Beautiful Siblings Love Story

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Beautiful Siblings Love Story
Beautiful Siblings Love Story

By: Londebaaz Chohan

“Aahh; the fucking door is unlocked”, Indre Kaur mumbled, pushing on her brother Dharma Singh’s fingers, making it an excuse to stop, although it felt sooooo good and she did not want him to stop. She grumbled something about mom as well, as Dharmu pulled his fingers out. A choked whimper escaped her as he pushed against her, lodging his cock length inside her tight entrance. She lifted her hips to try and ease the stretchy feeling, and Dharmu surged still deeper. “Ooooh”, he moaned assuring his sister that he did not go to wake up mom and asking her permission to fuck his sister.

She was in deep sleep in her room; as she heard a yawning voice, “Wake up, babe”. Indre Kaur wiggled under the blanket, pulling it over her head. She remembered, it was Saturday and she was not leaving home before noon time to meet her friends. Feeling the cold air on her toes, she crumpled them back under the blanket. Suddenly feeling a tug, she impulsively tugged back but the stronger grip pulled the blanket off her; revealing the skimpy undies over her hippo sized bottoms. She quickly covered her eyes to keep the day light out of her eyes and even protested silently.

“Go to hell”, she grumbled; as she lay on her back in a very suggestive, sprawled position on her bed. One of her hand on her side and one knee drawn upwards, totally unaware how sexy her body presented itself to any and every onlooker. Early morning untidy but inviting; firm beautiful breasts and young hard nipples pressed under her body, silky soft long hair spread all over the pillow. She was absolutely unaware and unprepared for the yanking on her pajama bottoms that were already pulled to her knees.

She squealed as her loose pajama bottoms and undies got pulled down and she thought to pull up her thin cotton undies.

“Fuck off Dharmu”, she yelled sleepily at him. Instead Dharma, placed his knee on the bed and leaned over her; while his other knee hung off the side of the bed. There was a definite devilish desire in his eyes as he care freely moved closer over her. As his hands reached for her undies, Indre Kaur produced a rather muffled scream but decided to give him a hard time and started jostling on the bed; totally unaware of the show, she was putting up for him. As he tickled her sides, she produced kaçak bahis a reluctant giggle and rolled onto her front. Her large bottom was already throbbing in the cotton undies.

“Bastard, pig”, she whispered feeling his weight on her. She was so involved to hold on to her undies that it took her a while to realize that his hand had slipped inside her undies. With his thighs pushed between hers; his warmth was pressing along her sides as he already started kissing the back of her neck. She was moaning loud as his fingers found and massaged her growing clitoris. It slightly confused Dharmu, when she asked him to stop, protesting weakly but her hips wiggled against him raising the hell in his special area. He thought, may be wrong but it felt very good to touch her there. She knew that both parents were home and a slight mistake; she could be grounded till at least 21; if they found out that she was having sex and the utter absurdity of having sex with her brother.

She pushed his hand away, attempting to close her thighs. He chuckled and his breath sent warm shivers down her spine. He shifted more of his weight on her by pulling his knees up and she had to push her legs further apart. He also took her ample breast in one hand making her think; what her brother wanted. Mom had always kind of joked and complained about the number of girls calling and asking for him although he had moved out of home already; so him, hassling Indre Kaur for sex was beyond the comprehension of the sister. Every time, mom and daughter saw him at the mall or in a park; there was always a different very sexy girl with him, with bouncy tits. Sister had just the enough meat on her tits with those special pouty looking nipples but surely did not lack the oomph that she spilled to convince him to go for her.

“You are such a stupid”, she almost growled thinking of the last couple of girls she had seen him with. She was feeling achy, as Dharmu still teased her down under making her dig her nails in the mattress and thinking if she just ignored him; might be he will lose the interest and leave her alone. Oh, Lord! But how could she ignore her handsome and young muscular, masculine tall brother. His bulging groin made her throb out of control between her thighs. She must be a novice sexually; she told herself because it had been very painful when kaçak iddaa her boyfriend fucked her but still every girl she spoke to, told her that it will get better and an extreme joy as she did it more often with someone on regular bases and not with her on again and off again boyfriends. That was only the reason she let her brother and his best friend Shalaish fuck her couple of times but now what; what did he want from her. Fucking her, every time her brother saw her; no that may not be a possibility.

“Why don’t you go, tug on yourself, instead of bothering me”? She murmured but he knew for sure, she had a huge crush on him.

“O’ come on”, he replied sulkily “say it, you love every bit I do with you” and she kept quiet sensing the fact and the confident tone of his voice. She bit her lips as he slipped his middle finger inside her. Oh f f f f f. She remembered that one late evening on beach with her brother and his friend Shalaish. Only hoped that it would be only onetime occurrence; never to be repeated but it kept on repeating itself and she did not have to ask for any more advice from her friends.

“No, I don’t”. Her breast was heaving uneven as she answered him quickly but she lay there still pretending as if there was nothing happening between her legs but she surely had a tight feeling as he slid his finger in and out of her. Soon he was stretching her with two fingers pushed in her and she could not complain even if she wanted to. She writhed with joy on his fingers, as he kissed her neck, shoulder and saw her hardening nipples rubbing at the bed. He truly felt warm and aroused where he rubbed against her, making her weak with desire and telling him that the door was unlocked but actually wanted him not to stop because it felt too good. He slid deep into her young pussy with fingers and assured her that he did not go to wake up mom and dad to take their consent to give her a good morning fucking.

Soon he breached her honey pot and began stabbing her eager pussy with short thrusts. She writhed beneath him, feeling the wetness gather as her body clung to his large, thick piercing shaft. Her breathing was shallow and raspy even to her own ears. Her blood was pulsating with excitement, her body was eager and wanting her brother and his dick in her pussy. Indre clung to her pillow as he started plunging into her güvenilir bahis with long, forceful thrusts. She looked so beautiful when she arched her back raising her pussy in the air for him and held the bedsheet on both sides of her body to show, how gladly she wanted to give herself to her brother’s fucking machine. His thumb was continuously stroking her clitoris, making her dance and ripple on his depth detecting device that filled her to almost bursting at the seams. It felt great to be fucked by her brother. There was no awkwardness as she had felt while riding her brother’s cock on the beach sometime back.

Her muffled cries turned ragged as he pounded into her without mercy. His grunts filled her ears, his fingers clenched on her hips as he dragged her back onto his thick beam over and over again. Her hand slid down to cup his heavy balls swinging crazy like the bells hanging in a temple. His shuddering that ran deep through his body was felt inside her young pink fortress cooze. “Fuck”, he groaned with his head thrown back and his cock pummeling her cunt. His fingers now concentrating through the fine curls between her far spread legs and playing in her depth until she wanted to beg for mercy to be enjoying her orgasm. Her whole body stiffened, her nerves breaking and lips were totally silent on a gasp and finally the shudders tore through her as he groaned right after her, bunching herself deep as he worked her warm pussy.

He shuddered, climaxing, spurting hot slush inside her quivering cunt. His weight collapsed on her dragging her wrapped on his bamboo. “God I needed this”; he whispered as they lay spooning close together. Their hearts beating almost in synchronized rhythm, their breaths still shallow and they were still enjoying the roller coaster ride together. Finally; she heard him, “God, O’ my Lord, I waited for this all night; remembering, how it felt to be inside you, last time”. His hand so lovingly getting tight around her breast to confirm the possession of his property, “because I knew, today I shall not be sharing you with anybody; even my closest friend Shalaish”. He completed his sentence and the thought just before she turned her neck for a deep kissing by the true owner of her pussy, her brother.

Indre Kaur, bit her lip because she was not sure what to say in response. Her brother; she knew was telling something worthy to him and also to her. How nice, she knew; these feelings shall keep the family tied happily together forever long and always.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 1, 2019.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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