Chameleons Private Club (Virgin Swingers) Part 1

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Chameleons Private Club (Virgin Swingers) Part 1
The British Indian – Hot-Wife swap

My Husband Drove me to the Club, when we arrived at the Club car-park, our new friends, Alex & Aziza informed us. To sign up for the club membership. they told us, we will be provided with a Club tour by a member of Staff, Volunteering at the Club.

Alex introduces Nasima and my Husband to the Private clubs front desk. we filled in the membership form, Provided them with some Identification. this was required to join into tonights Fun. we was then provided a Membership Card.

The staff showed us around the club, given us the club tour, the lady explained the club rules and guidelines. The lovely Staff wished us well, Nasima was feeling the nerves kicking in,  the staff made us feel very welcome and we decided to have a club tour on our own.

we checked out all the naughty play rooms. the different types of Kinky equipment inside the basement Dungeons, we giggled and laughed about the stuff we was looking at. we was telling each other how naughty and kinky this place was. there was so many room inside this big club and Spa, looking at each other holding hands we was teasing each other walking around the club.

 BDSM wasn’t something we discussed, this Kinky world never crossed our minds. We did watch a few thing about BDSM. (the club has something for everyone’s taste).
we both decided to re-join our new friends once we was ready, we went back to the Bar area downstairs. to meet with Alex & Aziza. (The Lovely South Indian Couple)  greeting us back again,  we walked toward them and joined them at the Bar. I remember Alex and Aziza being very friendly, so polite. we had good normal conversations about different topics. with No sexual talks.

This really helped me Understand the lifestyle better and why people choose to Swing. we all decided it was time to get ready for the special night, we choose not to wear any Lingerie tonight, because it was a Wet Club.

Alex Suggested, we should go to the Unisex changing rooms. we was all ready to get Nude and go to the Spa area. we all got naked wrapped the towels around our bodies.  we was ready to go.  

We arrived at the club early tonight, so it was still quite. and no-one was using the Big hot-tub at that time. We spent long time together, relaxing in the hot-tub having lovely chats, trying to get to know each other better. The hot-tub bubbles, were tickling me and making me feel wet and juicy.

The couple started touching each other. My Husband was doing the same with me. in-between all the chatting. our naughty hands was wondering under the water 

OH MY GOD! (The night was really warming up), Alex suggested we should find a playroom. if we was all ready for it.

The Couples laughed at the thought of was could happen next. things was already starting to get intimate.

following Alex leaving the Hot-Tub, another couple just came into the Hot tub sat on the other side. we all smiled at them, saying “Hello” drying of our bodies and wrapping the towels back on. we walked to the playrooms trying to find a Room that was clean and free for us.

The club was located on two different floors. all the rooms was designed differently.  some rooms were private, some of them had a big screens so people can watch the action from outside the playroom. There was small Cubicles with a leather bench. there was two big rooms which. can hold a horny Orgy. similar room was for couples use only.

Tonight was only for couples. and Single females only. so there was no single men in the building. We also walked past this area where the Glory-Holes where based and there was few more playing rooms in that canlı bahis section, there was a Dark-room. (all of this was really freaky) the club atmosphere was really welcoming and everyone was really friendly.

Finally We found a suitable playroom. once we was all inside we locked the playroom door . The room was now Private. with a Memory foamed Big Red bed. (The size of the Bed you can have up-to  four couples playing on it) we looked at each other, looking a little lost. Alex decided we should start with Girl on Girl first. We all agreed, with some girl on girl action.

Nasima looked at Aziza, she  gave me a very naughty smile back.

Aziza gave me a gentle Hug, she grabbed my boobs and started to stroke them lightly. Aziza looked into my eyes, we started to french kiss. (the ice was broken)  I just expected some kissing and playing with each others boobs, but boy was I wrong and pleasantly surprised. Nasima and Aziza passionately kissed.

I started to enjoy myself and relax myself. my boobs was rubbing against Aziza boobs, my brown erect nipples was rubbing Aziza nipples. We went onto the big red bed, kissing each other, playing with each others succulent Big Boobs Aziza was extremely gentle, boy did she make my Pussy dance.

Nasima felt like, what am I doing) that feeling quickly passed.

Nasima was now kissing Aziza boobs, they were so soft and smooth, I was fondling Aziza Boobs, giving them a good massage, Nasima was surprised by touching up another women playing with Aziza we enjoyed some hot girl on girl kissing. .

I applied Baby oil all over Aziza boos, she then takes the Baby oil bottle from me, Aziza applies Baby oil over my boobs, we fondled and massaged each others boobies. the sensations were so unreal and sexy. We whispered to each other as the men watched on. Giggling, and laughing. This was so intense.

The men were enjoying our naughty little show, We smiled and giggled, wanting to show them some more. “Let’s give them more, they really like all this” Aziza gently asked me, she asked, if she was allowed to kiss my Pussy.

I didn’t decline, I allowed her in. I laid back on the bed, Aziza came on top of me. carried on kissing each other, playing with each others Boobs, Aziza was now Rubbing my tight Indian Pussy. My Pussy was creaming up. my Pussy was so wet.

Aziza started to kiss down my body she licked and sucked away on my brown erect Nipples, she was kissing down to my belly, she  was getting closer to my Hotspot. I have shivered in excitement. my eyes Shut with enjoyment, I was in pure pleasure.

Aziza first kiss was sensational. I felt Aziza Tongue hit that spot, I was in a tantric world with her. I love when my Pussy licked. Especially at the top on the tiny little flap., I could feel blood rushing through my body,  amazing sensations, she went in deeper licking and sucking my soaking wet Pussy , treating me to my first  sensational girl on girl session. My Pussy was so juicy,

Nasima tight Indian Pussy was soaking wet. my pussy was dripping, thanks to my new friend. This was the first time, I am playing with another women. My Husband was standing over the Bed.

Alex standing next to him, Both Men held their big hard Dick’s in there hands the men was stocking there hard Dick’s. the fun show we had put on for them. was making the go Crazy. the men was now so desperate to join into the fun the women was having on the bed.

Nasima was watching both Men looking at the Mens Dick’s, Aziza was between my legs Kissing my Indian pussy. both men were rock hard (I needed some good loving, Aziza was made me very horny licking me out) 

watching the naughty wives doing very sexy thing to each perabet other. was making the men go Crazy. I asked my Husband to come closer to me. My Husband Dick dangling over my Head,  I took my Husbands Dick into my hand, enjoying Aziza licking my Pussy, I pulled my Husband closer to me.

I started to stroking my Husbands hard Dick. I couldn’t wait to put my lips around his Dick. I was so horny at this stage. Alex came closer, he stood next to my Husband. his hard Dick. Dangling over my Head. Aziza was going deep eating my soaking wet Pussy.

Nasima was now Hungry to taste some Big Dick. sucking on my husbands Dick, gazing at Alex Hard Dick.  I looked up to my Husband. Smiling at Him I took Alex Dick into my other hand.

I started to play with both mens Hard Dick, Aziza stopped licking my Pussy she smiled at me looking at the Men, you can see the excitement coming from Aziza. she slowly goes back down watching the men. getting busy with her face buried into my pussy. WOW I was getting licked out by a women. Nasima loved it.

I was sucking my Husbands hard. Dick, Giving Alex a hand job. (this was so Naughty, the first time, i was playing with more then one cock at the same time.) 

Nasima heard Alex, whispering to my Husband “go to Aziza friend”. 

My Husband looked at me, Nasima didn’t decline and neither did Aziza looking up with a cute smile, My Husband Joined the two ladies on the Red bed.

My Husband moved behind Aziza, I was laid back on the edge, giving Alex a Blow job. Aziza was still busy making love to my creamy Pussy.

My Husband was behind behind Aziza, licking her Pussy, I think he was Rimming her arse-hole too. (Naughty man). Aziza loved it. making really sexy moaning sounds. she fingers my tight Indian Pussy.

Oh my lord, this was like heaven. I was still sucking Alex Dick, Aziza was licking my soaking wet creamy Pussy. she looked at me, and smiled, Aziza was on fire.

my Husband behind her licking her Pussy, loving his magical Oral skills. Aziza moved to the side next to me my husband finished with my pussy. Aziza spreads her legs open. My Husband started to lick her wet Pussy. we was going in deep. I can hear my Husband telling Aziza her Pussy taste very Sweet. he loved it.

I watched my Husband from the corner of my eyes, sucking and Aziza Tits, this was making me feel, a little jealous.

I was with Alex, he was making me feel so horny.

Alex jumped on to the bed coming toward me he spreads my legs wide open. Aziza was french kissing with me. we both started playing with each others Tits again, enjoying all the attention from the men.

My Husband was now on top of Anushka and they started to Kiss. I looked at Alex, I ran my hand through Alex hair. enjoying his oral skills. Alex was eating my pussy. Nasima was feeling like I was in heaven. Alex was on top of me sucking on my boobs.  Alex hard Dick was throbbing, he was nice and thick. His Dick was rock hard. I gently took it into my hand and started stroking his Dick, slowly I let his cock slide back into my mouth.

I was simultaneously licking his Dick and sucking him off, I felt so juicy and sexy. I started rubbing his balls. while I sucked his Dick. Alex Dick tasted yummy-yummy.

Alex rubbed my Boobs, he was gentle, small, sweet, kisses, very enjoyable, he went onto sucking harder, with more force it was tantalisingly, although slightly painful so thrilling. my Pussy was dripping that tingling sensation was taking over Nasima body.

Aziza stopped playing around with my Husband. she grabbed the condom box from the side. with the tube off Lubricant. 

(which was not required, both women, was really wet and horny at this perabet giriş stage)

Aziza started to suck on my husbands Dick, he was playing with her juicy Tits. Aziza ripped open the condom box open. she took a condom out started to open on to slide it onto my Husbands hard Dick.

I opened my condom open and I sucked off Alex Dick first. before I also slide the condom over Alex hard Dick. Aziza was laid back on the bed, My Husband held her legs wide open, holding Aziza legs up. he was licking Aziza dripping wet Pussy, nice and deep.

I was also laying back next to Anuska and Alex also spreads my legs wide open he was now licking me out. I looked over my Husband was ready to fuck Aziza. He was rubbing his Dick, all over Aziza wet Pussy lips, You can tell she was so wet and hungry for my Husbands Dick.

My Husband looked, towards me, I smiled back at my man. he gave me wink back. (Cheeky man)

Alex was ready to insert his hard Dick into my wet Pussy and began thrusting, His Penis was nice and thick, Alex slips his cock fully into my tight Indian Pussy and he was ready to give me a good fucking. pushing his Dick, deep into my soaking wet Pussy.

I’m not quite when having sex so my pleasures was announced with my loud screams and lots off moaning, people started knocking on the playroom door, this felt like the other members wanted to bang the door down.

I think they wanted to join in, non off us in the room cared we all continued, we laughed with more bangs on the door,  I screamed louder. Alex kept his hard Dick deep inside my Pussy he pumped my Pussy out, a Alex kissed my Tits. Oh my lord, he was amazing, biting on the Neck. he was pumping me out playing with my 36EE, Big Boobies.

Aziza was moaning next to me she was still fucking with my Husband, we was playing with each others Tits. while my husband fucks her. Aziza Husband fucked Nasima.

I watched Aziza, climb on top, in the cow girl position. she held my Husband hard Dick. dripping with her Pussy juice. she was on top off my Husband. Aziza ready to ride on my Husbands Dick,

Alex wanted me to bend over in doggy style, Oh fuck Alex wants me from the back. I swapped positions and got myself ready to take his hard Dick in the famous Doggie style position. in our new positions, my Husband whisper’s something to Aziza next she stopped riding on his Dick. she climbed off and laid herself onto the bed, My Husband removed the condom. Aziza sucked his Dick.

My Husband was ready to unleash his fresh cream, all over Aziza juicy Boobs. Alex big Dick pushing at the back of my vagina instantly giving me an amazing sensation, my pussy was so wet his Dick was easily sliding in and out, feeling my orgasm rising fast, my body shaking from the amazing pleasures (how embarrassing, my pussy doing Pussy farts) Alex was very close, To finishing off himself, I screamed louder, I was getting fucked in Doggie Style.

Alex juicy fluids ended up all over my juicy 36EE Boobs. we completed our first wife swap session (amazing) Aziza then came closer to me. I licked My husbands Dripping cum from her Tits, Aziza licked her Husbands cum off my Boobs. and we kissed and we moved into the 69 Position and licked each other soaking wet Pussies. while our Husband spanked both ladies Indian bums. when was engaged with some more girl on girl loving.

I know what we just did. I enjoyed it. I know my Husband loved it to.

I was thinking did we just do this and enjoy it, feeling guilty but my pleasure sensation taking over and I’m enjoying myself.) We finished up cleaned the room, we unlocked the door, I felt so shy, people was waiting by the door.

I gave them a cheeky smile and quickly got away from that area, I adjusted my towel. walking back to the showers and then to the bar area for a well deserved drink. Now we was much more relaxed. I started to enjoy our night more. It was mind blowing.

To be Continued!

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