Master Fucks Runaway

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Master Fucks Runaway
Tom ran the bow over the strings of the fiddle. The field slave’s instrument produced music with a quick tempo and a lively tone. There was much dancing, laughter, and drinking happening on the Duckworth Plantation in South Carolina. The master’s oldest daughter, Ann, had just wed a free man of color, Hubert Maynor. The crowd was going wild.

The Duckworth Plantation was owned by one Columbus Duckworth. He had been born to a slave mother in 1816. It was understood by most everyone within a hundred miles that his father had been a wealthy tradesman and planter by the name of John Duckworth.

Columbus spent his early c***dhood in the slave quarters. When he was ten, he was moved into the big house where he slept on a rope bed at the foot of his half-brothers’ bed. He became an apprentice to John, who was a barrel maker. He was also taught the three R’s: “reading, ‘riting, & ‘rithmitic”. Eventually, his father let him purchase his freedom and gave him a tract of land. His casks, troughs, vats, and barrels were highly sought after. He was one of the best craftsmen in his field and did well financially.

Columbus also worked to make money to purchase his wife, Lottie His goal had been to manumit her so their c***dren could be born free. A change to South Carolina state law made this process more difficult, but he did what he could.

The Duckworth Plantation had an impressive red brick, two-room deep, central-passage, Federal style house with bookend chimneys. Upstairs were three bedchambers – one for Columbus and his wife, one for the daughters, and one for the sons.

Columbus had three sons and three daughters that survived to maturity. Lottie, died giving birth to their fifth c***d. Not long after, the widower with four young c***dren bahis siteleri canlı took another wife.

Columbus owned a total of nine slaves. One was his second wife. Two were his younger daughters. The remaining six were unrelated to him and worked to make sure the settlement ran smoothly. He was a benevolent master allowing his slaves to earn money from sideline work. He did his best to treat them in an egalitarian manner.

Columbus took pride in what he had achieved. At this moment, there were other free Blacks celebrating the nuptials on his property. Roughly half of them owned slaves too. The rest did not. There were also many enslaved Blacks joining in the festivities. Interestingly enough, there were two white men and three white women in attendance.

Master Duckworth was a smart man that enjoyed smoking cigars, reading classical Greek literature, counting his money, and playing chess. He was careful not to display too much of his wealth for fear that local whites would become jealous and wreak havoc on his life – a fate suffered by his close friend, Fred Newson.

A mob of impoverished white men had set fire to Fred’s lovely wood frame Williamsburg style cottage because they thought the textile merchant was living too lavishly. Fred lost his wife and two of his three c***dren to the devastating arson.

Columbus and his family were members of an all-Black Episcopal congregation. The pastor had officiated the ceremony between Ann and her a half-Indian, half-Black groom.

Otto was one of the slaves belonging to Master Duckworth. He was a strapping young man of sixteen years. He had desires of freedom and devised a plan to run away. Tonight was the perfect time to escape. Otto found his little brother, Bertie, and cajoled him tipobet giriş into fleeing. With all the commotion no one noticed Otto and Bertie had disappeared.

The next day, it was reported to Columbus that Otto and Bertie were nowhere to be found. Agitated, Columbus went into his study and scribbled a note. He gave instructions to his oldest son to ride into town and deliver the message to Peter Culp, a capable slave catcher. Columbus offered a decent reward for the safe return of his slaves.

Peter Culp was all too happy to organize a posse to search for the fugitives. The hounds sniffed out the runaways. After two days, Otto and Bertie were apprehended. Unfortunately, Otto was killed because he fought the white men tooth and nail to avoid returning to the plantation. Young Bertie was saved and unharmed.

Columbus thanked Peter and shelled out the bank notes to pay the ransom.

Bertie’s soft, girly, chocolate body trembled. He was still in chains.

Columbus peered at his slave with squinted eyes and a frown. He shook his fist at the boy, “Why would you run away from here, Bertie?”

“I was just followin’ Otto, sir,” tremored the delicate youth.
“Have I not been good to you, son,” checked the cool-bronze-toned biracial man.
“Yes, sir,” stammered the nervous slave.
“I’m not sure you appreciate what you had here.”
“I’se real sorry, sir!”
“Well, you know I have to punish you!”
“Let’s go out to the bachelor quarters!”

Columbus grabbed a leather strap before leading the way to meager structure.

Inside, Columbus latched the door shut. He pulled down Bertie’s pants exposing the comely, round behind. The master swung the belt. The sound reverberated as it made contact with Bertie’s supple skin. The boy whined. “Hush now,” ordered tipobet güvenilir mi Columbus. “You been bad!”

“But, I’m sorry, massa,” pleaded the recaptured slave.
“How sorry are you?”
“Very sorry!”
“Are you sorry enough to make me feel better?”
“I’ll do anything!”
“Turn around then!”

Columbus pulled out his long, thick uncircumcised dick. “Put it in your mouth!”

Bertie opened up and Columbus fed his manhood to the submissive bottom.

“Suck this dick, boi,” commanded Columbus. “I’m gonna fuck your molly-boy ass into submission. I’ll teach you to run away from me!” He slapped the sissy’s face as he barked at the pint-sized, effeminate captive.

“What, sir,” sniveled Bertie.
“You heard me, boi! Bend over!”

Columbus spat on the clenched brown hole. He pushed it in using one of his large fingers. “This butt hole is tight! I gotta fuck you now!” He pushed inside.

“Ooooh,” wailed Bertie.
“You can take it,” the master informed as he eased in inch by inch.
“Oh, massa!”
“Yeah, sissy boi! Let me get this tight ass!”

Columbus delivered a severe pounding. Bertie was sobbing.

“Take this big dick,” ordered Columbus. “Calm down, faggit! You’re gonna love it!”
“Yes, sir,” sniffled Bertie.
“Your li’l ass feels so good on my dick!”
“Oh my god, massa!”
“Yes, Bertie! Give massa this butt hole!”

Eventually, the pain subsided. Bertie began to enjoy the crude hammering. “Fuck me, sir!”
“Yeah, boi! You’re my li’l girly boi from now on!”
“It’s so big in my little hole!”
“Hell yeah!”

Columbus sat down on the floor and put Bertie on top to ride.

“You like how I bounce on your big Black dick,” checked the sissy.
“Oh yeah!”
“I love this big dick, massa!”
“I love your molly-boy pussy! Give it to me, boi!”

Columbus and Bertie fucked off and on for the rest of the afternoon.

From that day forward, Bertie never dreamed of trying to leave the Duckworth Plantation. He took his master’s hefty dick daily.

As time passed, Columbus ordered dresses and petticoats for Bertie. The young boi became his angelic paramour and fuck puppet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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