My Stepsister Hailey P9

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My Stepsister Hailey P9
My Stepmother and stepsister had both just sucked me off until I came in my stepmothers mouth, this was the first time I had done that with my stepmother, and as I lay on my bed staring at her, she sat watching us, as my stepsister Hailey finished sucking my cock back to life, and now I was fully hard again, she stripped off naked and climbed onto the bed.
Standing over me, my stepsister with her slim hot naked tanned body, little perky tits and smooth bald pussy grinned down at me, before she lowered herself down towards my waiting hard cock.
Then as her smooth moist pussy lips made contact with my shaft, she hesitated and just rocked back and forth for a moment teasing the tip of my cock.
“Oh mum, can you see how big his cocks looks against my little wet pussy?” she then asked glancing back at her mother.
My stepmother stared transfixed on her daughters little pussy just beginning to stretch open as it sat on the tip of my hard cock “Yes” she replied back softly.
“Well, it feels even bigger inside!” Hailey then said lustfully, before she then lowered herself down, and with a soft groan her pussy sunk onto my cock.
Hailey slid down my hard shaft until I was good few inches inside her, and then leant forward, pressing her little tits into my chest and then kissing me, and I knew in that position her little pussy would have been stretched open for her mother to see perfectly how big my cock looked inside her daughter.
Then Hailey lifted slightly, and with her hands on my chest, began riding my cock working her slim little body up and down on top of me, and I just laid back and groaned letting her do all the work.
As my stepsister rode my hard shaft, I glanced around her to see what her mother was doing, and to my surprise my stepmother was still sitting on the edge of my bed watching her daughter intensely riding her stepson’s cock, while her hand was pushed up against the front of her tight jeans gently rubbing the crotch.
I now watched my stepmother intrigued, as she massaged her pussy through her jeans while watching us fuck, and couldn’t believe what a weird but wonderful situation I was now in.
Then Hailey began riding me hard, her little arse bounced in my lap, as her little wet pussy slid up and down my hard cock, and she groaned louder and excitedly as she fucked herself on my cock towards an orgasm.
For a good few minutes my stepsister rode me hard and fast, groaning constantly through out and squeezing her own little breasts as she did, until finally she lifted up and then sunk down hard with a loud groan.
Hailey came on my cock, and as she sunk down I could feel her little wet tight pussy flexing around my hard shaft as she groaned out loud in one constant cry, and all in front pendik escort of her mother.
Then after a moment she sat on top of me catching her breath with a grin on her face, before she glanced back at her mother and asked “So, mum, do you want a go?”
Her mother looked up at her with a clear confused look on her face, clearly conflicted as to whether she really should or not, and then Hailey lifted slighted, and pulled her little soft round arse cheeks apart, before showing how my big wet cock glistening in her pussy juices, was stretching her little pink pussy lips open, before saying “Go on, you know you want to? Look at it! Look how big it is, and how stretches my little pussy! This could be your little pussy getting stretched and filled liked this!”
My stepmother glanced down at her daughters wet pussy stretched open over my cock, and then looked up at her daughter again, and Hailey then added “No ones going to know, except us!”
Then Hailey lifted up off my cock completely, and for a moment it sat upright glistening in her juices as she stood over it, before she then said to her mother “Just take it! It’s yours!”
Her mother stared at my big hard cock for a moment, and then finally, and eagerly, she stood up, and began undoing her jeans, and I watched my stepmother pop the buttons open, before she pushed then down her slim tanned thighs, and stepped out of them.
My stepmother now stood naked from the waist down and for the first time I saw her smooth pussy lips with just a hint brown trimmed hair above it, before she then pulled at her t-shirt, and pulling it off over her head, her big round tits tumbled out and now my stepmother stood naked at the end of my bed.
I stared at my stepmothers naked slightly thicker body, all tanned like her daughters but with bigger rounder tits, and then Hailey stepped to the side, as her mother climbed onto the bed, before she moved over me, and then glancing at me once, she then looked down at my hard waiting cock, before she began to lower herself down.
I watched excitedly as my stepmothers pussy inched down towards my hard cock, before it made contact, and then slipped over my cockhead and sunk down onto me.
We both groaned loudly, as my stepmothers pussy slid down my hard shaft and for the first time ever I was inside my hot stepmother, and then for a moment my brunette stepmother sat on me, with my cock buried in her wet mature pussy, until gently she began to ride me.
“Yeah, mummy! ride that big teen cock! ride that cock!” encouraged my stepsister, as she watched her mother riding me.
“Feel that big hard shaft inside of you! feel how big it feels you up and stretches your pussy! Don’t you just love it?” she then said lustfully as she began to rub her little orhanlı escort teen pussy.
“Yes! oh god yes!” groaned her mother as she began ride my cock a little faster.
I couldn’t believe this was happening, my own stepmother was riding my cock, she was naked and fucking herself on my hard young cock, and she was loving it! and so was I!
I watched excitedly as she rose and fell on me, and love the feeling of her mature wet pussy gliding up and down my hard cock, and then I reached up and placed my hands on her big round tits, and she groaned excitedly as I began to play with them.
“Oh fuck! oh fuck!” she moaned as she continued ride my cock.
“That’s it mummy! ride it harder! ride that big cock till you cum! you know you want to!” encouraged Hailey again, still rubbing her pussy beside us.
“Oh god I do! I do!” groaned my stepmother as she continued to bounce on my lap, and pretty soon she was really lifting and falling fast in my lap as she groaned constantly and loudly.
“Yes mummy! yes! cum on his cock!” encouraged Hailey again “Cum on his hard cock! Cum on your stepsons big beautiful hard cock!”
“I am! I am!” cried my stepmother as she bounced excitedly on top of me faster and faster.
Then as her cries reached their peak, her head tilted towards the ceiling, and she cried out very loudly for several seconds as her body tensed up and I felt her mature wet pussy gripping my hard shaft, until finally with a huge sigh she dropped into my lap hard, and then sat on top of me gasping for air.
“Yes! Mummy! yes!” cried Hailey excitedly, dropping beside her mother and wrapping her arms around her happily.
“See! I told you would love this cock!”
My stepmother nodded in agreement and then looked at me as she continued to catch her breath, and then finally after a moment Hailey let go of her, and she lifted off me, and sat down on the bed beside us.
Then Hailey quickly lay down on the bed, and opened her legs for me, and eagerly I got up, crawled between her slim teen legs, and slipped into her wet hungry pussy, and with my hot naked stepmother watching, I began fucking my stepsister again.
Eager to now fuck my stepsister, I plunged my hard cock into her hard and fast, and she groaned loudly as her slim legs lifted and wrapped around me, and for a good few minutes I fucked her happily on my bed.
Then glancing over at my stepmother, I saw her watching us again while rubbing her little wet mature pussy, and after fucking Hailey for another minute or so, I pulled my cock out of her, unwrapped her legs from me, and moved towards my stepmother again.
She instantly laid back on the bed, opened her slightly thicker thighs, and I eagerly I slipped between them, and into her wet pussy, and just like I had done with aydınlı escort her daughter, I began fucking her little wet cunt hard and fast.
My stepmother groaned loudly, as she lay back taking my hard teen cock deep inside of her, and I fucked my her hard for a good few minutes.
Then over the next few minutes I went back and forth fucking both my stepsister and stepmother, making both them groan loudly and beg for more.
Then Hailey rolled over and wanted to be fucked from behind, and as I pounded into her and gripped her little slim hips, my stepmother rolled onto her stomach, and after another minute I pulled my hard cock from stepsisters wet pussy, and moved to my stepmothers again.
As I filled my stepmothers wet warm pussy from behind, and gripped her slightly thick waist, I remembered how my father had fucked her in the jacuzzi a few days earlier, and eagerly I began pounding into her just like she had.
And my stepmother groaned loudly as she took her stepsons cock deep inside of her again, and with her groaning constantly and my cock sliding in out of the warm wet hole my father had been in before me, and with my stepsister naked and rubbing her little wet teen pussy beside us, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.
I was now hammering into my stepmother mature pussy, pinning her to the bed as I fucked her over and over, and she crying out constantly loving every thrust I gave her, and then I felt my balls begin to tighten and the need to cum began to over take me.
“Oh shit! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” I then cried out.
“Give to me! Give it to me!” cried Hailey eagerly moving towards me.
And with another hard thrust into my stepmother’s pussy, I felt my balls tighten completely and quickly I pulled my hard glistening cock out of her and aimed at her daughters waiting open mouth, and with a mighty cry, I began pumping my load.
“OH FUCK!” I cried out as I began shooting wad after wad of sticky cum straight into my stepsisters mouth.
Hailey eagerly took every shot and swallowed each one, before waiting for more, until finally with a big sigh I stopped pumping my hot sticky load, and then reaching for my cock, she pulled into her mouth and began sucking on it.
It was only after a moment of her sucking me clean I realised she was also sucking up her mothers pussy juices that were coated all over it, but that didn’t seem to bother her at all.
Then finally I was done and sat down on my bed completely spent.
“Well, that was fun!” grinned Hailey licking her lips “I’m off for a shower!”
Then she got up and strolled off out of my room, still naked, and left me my stepmother alone.
We both looked at each other for a moment in silence, not sure what to say, before finally my stepmother got up off my bed, and then picked up her clothes and said “I’ll get some breakfast ready for you in a bit!” and then quietly left my room.
And I watched her round slightly thick naked arse jiggle out of my door, and I knew I was going to fuck that woman again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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