T girl lust

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T girl lust
The night started with a few lines, beers and a scoob. The boys were hitting the casino for the footy and a few bets. I’m not much of a gambler so when the crew hit the gaming floor I hit the bar. Coming back to my seat I noticed a cute young blonde sitting at a table. Unfortunately some bloke had weaseled in and was pretty close to the cutey. Watching some highlights on the big screen, out of the corner of my eye, I see drunken guy get up and stagger away from the cute blonde. He seemed annoyed and she seemed quite upset. Not missing the opportunity I walked over casually and asked “Everything o.k.?”. She shook her head and and said “Not really, no!”. “Do you know that guy?” I asked and she said no, he was just some random dickhead. “Some blokes can be real shit sometimes” I said. Cutey just shook her head and sipped her drink. I took that as my cue to walk but as I turned to leave she said “You seem nice though”.

“Thanks” I said and I introduced myself. Looking into her beautiful blue eyes she introduced herself as Hannah. We exchanged small talk and shouted each other a round and got talking for some time. Something was different, something was really attractive about this girl. It didn’t take me long to realise that Hannah was a beautiful trans girl. My heart raced and my cock twitched as I realised a fantasy of mine could come güvenilir bahis şirketleri true. I’m not attracted to men but the thought of playing with a cock excited me to no end. Now was my chance. I asked Hannah if we could leave together and her swift response was clear… She wanted me too!.

I lived about half an hour from the Casino. The time in the taxi was passed with some sly touching and groping. Hannah ruined my cock through my pants and she guided my hand to her lap. I played with her cock, teasing and rubbing the warmth of her swelling cock. If there was no driver I would have sucked her off right there and then. Now I was really excited.
We pulled in to my driveway, I threw a 50 at the driver and said ” keep the change” as Hannah and I made our way inside.

I could have ravaged her right there but Hannah wanted a drink. I poured some bourbon and we went to the lounge. Hannah starts looking over the room. She walks to the couch, slumps herself over the armrest,her ass in the air and said “this is how you’re going to fuck me”. I replied “I’ll fuck you however you want!”. We sculled our drinks and kissed passionately,tongues wild and our hands all over each other. We started to undress. Hannah said she was a little shy because she didn’t have big breasts yet. I took off her bra and revealed a beautiful set of pert hormone risksiz bahis veren siteler boobs. ” They’re perfect!” I said and we stripped off completely.

My curiosity overcame me and I gently pushed Hannah back onto my couch. I was intoxicated by her scent and her beauty. I made my way down her stomach. Her breathing got shorter and heavier. I rubbed her cock and it started to swell. This was it!. I took her beautiful cock in between my lips. She sighed and I savoured the sweet taste of her wonderful dick. It wasn’t to big,about 6 inches, but I sucked that dick like I was a professional. I varied my pace and depth and Hannah enjoyed it, alot!. All I could think was ‘ Fuck I want this inside of me ‘.

Before I could ask Hannah if she would fuck me, she pulled me up to kiss me passionately. She then turned over and offered to me her beautiful asshole. I touched it gently, just little circles at first but then I grabbed some lube from my room and put some on her ass. I slid my finger into her tight ass and she moaned. Gently I fucked her ass with my finger. God, it felt great. “Fuck me now ” she said and I lined up my cock up with her sweet ass. I pushed gently at first just to open up her hole a bit. She was tight and warm. My next few thrust s were firmer and more wanting. My cock popped into ass and we both gasped. I asked if she was o.k , Hannah just started bucking her hips, desperate to get my cock as deep as it would go!. We fucked wild and hard until I felt my cock getting ready to come. Hannah felt it too and told me not to pull out,just come in her ass. That was it, I came hard fucked that ass full of my seed. Hannah grinned like the Cheshire cat and told me how good a job I’d done.

We caught our breath but I wasn’t finished. I asked Hannah if she wanted to fuck me. I’ve played with fingers and small toys before but I’d never had a cock in my ass. Hannah said she didn’t really top, I told her she’d be my first and she couldn’t resist. I sucked her off again until she was hard. I wanted to lay stomach down and have Hannah slide into me while on top. I shook with anticipation and excitement. Hannah worked her fine cock into me and sexed me just right. From the angle she fucked me she was hitting my spot. I bucked in rythym with her and she built up quite a good speed.
Hannah fucked me, and I loved it!. I wanted her to come,to just explode in me or all over me. She thrust her few final thrusts and I felt her warm come fill my ass, moaning in ecstasy. We collapsed on each other and kissed each other like we were long time lovers. It felt wonderful and safe and passionate.
We showered together, I sucked her off in the shower and she let me fuck her again. The sun was up and the day had begun. We lay in bed, just touching and caressing,safe and warm and resting. Gathering our strength for that night. Hannah was everything I ever fantasized about…and more!.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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