered.

As Jacob walked around stretching his legs, they sat at a picnic table. Jim noticed a man watching them and told Mattie that he was peeping her. She replied, “let him look, he’s not coming her with you here protecting me”. Jack asked “you don’t mind”? She grinned, “its just hair he’s viewing”. Jim nudged Jack saying “Quinton”. Mattie questioned him and was told that Quinton was their friend who saw her once and has been trying to visit them to peep her. She asked did they want her to show Quinton something? She told them she would if they wanted her to. Jack laughed, she added that she would fuck him or anyone for them, but they had to keep it to themselves. Jim smiled as she turned her face his way, Jack told her that the man was making a squinting stare their way. She grinned, “he’s watching me piss”!

In the van, Mattie leaned her body as she sucked Jacob’s cock. The boys watched her head rise and fall rapidly! In a minute they heard her gagging as Jacob’s cum shot faster than she could swallow! “get it!..Get it, Baby”, he shouted until she lifted, licking her lips. No sooner than Jacob was on the interstate, she climbed into the back saying “who wants Honey”? In a minute, he saw Jack’s head between her legs and the sole’s of her feet over his shoulders. Mattie moaned “suck it out baby, get my Honey…. I’m so full it hurts”. Jack mumbled, “it’s thick..Really thick”, she moaned “I’ve held it all day, you usually keep me thinned out”. Jack repeatedly swallowed and gulped loudly until he rolled away. Jim replaced him as Jack said “she’s full and it’s sweet!..It’s like she cured it sweeter”! Mattie giggled “just stop it! I did no such thing”. Jim swirled his head, “you’re right, it’s sweeter than usual”. She moaned and groaned loudly as she dumped cum into his mouth. Jim feasted her on her until she was spent completely. Mattie rolled on her side to grab a nap after cumming so completely then Jim wrapped his arm over her.

Jack sat up front with Jacob, they both glanced back at Mattie. “She really is marvelous isn’t she, Jacob said, A Special Gurl in ever way! You two have given her a new lease on life! She was beginning to feel old but now that you’re grown enough to have discovered her, like her, love her and use her, she’s young again”! Jack smiled “we can’t get enough of her”. Jacob laughed “believe me I know”! Jack grinned “her ass is so cute! It’s amazing what she can do with it”. He replied “I had many regular girls but when I had Mattie, I put them all down”! Jacob said “purge Mattie”. Jack heard her moan softly then her ass cheeks started flexing! In seconds, he saw a small clear slime trickle from between them, then trail slowly down her cheek. In a minute the clear slime turned milk white and thicker, Jacob said “Y’all put all that in her”. Jack had turned completely around viewing her, Jacob asked “you want to see what you’ve been fucking?..Her inner pussy”? In a minute he added, “push Mattie…Push it Baby”. Jack saw Mattie bring her knees toward her chest, push her butt back and groan lightly. Seconds later, a glimpse of redness appeared between her ass cheeks. “Her hole is opening, she budding outward, keep looking”, Jacob grinned. Jack saw a glistening red mass slowly easing out, “she’s flowering”, Jacob whispered. In a minute a red, rippled, wet, meaty mass hung behind her! “Wow, Jack hissed, How much can she push out”? “All of it Baby..Push all of it out”, Jacob spoke. They heard her whimper softly as the mass continued easing out nearly 6 inches, it trembled sticking straight out! Seconds later it dropped hanging down under its own weight! Jack hissed loudly, Jacob said “if she standing I’ve measured it at 6 inches”. Jim leaned up, looked behind her saying “That’s a lot of pussy”! Mattie groaned “Thank you”. In a minute they heard her snore lightly, Jack said “it’s still out”! Jacob snickered “it’s OK! It’s wet, she will naturally draw it back in when she feels it drying”.

Mattie had slept 20 minutes when she was woke by Jim leaving her, he crawled toward the front and she listened as Jacob talked. “You guys need to feel what it’s like when she hangs it out for you!..Shove your cock into her, step back and pull it while you fuck her”! Their mouths dropped open, Jack said “It doesn’t hurt her”? Jacob grinned “Hell No!..She likes it”! He continued on telling them that he thought she actually needs more cock than they can give her. They smiled as he told them he had plans to get her a complete make over, send her to Day Spa, give her a new appearance! Jim replied “great”!..He added, a new updated hairstyle with coloring because her body was younger than ever! Jack gave them a thumbs up! Jacob told them with updated clothing she could pass being her late 20’s. Jim quickly replied, “mid 20’s easily”! Mattie slid a hand into her crotch as she spat cum! She continued listening and lapping her fingers clean. “Make her a Hottie and we could select the others who want to fuck her!..Constant sex, constant attention and fucking will only make her better as a Special Gurl”, Jacob spoke! Jim and Jack agreed, he added, “Hell guys! You could even pass her off as your sis or girlfriend”. Mattie grinned and spurted more cum!

They had been home 3 days when Jacob told her in front of the boys. She asked if they were sure about everything? The boys urged her to do it, she replied “anything for my boys”! The next day she returned from the Spa changed. Her hair cut shorter in a Pixie style, no longer a mousy brown more Auburn with high lights! Collagen injections had plumped her face giving her a younger look, added weight and curves to her hips and ass cheeks. Her improvements had taken 20 plus years of aging off her! She couldn’t fuck them that day, but she spent hours sucking their cocks! They all spent time viewing cloths for her in the internet. The next day, Jim and Jack went shopping with her in a city 60 miles away.

With the boys towering over her shapely, small body everyone assumed one of them as boyfriend or family. Jim said “forget everything Adult, be a ditsy teenager”. Mattie grinned “I’ve almost forgotten how”? Jack laughed “be silly”. Mattie got sillier and bolder as they shopped. They passed by a store, she stopped saying “she’s a Special Gurl”. Jack said “how do you know”, she grinned “we all know when we see ourselves”. She told them to hang around while she went in to shop. They saw Mattie shop until the Lady joined her. They walked chatting, working their way to the rear changing booths.
Mattie went in, came out having the Lady check her, then the Lady went in the booth with her. Nearly 5 minutes later, they both came out looking into mirrors, brushing their hair. Minutes later, Mattie met them at the store front saying “freebie’s” as she held a clothes bag. They started walking away and heard “come back soon”! Mattie whispered “My pussy is wet! She came twice”! Jim giggled “you got fucked”? She replied, “fucked, have her number too! She has a decent cock and must not tipobet güvenilir mi be getting any! She fucks like a man”! They boys laughed, she said “y’all can fuck her but she still has balls, Amanda is her name”. Later at a food plaza, they ate with Mattie getting up popping gaps several times as she got condiments and refills. She told the boys she was flashing the Black man at the Rib Shed booth. He motioned her free rib samples saying he had to cook more. She walked over, chatted with him then walked around the counter. They disappeared a few minutes, then she came out without him carrying a Family Meal box. She sat at the table saying “we can go now..I’ve got 2 loads of cum from him and 2 more from his kitchen helper! I’m sitting in cum”! Jim giggled “6 loads in less than an hour”! Mattie grinned, “I’m walking out dripping as we go”! They hurried her along as she dripped and trailed cum down her rear legs. “Dibs’s! I get you first in the car! I want to get in there while it’s hot”, Jack spoke. In the car they both fucked her twice before they left. “New you, new clothes and 10 loads of cum inside you! It’s a great day”, Jim snickered! They were 3 miles from home when Jacob text her, she laughed “crap”.

Mattie pulled the car over, jumped out telling the boys she needed to purge. “Damn! All that wonderful cum” she giggled as she wiped herself. She crawled back in the car taking off her clothes telling Jack to get her the body wipes out the glove compartment. They helped her towel her whole body fresh, then she offered her nipples saying “suck, I’m full and don’t want them dripping”. Mattie laid back opened her legs saying “suck hard! I’m as scummy as Hell”. They sucked as she strained cum out forcefully squirting into their mouths! In a few minutes they were helping her dress into her new bought clothes, she said “Marvin’s a friend of Jacob’s, he wants to fuck me. No plans, will figure it on the fly. How do I look”? They grinned “perfect”!

They drove up viewing an older RV parked. Marvin and Jacob were inside their house looking out, Marvin said “Damn man is that her”? They saw Mattie and the boys tussling as they removed bags, she reached deep, leaning as her skirt raised to mid thigh. The boys were walking toward the door as she closed the door, then bent to pick up a small bag flashing her lower ass cheeks. “Jacob! You robbed the cradle”! He laughed, “the picture you saw was an old one”. Marvin laughed, “she’s barely older than your boys”. Jacob burst out laughing “yeah, they literally grew up together..They are more like siblings with sibling rivalry, they don’t even pay her any attention”! Marvin said “let me get her in my RV, I’m going to make a play for her! No Bull Shit”! Jacob grinned “go for it”! The boys came in, looked at some articles on their coffee table saying “junk”? Jacob said “relics, Mattie will understand them”. Jack replied “Egg Head probably will” as they walked away.

Mattie came in acting surprised, was introduced and quickly squatted down, dropping one knee while the other remained up. Marvin looked down peeping a small glimpse of pantie crotch as she leaned closer saying “Revolutionary Era”! “I knew you would be interested, Marvin collects and most of theses were found by him”! Mattie acted extremely interested and soon sat across from Marvin chatting with enthusiasm. After 30 minutes, Jacob said “y’all lost me”. Marvin said “Mattie, this is nothing! You should see the better stuff I have in my RV!..It’s messy in there but you’re welcome to see it”. She jumped up spreading a quick wide gap asking “please”? As they cleared the house the boys came out saying “I’ll bet she has him in 5 minutes and does him twice”! Jacob grinned, “I give them 20 minutes and she has him 3 times”!

In the small living area on a table were several artifacts. Mattie leaned, picked up several, reached showing much of her rear legs saying “these are good”! Viewing a filled box on the floor, she bent grabbing items, flashing her butt cheeks, Marvin said “not as good as what I’m viewing”! Still bent over, she turned her head to the side saying “how do you know it’s good”? He grinned “I use a probe”! She stood up keeping her back to him saying “Probe’s are great tools but I don’t like audio probes, those talking kind, others may hear”. He walked up behind her whispering “mine is large and quiet”. Mattie’s hand came back, felt his thick cock as she said “let me insert that for you”! In seconds he was stretching his way into her, he said “Damn woman, you’re tight! I like that”! Marvin began thrusting into her, she said “no k**s! I’m barren, just a playground”. Marvin hissed “you’re only getting half, do you want it all”? Mattie pressed back into him saying, “I’m coming to get it”! Marvin hissed like a steam valve, “oh fuck, you got some cunt on you gal”! She murmured “fuck me”! He thrust deep and stroked into her rapidly! In a minute she said “breed me! Wet me good so you can fuck me again”! Marvin grasp her hips and poured cum into her! He kept stroking as his cum soaked her! He grinned, “Now this is fucking!..Wet and warm..Shit woman, this is pussy to die for”! In another few minutes, she felt his cock throbbing as he spurted cum again! Marvin leaned on her saying “one more and I’m Damn good”! He started thrusting again! Mattie grinned as he rammed and slammed against her! His cock coughed again, he said “Fuck yeah..Fuckkkk Yeah”! Mattie turned around to face him saying “I liked that! I do not want to hear about it”! Marvin grinned “if my cock talks about it, I’ll cut it off”!
They came out the door, the boys ran saying “17 minutes”! Jacob laughed!

“My panties are soaked” Mattie giggled as they walked. “Woman, your fucking cunt sucked the cum out of me but I got more”, Marvin replied. She said, “stay for Dinner, you might get the chance to add it”. Inside Mattie sat beside Jacob taking very animated and flashing her wet pantie crotch at Marvin. He didn’t know she was soaked in her own cum. She invited Marvin to eat, jumped up calling the boys to help her in the kitchen. She was bent over the table when Jack came in and slammed his cock into her, “how many” he asked? “Three”, she replied. He rapidly stroked into her saying “You’re gummie”. Six quick thrust, he dumped and slid his cock from her ass hole with stringy cum slinging on. Jim slammed into her, “Jacob said he would cum 3 times in you”. He fucked her for 3 minutes then squirted telling her that they were going to distract Marvin while Jacob came to her.

Jacob had been chatting with Marvin “Did you get it”? Marvin lied, “no I got close! She knows I want her but I remembered you said that you wanted to see”. The boys came in, Jacob left. In the kitchen he flipped her dress up, slid her panties to the side, spread her ass cheeks asking “how many”? She flexed her ass hole replying, “I had 10 earlier from shopping…Marvin gave me 3 and the boys just gave me 2 more. Overall today I’m at 15 and Marvin wants more”. Jacob stroked into her slowly, fucking her deeply as he told her to fuck the Hell out of Marvin! She giggled as his cum rushed into her! Pulling his cock free of her, her ass hole spurted cum! She slid her panties into place saying “I’m tipobet giriş staying nasty, he will think it’s all his anyway”. They carried Dinner out. As they ate, she flashed her wet panties at Marvin many times. The boys had taken their plates to their room saying they were gone for the night to play online in a tournament.

They had ate, were sitting around casually chatting as Mattie flashed and flaunted herself. Jacob saw Marvin’s cock swollen inside his pants, he gave him a wink as he said “Babe, I’ll do the dishes, you and Marvin can talk Revolutionary stuff while I’m away”. He took half the dishes out, Mattie said “You’ll have to be quick”. Jacob came back and behind Mattie’s back he flashed “15 minutes” with his fingers!
Marvin moved over her as soon as they heard the sink filling. Mattie’s legs came up wrapping his hips as he thrust against her panties. Mattie reached between them, slid her gusset aside as he slammed into her! “Still wet, love it”, Marvin whispered. She giggled “it’s not like I’ve had time to clean up and you shoot buckets of cum! I like that in a man! Potency”! Jacob was already in the room watching as he thrust into her! Mattie held him close as she looked past Marvin’s shoulder and winked at Jacob. “Fuck it into me! I don’t want Jacob to catch us. You’re the first man I’ve cheated with”. Marvin pounded into her, making her ass hole “talk” with squishing sounds. “Yeah, I could tell..As tight as your cunt is, you don’t fuck around”, he whispered. In another minute he said “here it comes!..It’s going to be big!..Hold on”! Marvin grunted softly, “Fuck!..Ahhh Shit!..Cumming like a dog!..Ouch!..Shit, your fucking cunt is killing me”! He hissed then drooped downward as he circled his hips stirring his cum inside her! Jacob slipped out of sight as he sat back. Mattie quickly sat up as he looked at his nearly white cum covered cock lay. She giggled, “god! You whipped your cum into a froth”! Marvin grinned “yeah girl! If that had been up your ass I would have packed your shit”! She and Jacob grinned hearing it!

Jacob came in when they were sitting normal, Mattie got up saying “Y’all can talk but this girl needs to shower the day off and get comfortable”. Out of the room Marvin asked, “did you see us”, Jacob replied “yes”. Marvin added, “Jacob, she’s a good woman!..She’s not fucking around you, I just got lucky”. Jacob grinned “Yeah, I know..I just thought maybe she needed some spice. She wouldn’t tell me and won’t mention tonight I’m sure. But you can have her every now and then, just hip it quiet”! Marvin shook hands replying “Done”! Mattie came back in an average length house robe, flashing her hairy crotch until Marvin left. Their door closed and the boys rushed in to find Mattie and Jacob passionately kissing! They broke the kiss, Jack said “OK, we are out…We can see that you two are going to “make love”. Jim snickered “But! We will fuck you in the morning”! Mattie giggled as she tossed a couch pillow at them!

Jacob was working, Mattie sat with her ass full of cum and her breast bulging with milk as she waited for Amanda. Amanda had called, talked with her and Jacob begging them to let her visit. After literally crying to Jacob, he told her that she could. The boys watched as she drove up in a convertible Jaguar. In a sleeveless, straight shift with her Raven Red hair flowing down on her shoulders, she looked nothing like the business lady at the Boutique. They escaped to the backyard as she entered the door.

Mattie met her in a light green, cotton, tube style dress, nude beneath. Amanda looked her over, head to toe. Mattie did the same to Amanda and noted that her cock poked the front of her dress. Amanda sat with a slight tremble in her upper body. “I’m really suffering Mattie, I’m in pain..I have so much to chat with you about But I can’t think..Please, please let me cum in you first”, she begged. Mattie smiled as she laid back on the couch. Amanda stood, raised her dress to her waist as Mattie saw her Black Bikini Panties. In a second, she drew her crimson red cock with it’s purple glans dripping cum, out a leg opening. Mattie moaned with sympathy, “ohhh Baby, you do hurt, don’t you”? Amanda crawled over her, shoved into Mattie’s wet ass hole and cried softly as she thrust into her. Amanda stroked, crying and whimpering as her body shook! “It will get better in a minute..I’m so sorry for you”, Mattie whispered as she caressed her face. In a second, Amanda was gasping for air, fighting to breathe, Mattie hugged her tightly saying “shoot it!…Get that mean, painful stuff out of you”! Amanda fell on her holding her breath as her cock vomited short ropes of cum into her! Mattie felt her cock leaping and shooting! “Breathe Amanda..Breathe Honey, don’t pass out”, Mattie whispered. Amanda moaned and passed completely out as he cock continued firing! Seconds later, Mattie felt her breathe. The boys had watched the whole scene! Amanda dress at her waist, her shaved balls squirming as she filled Mattie. They eased back outside as Mattie caressed Amanda. Amanda finally woke 15 minutes later begging for forgiveness. Mattie kissed her until she smiled and crawled off her.

Sitting, facing each other Mattie said “how long have you held that?..You really gave me a load”! Amanda blushed, “too long, I tried but I couldn’t get off. My problem is that I still have the appetite like a man!..I get turned on too much”! Mattie grinned, she spoke “my balls are empty and I still want to fuck you”.

Jim and Jack walked in, Mattie introduced them. “They are my boys….Yes, they know….Yes, I fuck them…Thought I’d clear those questions before you asked”, she said. Amanda asked “Jacob”?..Mattie grinned “Of course he knows”! Mattie rolled her top down and the boys quickly suckled her tits! Amanda gasped “you have Milk”? Mattie giggled, “I’ve nursed them ever since they came into my life, for years”. Amanda screamed “Oh sweet Angel of Mercy!..You’re amazing..You’re wonderful”! She watched the boys massaging her breast and softly chewing her nipples. In a minute she said “please excuse me” as she pulled her dress back and began hand jerking her cock! “I’m sorry, I just help it..This is so beautiful, you feeding them”. In a Minute, Amanda’s other hand covered her cock head as she sot off! Moaning, she caught her cum, then poured it into her mouth as the boys watched. Minutes later, she sat back composing herself as Mattie covered her tits.

They all sat chatting, laughing being very cordial when Amanda said “you all know what I am..I’m not perfect..I really like all of you..I want to be one of you….I need to be one of you..I can be available to all of you Could I be like an Aunt to you boys..Please? Mattie giggled as the boys jumped beside Amanda hugging her! Amanda screamed and cried with tears ruining her make up! They were still reacting with joy when Jacob walked in. “Aunt Amanda is here”, Jack screamed! Jacob laughed, hugged her pulling her from her seat. In a minute they heard Amanda moaning loudly as Jacob fucked her! They all walked down the hall and saw Jacob over her in missionary position, thrusting deeply into her! “Oh god!…Oh god!….jesusssss”, she groaned!…Mattie and the boys left them. Shortly after, Amanda came in walking gingerly and blushing brightly! She resumed her seat between the boys saying “I might be pregnant”! Jacob came in laughing loudly and the room erupted! Jack replied, “don’t know about that but you’re now officially our Auntie”!

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