HIS P.E.T. 14

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HIS P.E.T. 14


I told Hein I wanted to fly commercial to meet with Samantha. He argued but ultimately relented understanding my concern of not wanting to appear to have a personal jet for my purposes. And, we had the time.

I was transferring in Dallas to connect with the flight into Tucson. My limited commercial flying experience didn’t prepare me for the chaos the DFW airport can become when the weather turns into thunderstorms. We landed fine but there was significant turbulence that a seasoned flier into DFW might have considered a harbinger of what might come. To me, though, it only meant holding onto the armrests of my first-class seat with death grips.

Like half of the rest of the plane without an app to tell me what gate to go to next, I sought a bank of flight information screens. My flight from Miami arrived in Terminal E and my short flight to Tucson leaving from Terminal B. According to the airport map, those were the two furthest apart terminals. But, I wasn’t in a hurry as the connection time was considerable … and about to become more as lightning and thunder surrounded the airport.

I was attracting a lot of attention, but I also knew that was Chris’ intention when he offered his assistance in selecting my travel outfit. My black, form-fitting leggings were topped with a loose black ribbed cami crop top that exposed my midriff. My black outfit was matched with black strap heels (4 ½ inches, of course) and large dark sunglasses with my long hair loose and hanging down my back.

I stood in front of the gate where my next flight was leaving from only to find a large crowd grumbling at what the flight information screen was telling us. The weather was causing delays. As I stood at the back of the crowd, watching the chaos and weighing my options in the crowded gate area, one man after another tried hitting on me in casual or obvious ways. From behind me and across the walkway, I heard repeated snickering and a final laugh when I had to be particularly confrontational with a middle-aged businessman who had perhaps spent too much time between flights in one of the bars.

I turned around to find the source of the bemusement, scanning the people until I found a woman in her mid-30’s abruptly looking away but her eyes continuing to flitter back to me. I walked directly over to her and stood against the wall next to her.

I ventured a simple exclamation, “Some men …”

She turned her head to me. Even if I was attempting to keep my face neutral, from the side she could see behind my large glasses my eyes reflected amusement. She was attractive, but she seemed to be downplaying her looks. It reminded me of my past when I felt it important to reflect my professionalism over my looks. Her hair was cut short, her outfit a business pantsuit, though it fit her body very well. Her jewelry was minimal with a stud in each ear. Her shoes were very low heels.

I softly spoke to her. “I didn’t mean to attract attention, but …” I sighed, “Why do some men think we are around just for them to hit on?”

She chuckled, “You did a great job of saving the rest of us.”

I looked at her quizzically, then, “We’re going to be stuck here for a while. Could I buy you a drink?”

After sitting down and getting our drinks at the bar closest to the gate, she explained her comment. After establishing that I wasn’t a model or actress or anyone ‘important’, she shook her head while looking down at her drink. Then, raising her eyes to mine, my glasses now on the table next to me, and she explained. “You are exceedingly attractive and apparently very confident and natural with it. I would suspect your looks and how you express it is just something that is part of your life. In fact, your very expression of your looks might be a part of who you now are. If it wasn’t always that way, you have become very comfortable in exuding your looks, even sexuality. Am I wrong?” After some reflection, I smiled and shook my head. It, of course, wasn’t always that way, but I could see how everything about my appearance now would reflect that.

I looked at her, seeing her eyes watching me. “It wasn’t always this way for me, either. But … yes, now I have been released to express myself.”

She laughed, “Well, you certainly do express yourself. You are like a human force of nature.” I cocked my head and furrowed my eyebrows reflecting my curiosity. “You might not even realize what you are doing … you probably don’t. I was watching down the walkway when you happened to be coming. Through the crowded mass of bodies there seemed to be a parting of them and there you were, a stunning, dark, tight body strutting directly toward me. Let me tell you, as a woman, lots of women try to perfect the sway at some point in their lives, but few get the sway that you had in spades. It was like Moses parting the Red Sea, like an icebreaker splitting a shelf of ice, both men and women watching you approach and go by. Heck, even your sandal heels slapping the floor as if teaching it a lesson.”

I was embarrassed by her observations. On the other hand, it also seemed to reinforce to me how much was trapped within me and now was released.

* * * * *

“Oh, my … you weren’t k**ding when you said you lived on a small ranch.”

We were standing in the yard at the house and barn after the long drive on the increasingly remote and dusty roads leading into the property. Albert was taking my bag into the house as we lingered behind.

“No, I wasn’t k**ding”, she replied with a hearty laugh. “We have ranch a****ls and some farm a****ls. Wait until you try the goat milk.” The look on my face must have said more than I wanted. She laughed, again. “Seriously, it is really good and low in fat.”

I looked around and spotted more small building and pens s**ttered around the yard. “So … you have goats. What else?”

She smiled at me and quickly connected the reason for my visit. “Yes, well … for your interest we have, besides the goats, some hogs. Then there are horses.” I looked aghast. “No, canlı kaçak iddaa not to fuck. I haven’t worked up the nerve for that, either. But, if you haven’t seen their erect cocks … handling them is fun even if just to jack them off.”

“She has managed a donkey a few times, though.” I turned to find Albert returning with three cold beers, handing one to each of us. He held his bottle out and we touched bottles. “Welcome to our little corner of the wild west, Laura.”

I looked around at the openness and the mountains. “This really has the impression of the west, for sure.” I looked at Samantha, “So … donkey?”

She laughed and poked Albert. “Yes, but we don’t have one. I had to visit a farmer’s place that seems even more remote than this.” I looked at her and shook my head, not quite fathoming that possibility.

Albert indicated for me to lead the way into the ranch-style house. Behind me, I couldn’t quite hear a short conversation between them. Albert held Samantha back a few steps, “What about Bear and Wolf?”

She smiled as her eyes took in my form in the tight outfit ahead of them, “Unless she has changed, they will very much be welcome to join us.”

I was settling into a spare bedroom when Samantha appeared at the open door. She had indicated that I should make myself comfortable and not worry about formalities around them … their house was mine during the visit. I had my case open and deciding what combination of shorts and tops to change into. I looked up just about the time I was wondering if I should close the door before changing, struggling to remember if she had said anything in our only meeting. She had changed into a simple, formless, sleeveless dress that hung to just above her knees. In her hand was another one.

She did a twirl in the door and laughed at herself. “Not very stylish, but I have found these to be very practical.” She stepped to me and handed me the other dress. “I tried naked when I first came here but found it difficult. Although there is certainly enough privacy, working around the a****ls, hay, feed and the brutal sun and dirt I found a light covering was best. These,” she touched the shapeless fabric around her, “breath well, provide good circulation, and are easy.” She looked intently into my eyes with the next words that told me all I needed about their lifestyle. “And, if Harley the dog or Albert decides they want me, it can be raised over my hips or slipped off easily.”

I took the other dress, looked at it in my hands and for a moment mused about what the others in the household might think about seeing me in such a dress and smiled. I looked at the open door, but she didn’t seem concerned so I pulled my clothes off and slipped into the dress, buttoning it partially up similar to the amount hers was buttoned, which was to say only about half the buttons. While I was naked and slipping my arms into the dress, Albert stopped in the doorway and smiled.

As she led me out into the house for a large glass of ice water, hydration I was told was critical, she asked, “Albert watching wasn’t a problem?”

I chuckled, “Nudity and exhibitionism are part of my life. I love being naked, even outside when it is possible. It’s the way you are, too?”

“Very much so. Normally, inside the house and casually outside, I am naked. I thought I would show you around and give you a chance to get acclimated.” I smiled.

The next day, she didn’t waste much time in getting into the reason for my visit. She had taken me around the yard to show me the goats, hogs, chickens, and horses, then we stood in the back and she swept her hand across the space in front of us to illustrate their property. She asked if I rode horses and I confided that I hadn’t much, but I was very interested in doing it. She had smiled and squeezed my hand, “We’ll do it naked, then. There is nothing like the feeling of being naked outside and far from your clothes.” I tingled just from the thought.

She stood in the yard in the general area of the pens, “So … how do you want to do this?”

I looked around, then back to her, “It’s that simple? Just do it?”

She chuckled, “I felt the same way. But, the first time with the goat I wasn’t given a choice. I was going through a phase of being very submissive.” She walked me over to the goat pen and we stood outside. “They are a****ls and they mate like dogs do. They will get onto your back, find your opening and fuck you. The penis is different, the action will be different, the feel and smell will be different.” She watched me watching the goats in the pen. “Intriguing, is it not? You think nothing of being mated by a dog and this seems somehow very different.” I nodded, my eyes staying on the a****ls. It did not escape me, though, that I could feel my body reacting at the thought of the a****l I was watching being on top of me. My body tingled and my juices began to prepare for the action.

She could see it on me, too. “Are you ready for your first farm a****l, Laura? I can see that you are. Your breathing has quickened; your eyes are not moving from the a****l; you cannot keep your body still, and your hands are stroking your thighs. Strip off the dress, Laura. Do this now.”

I thought I was ready to mate with the a****l before, but now … she had me very primed. At her mere suggestion, my fingers began working the buttons of the dress until it was gaping open. I shrugged the dress off my shoulders and let it drop to the ground.

I looked for Samantha and found her standing at the gate, holding it open for me. She too was naked. Whether she was going to be participating or not, I knew nudity was not an issue of concern for her. I watched as she shooed the other a****ls into the shed and shut the door on them, leaving one ram in the pen with us. She gave me a quick review of what to expect from the ram, including what his penis would look and feel like. Then, she stepped aside.

A moment of trepidation passed over me, but I resolved that I could only do what I knew and was comfortable doing. It was who I internet casino was and how I was in the mating. All my mating followed the same process, a process I learned from this woman, so I proceeded with that resolve to be true to myself … and her.

I knelt on the ground, petting the a****l around its head and flanks, gaining my own comfort with the a****l and allowing it to gain comfort with me. I knew this a****l had mated with Samantha so there was less concern with it knowing what to do, but more about my own comfort with what I was about to perform. I moved to stroking his underside and onto his belly, his head jerking to the side to look at what I was doing. But, he didn’t move away, attesting to his familiarity from Samantha. I lowered my head and reached underneath him. I licked the tip of his cock, sucked on it as it grew out with my coaxing.

It wasn’t long before I made the decision to take the final step, assuming that his now exposed cock was an indication of his readiness. I moved to my hands and knees, just the way I would need to be if this mounting would be like a dog’s. The a****l was slower in understanding, so I encouraged him, taking hold of the fur around his neck and pulling (encouraging) him up to my ass. He caught the scent from me, sniffed, and jumped onto my back soon after. I guided him inside my pussy and heard murmurs that had to be Samantha. When I took the moment necessary to look up, though, I also found Albert standing outside the pen at the fence.

I moaned at the initial penetration and sighed as he drove further into me. I didn’t find the goat to be as stimulating as the dogs, which were larger in size. The arousal I felt must have had as much to do with the demonstration, the exhibitionist scene of this mating, a scene where I was mating an a****l, a strange a****l to me, in front of these people I hardly knew. The impact of what I was wanting to do on this sojourn hit me fully as I felt this a****l on my back driving his thin, pointed cock into my body.

After the goat came inside me and I had a nice, if little, orgasm, the goat quickly and unceremoniously jumped off my back without a lick or thank you. I giggled at the thought, but the dogs are so much more attentive, especially my dogs.

As I stood up in the middle of the pen, I could feel the escaping cum leak onto the inside of my thighs and was sure it must glisten in the sunshine. I raised my face to the sun, my hands gliding up my body and threw my hair. I opened my eyes and turned to find Samantha and Albert watching and waiting, expectantly waiting for my reaction. I looked down at my body to find not only the glistening of goat cum on the insides of my thighs but dirt pressed into my knees and forearms. I brushed off my arms and smiled at my hostess and host.

“Wow … that was different.”

Samantha led me to the gate being held open by Albert, the only one now with clothes on. “What do you think?”

I looked at her, then at Albert. “I guess … not knowing anything except men and dogs, it felt weird. Okay, but weird. I had an orgasm … of sorts …”

She squeezed me at the shoulders. “But, now you know. I happen to agree with you. After trying various a****ls, I still prefer men and dogs for a good cum.” We laughed.

I noticed she was leading me to the next pen where I could see hogs milling around. She wasn’t wasting any time, apparently. I never indicated I was in a hurry to experience this, but she had her own agenda in play.

“Do you want to get him cleaned up and use the barn or really experience him by doing him in the pen?”

I looked at her as if it was only then that it was sinking into me. “Oh, god. This all sounds so nasty, but I want to do it in the pen.” First a goat and now a hog, one after the other. This was what Samantha had done as a challenge from Albert, only he included the horse, him and Harley, the dog. I was wondering now if that might be what her agenda was. She had told me the story of that day and I had thought of it as an assurance to calm my growing nerves. Now, I wondered if she had just been priming me for the test. I came to her to learn, she may be seeing what I was made of and what my capacity for this was. Maybe, though, she was testing me for me, for my own understanding of what I was and what my capacity was.

She and Albert moved the hogs back into the shed, all but one of the boars. I assisted as I could, but they were definitely more experienced at this. Once they were done, they surveyed the situation and tried to stifle laughing, because I had already slipped in a muddy section trying to encourage the hogs out. I had mud on one leg. I glanced down at myself and couldn’t help but join them in laughing. This was feeling nastier and nastier. I could still feel the cum of the goat on my pussy and thighs and I was preparing to do the same thing with this a****l. A hog. A really big hog, at least he seemed to be to me.

When she mentioned the a****ls they had for my consideration, the hog was the one a****l that made me feel the strangest, even thinking about it. Even a goat can be petted in petting zoos, etc. A pig? A hog? When does that happen? And, they just seem dirty … but, then again, now I was, too.

“Okay, there are some things to understand about this. A boar is definitely not a gentle mate. You may be a little sore from carrying a portion of his weight on your back during the mounting and mating. Once he gets going you might think his cock is attached to a mixing blender because of how quickly it goes in and out and all around inside you. He will try to enter your cervix; it’s just what they do with that long, thin, curvy cock. He’s very inaccurate and there is a lot of poking around. As soon as he feels the warmth of your pussy, he doesn’t waste any time … he just thrusts it all in. There will be deep penetration and the sense is that the twitching/twirling effect is a really strange, but erotic, feeling. The tip is very slender and made to slide into the cervix. Once he finds it and is able to güvenilir casino penetrate, the tip will fix itself and he’ll slow his fucking down. He’ll then begin to cum a lot. Initially, it is clear and thin but a thicker and milky semen comes next and there is a lot of it. Then a thick, jelly-like substance is pumped into you. Now, this is all happening inside your womb, if he makes it there. You will feel full, but it will not be too uncomfortable. The thick cum can stay in you for a number of hours to a day. So be ready for it to slowly leak out later without warning. Are you still game?”

“This is just so nasty. But, yes, I am.”

I went to my hands and knees and lowered myself until my chest was on the ground, too. This seemed like it would help to relieve some of the stress on my lower back once the a****l mounted. It was Albert who helped the pig onto my back and moved him forward over me. Then I felt a strange movement at my butt and realized that Samantha hadn’t been exaggerating in her description of the boar’s cock. It was wildly thrusting and was extremely inaccurate. After many attempts, it managed to get the tip into the warm, wet target it was wanting. Once in, he thrust violently and achieved a deep penetration. And, this was weird. The long, thin cock actually seemed to twirl.

“Oh, god, this is so wild! It feels like you put a small mixer inside me. I can feel it whirling around, hitting the sides of my pussy. This is so wild. OOOOOHHHHH, GODDDD!!!! He’s hitting my cervix, already!”

This went on for a while and I was quickly approaching an orgasm, although mild. Then I felt it.

“Samantha … Saman … Ohhhhhh. Oh, my god! Heeeeee’s ggggooooooinnggggg inside my cervix!!!! OOOHHH my goooodddddddd. Oh, he’s inside me.” This is so nasty. My chest is in the dirt, one side of me is covered in mud, and I have a pig in my pussy. No, in my womb. “OOOOOOHHHHH. He’s cummmminnngggg. So, am IIIIIIIIIIIII! Yes, OOOOOHHHHH GGGOOOODDDD. YEEESSSSSSSS.”

She watched and stroked my hip and thigh, telling me how wonderfully I was doing and reminding me that after the initial cumming, the jelly would follow and to expect the feeling of fullness since he was inside her womb.

“Yes, I feel it. Yes, I do, I feel the difference. Wow!”

When the pig pulled out of my cervix, it felt so weird. When the boar pulled completely out and got off, I just collapsed onto my front into the dirt of the pen. I just lay there leaking some of the cum the boar had left inside. I rolled over to my back and looked up at Samantha and Albert, sharing a smile as they smiled their pleasure. “That was wild. The weirdest feeling I have ever had with something in my pussy. Don’t know that I want to do it frequently … but it was wild.”

We were still standing in the hog pen and Samantha gave me a nasty smile telling me she had still more in store for me.

“Since you are already a mess, how about one more.” I cocked my head inquiring what that might be as I looked around for another pen. She shook her head and pointed to the barn. “One of the horses. I’ll even join you.”

I smiled as she took my arm into hers. Albert jogged ahead of us into the barn. By the time we caught up with him, he was finishing up tethering the hind legs of the horse in a stall. I stood next to Samantha as we watched him complete the task, then move further into the stall to the horse’s head where he stood stroking the a****l.

Samantha indicated for me to go on the left side of the a****l as she moved to the right side. I heard her, “You are going to be amazed by this.”

I peeked under the horse’s belly for the location of the voice and found her on her knees. I joined her underneath, then moved further under as she did. Her hands were sliding along the sheath of the b**st so I moved mine to do the same thing. In moments, the cock began to show and I was shocked with it dropped fully and quickly. She chuckled as she was watching for my reaction and it must not have disappointed her. I had never seen anything like that. Even limp the cock seemed gigantic compared to anything I had experience with.

I had trouble pulling my eyes from the b**stly organ, but I did in order to see what Samantha was doing. Her face and eyes were on me, watching my face as I took in the cock with my eyes. I looked at her with eyes that seemed to be bulging, “My god!” She laughed.

She instructed me on the precautions of handling the cock, similar to the sensitivity issues of other cocks protected within a sheath. And following those precautions, I found myself with her massaging and stroking that massive cock into hard firmness, both of us easily fitting our hands over it, alternating with our mouths and lips over the mushroom shaped head.

My hand continued further until I was able to cup his balls in my hand, marveling at the size of them. Of course, my mind couldn’t stop wondering what his climax might be like from such a sexual weapon.

In due time, I found out. Samantha easily maneuvered me into position directly in from of the massive cock. I was so fixated on the organ in my hands that I failed to recognize her moving me in position and herself just to the side. With my hands on the cock, I felt it firm harder, then pulse. My mind only connected what my hands were telling it in time for me to see the first spray of cum shooting from the end. In my mind, it was like a slow-motion filming. The cum initially visible spraying from the end before the spray of cum splashed into my naked body. My reaction was so startled, I jerked the cock up, which directed the second spray of cum into my face.

I heard Samantha laugh when the second hit me in the face and knew instantly that she knew that might happen. My mind, though, had kicked into gear and hoping for yet another spurt of cum, I directed the cock to the side, hitting her with it.

As we exited the barn, I asked her if she had ever considered taking a horse vaginally. She said not. The donkey, which is considerably smaller was still big enough to easily bottom out inside her. And, even the donkey felt like having a large dog’s knot full-length inside her pussy.

Remembering Max and Axel and the size of their knots. That idea was stimulating.

* * CHAPTER 15: THE BEAR & WOLF JOIN IN will follow * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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