Wife Cuckold’s Me

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Wife Cuckold’s Me
My name is Marc.

My story began, believe it or not, as I was surfing the internet for porn one day. My wife was out and I had finished work early, so I figured there was no harm in relieving myself before she got home. She was on her period, so no chance of me getting sex that night anyway.

I was just browsing really, for nothing in particular. Just clicking on any videos that looked good and checking them out. A few videos had looked appealing so I kept a few windows open, letting them buffer as I kept browsing.

Then I heard the key in the lock. Shit, my wife was home early! I quickly closed down the porn windows and opened up a news website, to pretend I had been innocently catching up on the day’s events. The door opened and Emily, my wife, walked in, carrying some grocery bags.

My wife is 5’2 with cropped brown hair and a cute, friendly face. 29 years old, she has a fine little athletic body, flat stomach, slender arms and legs and pert size C breasts. She was currently struggling through the door.

“Can you help me, love?” She said, sounding a little out of breath.

I was about to stand up before I realized I still had a boner and pretended to be doing something terribly important online. “Sure, let me just…” I concentrated my mind on sailing. There’s nothing sexy about sailing.

“Please?” She pleaded.

I was probably flaccid enough by then to get away with standing so I closed up my laptop and stood to help her in with the bags. I helped her put everything away and we watched some TV before I went out for a run.

That night, in bed, I realized what I had done wrong.

“Honey?” Emily said nervously. “I really need to ask you something.”

“Sure, anything,” I replied, a little worried by her tone.

“Do you have any fetishes?”

I was taken aback. It was such a strange question, out the blue like that. She’d never asked that before. She was far too prim and proper to initiate conversations like that. “Fetishes?” I replied. “I don’t know. I don’t think so. Why?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t?” I asked, confused. “Then why did you ask?”

“You’ll just get embarrassed.”

“Probably, but I’d rather know anyway,” I said.

“I accidentally picked up your laptop instead of mine earlier, when you were out running. There was a video on there.”

Oh shit! I must have left one or two of the porn windows open in my haste. I was watching some pretty weird stuff, I hoped it was one of the more innocent videos. I hoped she wasn’t angry that I was watching porn. “Oh honey, I’m sorry. I don’t usually do that, you’re on your period, I was just getting frustrated. Don’t be upset.”

“I’m not upset,” she answered. “I just didn’t realize that sort of thing turned you on.”

“What sort of thing?” Oh God, maybe it was the bukkake video! Or the gloryhole one! Oh no, I bet it was that awful video of the twins! My wife is a twin, that would really upset her. It would kill her to know I fantasized about her sister.

“You know…” she said tentatively.

“I’m sorry honey, it’s just a fantasy, I’m not that into it really, I was just curious…”

“So it is a fetish then?”

“I guess, a bit. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily want it in real life.”

“I actually had to look it up because I didn’t even know what it meant,” she said.

“Look what up?” I asked, suddenly confused again.


I was flummoxed. Cuckolding? Had I been watching a cuckold video? I cast my mind back, trying to remember. Yes, that was right. The thumbnail had been of a hot blonde so I clicked it. I’d let it buffer and then I don’t think I even got around to watching it. The title had said something about a cuckold but that hadn’t been why I had clicked it.

“You look scared,” Emily said, touching my hand. “It’s OK, I know you guys are weird. I know how tough it is for you when I’m on my period. I don’t mind you watching porn, I was just surprised that you were into that sort of thing.”

My mind did a flip and I suddenly felt relieved that she hadn’t figured out I was kind of hot for her twin sister. I suppose a cuckold fetish was better than a twin fetish. I could live with that. She didn’t seem upset at all, so I figured I was off the hook.

“Well we can’t help what turns us on can we?” I said innocently.

“I know. I’m sorry I brought it up. I love you. Goodnight.”

“I love you too.”

The next morning, after my wife had gone to work, I opened up the laptop to scan the headlines, see what was going on in the world. Bombs in the Middle East, bus crash in New Jersey, scientists theorize new type of particle, all the usual. Then I noticed something. An extra window was minimized. I opened it up and there it was: ‘Cuckold watches wife destroyed by neighbor’. I was surprised that Emily hadn’t closed it down after finding it but it didn’t really matter, I would just close it down now. But my finger hesitated over the ‘close’ button. I never actually watched this video. I figured I may as well indulge my new supposed fetish, I still had a while before I had to leave for work.

I pressed ‘play’ and started watching. The blonde girl really was hot, I had been right to open the thumbnail the day before. Great body, greats tits, and a real dirty talker too. Her husband was just sat there, watching on a chair next to the bed as this big, muscly guy told him how much he wanted to fuck his wife. He did nothing to stop him as he undressed her and had the blonde suck him off.

I didn’t even realize but my hand had gone to my cock and I was slowly jerking myself off. Well, the blonde girl was hot, and I was only human. She kept glancing at her husband as she sucked off this big guy, teasing him. Then he laid her out and licked out her pussy, making her moan and squeal with delight. The guy tells the blonde to get on her hands and knees. She does what he says. He looks to the husband and says “you going to stop me?” The husband just nonchalantly shakes his head. He pounds her right in front of her poor husband, grabbing her ass cheeks, pulling her hair, kissing her back. He pulls out and tells her to flip over. She seems all too eager to obey his every command. “Jealous?” she asks her husband. He just nods, his face expressionless. The guy climbs on top and pounds her pussy, making her eyes roll back in their sockets, her toes curled in excitement. The man begins to moan. He’s close to cumming. He pulls his cock out and he jerks it violently with his hand. A few seconds and then there it is. The semen spurts all over her chest, trickling down her nipples, over her curves and into her navel. He tugs every last drop from it as the blonde laughs at her husband, who still sits silently, watching as if detached. Then the movie ends.

I felt the surge coming. I didn’t even have time to get anything to catch the spill. I moaned as I ejaculated in my underwear, unable to control myself. My mind slowly came back to planet Earth and I felt suddenly ashamed, sat in my semen-soaked underpants. I looked at the time. I still had a while before work. That blonde girl was hot, so I looked up her name and searched more movies with her in. I watched a few, expecting more hot movies but the ones I found were a little disappointing. I didn’t have time for this. I closed down the windows carefully this time, cleaned up, changed and went to work.

The next chance I got alone I opened up the laptop and searched again for this blonde girl. I opened some videos, tried to get excited but nothing really did it for me. I hadn’t been mistaken, she was hot, but something was missing. I searched ‘cuckold’ and browsed through the thumbnails, seeing if anything caught my eye. Suddenly everything just sounded appealing. ‘Husband watches wife taken by stud’, ‘wife screams with new man’, ‘husband films cuckold wife’, ‘wife fucks in front of hubby’. I don’t know why, but I didn’t even care what the thumbnail looked like, just the idea of this was turning me on now.

Some of the videos were making me uncontrollably horny and I found myself unable to decide which illegal bahis siteleri one turned me on the most. I downloaded some of the videos to my computer for another time before jerking myself off again.

I found myself watching nothing but cuckold porn every time my wife left the house. It was becoming a real problem. I just couldn’t get enough of it. What was wrong with me? Why was this turning me on so much? It had never appealed to me before.

The next time my wife left me alone she told me she was going to come back with a treat for me. I thought nothing of it at first but as I opened up one of my favorite cuckold movies I started to imagine that Emily had brought back this man herself, as my treat. He was bulky and brash, treating the woman as an object. I imagined Emily there on that bed, the man on top of her, me sat in the chair beside, watching them fuck. The fantasy was making my cock painfully stiff, as if it just couldn’t express enough how much this was turning it on. The thought of watching Emily with another man had never appealed to me before, and up until now I had never let my mind wander there during masturbation. It had seemed too extreme, too close to home. But now it felt exciting. It was exhilarating to feel something forbidden, something dangerous. I blew my load in uncontrollable ecstasy, imagining that man cumming all over my wife’s breasts and stomach.

The trapdoor had been opened, and from then on every time I masturbated my mind turned to the thought of Emily with another man. It was so bad that even during sex I would sometimes close my eyes and imagine that I was watching the scene instead. I loved sex with Emily, I always had, it had never been a big problem. Sure, she wasn’t as adventurous as I would have liked but that’s nitpicking. We had talked about it many times, that she needed to try things, different positions, experimenting during foreplay. She usually made a token effort for a day or two and then it would revert back to missionary with minimal foreplay. Was it really so bad that I thought these cuckold thoughts during sex if it made it more exciting for me?

“We really need to talk,” Emily said to me in bed. She sounded serious this time.

“What about?” I asked, worried.


“You want to talk about sex? What about it?”

“We’ve been getting into a bit too much of a routine lately,” she said.

“Have we? Yeah, I suppose we have.”

“Usually you say something. Usually you tell me how you want to spice it up in the bedroom, how you want to experiment or mix things up.”

“I know, but you never seem to enjoy that. We always revert back to the routine. I figured that was what you wanted.” I said.

“No, it isn’t what I want. I want you to be happy. I know sometimes I get you into this routine and I wish I didn’t, I want you to be excited in the bedroom.”

“OK. Well we can mix things up next time, how about that?” I said, smiling.

“I’m worried you’re losing interest in me,” she said, downcast.

“Of course not,” I replied. “I love you, and you’re sexy as hell. Trust me, I will never lose interest in you.”


“What, honey?”

“I found a lot of porn on your computer.”

“What were you doing on my computer?” I asked in anger.

“I was worried you might be having an affair or something, you just seemed to have lost interest in me and sex had just been so routine lately, I got scared.”

“I’m not going to have an affair Emily. I’m not a douchebag.”

“I know you’re not. I’m sorry. But all that porn Marc, it’s all cuckold stuff.”

“So what?” I said defensively. “You can’t help what turns you on, and that’s just my vice. I’m sorry.”

“I know Marc, you don’t have to be sorry for having a fetish. But I’m worried that you want to make it a reality.”

“It’s just a fantasy honey, it doesn’t mean anything,” I said, getting increasingly frustrated.

“I just feel inadequate if I can’t make you happy in bed.”

“You do make me happy in bed Emily,” I said as I held her hand and kissed her forehead.

“Good, because you know I can’t do that for you, right?” She said smiling. “To me that’s cheating, and I can’t do that. I don’t want anybody except you.”

“I know honey. We’ll experiment, and change things up and get back to having fantastic sex,” I said. With that we kissed passionately and had sex that was good to our word.

But our passion did not last long. Within a week we were back to our routine and I just figured that was how it would be from now on. We were married, that’s how marriage works. You marry and then the sex goes off the boil. But we loved each other and that was what mattered. It wasn’t that the sex was bad, we were just in a rut.

We went a few weeks, neither bringing up the issue until one evening I came home from work. I turned the key in the lock and opened the door to see my wife standing before me, dressed in a stunning little black dress. I had never seen the dress before, it must have been new. I wondered why she was all dressed up.

“Welcome home Marc, my love,” she said, beaming. She walked over to me and kissed me deeply.

Was she wearing heels? Yes, she was. She had a cute haircut too. And she had applied make-up. Her lips were a lush pink, her eye shadow an exotic bronze. And she’d done her nails too; pink fingernails and toes. She looked amazing, like a new woman. She looked so sexy. Just looking at her was making me hard.

“Hi honey,” I said, still a little shocked. “You look incredible.”

“Thank you,” she replied coyly. “I wanted to look sexy for you tonight.”

“Well you do Emily. You look so sexy, I just want to get you into bed right now.”

“Uh-uh, not so fast with those hands mister,” she said, grabbing my wrists. “I have a special surprise for you.”

“A surprise?” I replied nervously. “Am I supposed to get dressed up too?”

“No. What you wear isn’t important. Let’s have some wine!” She walked sexily over to the table and poured a couple of glasses of wine. “Good isn’t it?” She asked as I sipped at mine. It really was good wine. She never usually bought good wine, she usually bought whatever was cheap. I could tell this was expensive stuff.

“Are we expecting someone?” I asked, spying a third glass sitting empty on the table.

“Oh dear, looks like I’ve been rumbled,” she said, knocking back her wine and pouring another glass. “Yes, I am expecting someone.”

“Who?” I asked, genuinely perplexed. She smiled and drank more of her wine. “Who is it?” I pleaded.

“Kyle,” she answered reluctantly.

I looked back at her skeptically. “Who on Earth is Kyle?”

“Don’t you remember me talking about Kyle from work?”

“Not really, no.”

“Yes you do Marc. Think about it.”

I did think about it and I realized who she was talking about. “Kyle? I thought you hated Kyle.”

“I don’t hate him, I just think he’s annoying.” She finished her glass and poured herself another, filling mine to the brim.

“Why would you invite someone over you think is annoying?” I asked.

“Let me give you some clues. What does he do that is so annoying?”

I thought back to what she had said when moaning about him. “He always talks about the gym, and about how tired various parts of his body are after working out.”

“Right,” she replied. “As if anybody cares, right? What else?”

“That he hitting on the ladies at work and the rumor at work is he’s got a huge cock.”

“Then why the hell would you invite him over to our…” I stopped talking because my throat had turned to cotton. I gulped at the wine to ease the dryness in my mouth, swilled it around and swallowed. I had a terrible realization and I could tell from her expression that I was right. Yet I refused to admit it to myself until she confirmed it. “Why is Kyle coming over?”

“I think you know why,” she replied, eyeing me sexily.

“Yes, but tell me anyway,” I demanded.

“OK Marc. She sauntered over, the curves of her body accentuated by the dress and the heels. She brought her lips to my ear. “Because we’re going to make your fantasy real.”

She looked irresistible and yet I suddenly felt tipobet güvenilir mi powerless to touch her. With those words I felt I had lost her permission to touch her anymore. It was like those words expressed that she was no longer mine tonight. She was Kyle’s. I had no words to say. I just stared, dumbstruck, into her deep brown eyes. Yet in my dismay I felt the inevitable pressure in my underpants. My cock was hard and I had no control over what it wanted tonight.

The knock came on the door and I wanted to run away but stood rooted to the floor, helplessly grasping my empty glass as if I were a lost c***d with a teddy bear. Emily smiled at me, and raised her eyebrows excitedly. She filled my glass, placed the bottle back on the table and opened the door. In the doorway was a face I had only ever seen in a few pictures. He greeted Emily with a brief hug and then walked through into the living room and reached out his hand to me confidently.

“Kyle. Nice to meet you Marc.”

I almost failed to manage any words, but as our hands released I finally spoke. “Nice to meet you.”

“Wine?” Emily asked as she locked the door. The sound of the lock sent a shiver down my spine. It felt like we were purposefully trapping a poltergeist in the house.

“Got any beer?” Kyle asked. “I confess I’ve already had a few.” She turned to face me. “Not really the sort of thing you do sober is it?” He laughed. My face remained totally placid.

Kyle was a good looking man, there was no doubt about that. He had short blond hair and a muscular physique, with a young, slightly mischievous look to his face. He looked to be constantly smirking. At a guess I would say he was maybe 21.

My wife found some beer in the fridge and handed it to Kyle. “Thanks Em. I have to say you are looking hot tonight.”

“Oh, thank you,” she replied, clearly struggling to know how to react to such a brazen compliment.

He gulped at his beer and wiped an arm across his lips. “So not wanting to sound weird here but what’s the plan?”

“Well, it’s like we discussed earlier,” Emily replied, starting to look nervous.

“Right, but we should get the details straight first. I don’t want to make hubby mad and get stabbed or shot, I just want to have fun tonight.”

“Well Marc, what would you like to happen?” My wife asked me as if it was just a normal question wives ask their husbands every day. I had no idea what to say. I stood silent, feeling ridiculous. “Well would you like it to be like that video you like? The one with the blonde girl?”

“What happens in the video,” Kyle asked, gulping his beer.

“Well,” my wife started, nervously. “I think it stars with a handjob or a blowjob or something. Then the man pleasures the woman for a while. Then I think it was doggy, finishing on missionary. Is that right Marc?”

I just nodded like an idiot. That sounded about right but it didn’t sound good coming from my wife of 7 years.

“Do I need a condom?” Kyle asked, utterly unperturbed by the situation.

“That’s up to you Marc. I think in the video he pulls out and finishes on her breasts,” Emily said.

“Fine with me,” Kyle replied. They both looked to me and I nodded. I was very unsure about this.

We finished our drinks and moved into the bedroom. My wife looked more and more desirable by the second. I had half a mind to tell Kyle to go home and leave us to it, but I had an extraordinary longing to watch this event unfold. My wife was being so brave. I knew this was tough for her. This was my fantasy, not hers. But she got sex out of the deal, and no matter what any woman says, they want multiple partners just as much as men.

Emily had even set a chair beside the bed for me, to watch everything unfold, just like in that video. She was thoughtful even when she was fucking another man. God I loved this woman so much. I sat down and Kyle removed his shirt and pants to reveal the body he had clearly worked so hard on. My wife gave me a nervous smile and removed her heels, dropping in height significantly. She looked tiny compared to the man behind her. She reached her hands around to her back and seductively unzipped her dress. It clung to her breasts for a moment before it dropped to the floor. Kyle gave an impressed whistle as he gazed upon her body, now only covered by a tiny thong and a silk bra.

Kyle could keep his hands off my wife no longer and he walked over and kissed her neck, reaching around and unclipping her bra. It fell to the ground and he grasped my wife’s breasts and pushed them together, burying his face in them, licking the nipples. I saw his dick start to rise in his boxer shorts as he licked Emily’s nipples, exploring her back, stomach and buttocks with his hands.

This was already driving me crazy with jealousy but the worse it felt, the more turned on I got. The pressure became too great and as I kept my eyes on the action I unzipped my pants and reached inside my boxers, wrapping my fingers around my cock.

Kyle pulled his lips away from Emily’s breasts and slid his shorts down to his ankles, stepping out of them. The man was hung, and he knew it. He encouraged Emily down to the ground and he lowered herself to her knees. Kyle placed his hands on his hips and waited for my wife to take charge. She glanced nervously at me and I nodded approval to her. I was enjoying this. It was torture, but it was pleasure. The only thing I can think of likening it to is the feeling of getting a tattoo, but with the mixture of emotions just revved up a thousand times.

She reached her hands up to his cock and she gently cradled it for a moment, feeling its weight and its girth. She gradually ran her fingers up the length of his shaft with one hand and with the other lightly massaged his balls. The touch seemed to send a wave of pleasure through his body and he almost fell backwards, before composing himself again.

She ran her fingers up and down a little quicker, with a firmer grip. She pulled and pinched a little, she ran her nails along his shaft. Her other hand left his balls and she ran it up and down his thigh, gently caressing it before stroking her fingers over his buttocks and up to his back, his stomach and his chest. She brought her hand back down to his cock and began jerking him harder with both, looking up at his face, looking for signs of intense pleasure from her new lover. He had been gazing up at the ceiling with bliss but now he brought his eyes down to meet hers, watching her tease, caress and stroke his cock.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before she shifted her position a little, getting closer. She teased his cock towards her mouth, gazing at it as if it were a painting. She pressed her lips together and gave the tip of his penis a light kiss. She looked back up at him and smiled. She pursed her lips again and began to kiss up the length of his shaft and back down. Then she licked gently up and down, fondling his balls with her fingertips.

He moaned, as if impatient for more, but both he and I really loved this teasing. She finally brought her mouth to the tip of his penis and slowly engulfed it within her mouth, sliding the full length, kissing the tip every time on the way out. She increased her pace, easing her luscious pink lips around his cock, applying pressure in all the places that drove him crazy. She brought her hands up to his buttocks and squeezed them as she sucked him, back and forth, back and forth.

I could hear Kyle groaning. He was beginning to lose himself in this amazing blowjob and my wife seemed to recognize the signs. She pulled her mouth away from him, making him glance down at her. She smiled, running her nails over the head of his penis. “My turn,” she whispered.

She stood and walked over to me. She kissed me on the lips quickly before lying down on the bed, spreading her legs for Kyle who was eagerly clambering between them. She turned her head and gazed into my eyes as Kyle began to tease her clitoris with his tongue. She looked relaxed and in perabet control. I was proud of her. How many wives would do this for their husbands?

She tried to hold my gaze but her eyes fluttered and closed. They locked back on mine again before closing once more. She turned her head away and looked down at the man between her thighs, flicking his tongue against the most tender part of her body. He concentrated intensely, keeping his tongue on her as she spasmed uncontrollably on the bed.

Her breaths became shorter as he slid his tongue gently within her pussy, licking inside her, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper inside her. She let out a small cry of pleasure before clasping her hands over her mouth, turning to face me as if embarrassed all of a sudden. We were well beyond the point of embarrassment, I thought, still jerking my cock with intense excitement, watching my fantasy fleshed out before me.

Emily kept one hand over her mouth but placed the other on Kyle’s head as he continued to lick inside her pussy. I thought at first she was pushing him away but then she began to run her fingers through his hair, pulling it at the back, as if forcing him deeper. It was all becoming too much for her. She looked back to me, as if asking for permission to orgasm. I nodded as I jerked harder. She immediately closed her eyes, her body trembling. The hand over the mouth did no good, she emitted a groan of pleasure through the fingers before sliding them down to her breasts and lightly touched her nipples, still groaning as Kyle pleasured her.

Suddenly he pulled away and she shot him a look of desperation, begging him to continue, but he licked his lips, then brushed his mouth with his hand. “On your hands and knees,” he said through quick breaths. She nodded and turned herself over, before placing herself as instructed. She glanced at me again, as he touched his hand to his cock, starting to guide it into her pussy. This is it, I thought. I smiled back at Emily as she watched me touch myself.

Kyle eased his head gently into Emily’s now fully lubricated pussy, slipping it in swiftly, causing her to stir in discomfort. He grabbed her hips firmly and pulled his cock out before pushing it decisively back inside as far as he could penetrate. Emily gasped with both pain and pleasure before he eased it back out, then drove back into her. At first I thought he was being too forceful but then I watched my wife’s face every time he pulled out of her. She seemed to raise her eyebrows, as if awaiting his next entry. Then it came and her face relaxed.

It was so sexy to see her enjoying this. For so long I had imagined this scene and now, happening right before me it was better than I could ever have hoped for. I was so desperate to cum but I wanted to wait, to hold on until they were done. I didn’t want that inevitable feeling of guilt, or awkwardness, to arrive any sooner than needed. I wanted to witness every second of this and enjoy it.

Kyle pounded my wife from behind, his hips straining to get deeper every time, Emily’s body rebounding every time he penetrated her. Finally he eased the pace and stretched her hands over her back and around to her breasts, fondling them as he drove in and out of her pussy. My wife bent her arms in response and collapsed flatter on the bed, only her ass in the air, still being pounded by her lover. Their bodies seemed to become one as he collapsed on top of her, his hip movements slowing. He began to whisper something in her ear but I couldn’t hear what, and I didn’t care. I was getting close now and it looked like he was too.

Perhaps he had whispered an instruction because soon after he pulled his penis from her and waited as she turned onto her back. She spread her legs for him to enter her missionary style. He caressed her thighs before lowering himself down on top, easing his cock towards her pussy once more.

He penetrated her and she groaned with pleasure again, lost in the moment now. He picked up pace quickly and pounded her, his trunk like arms supporting his weight over her. She gazed up at him, running her eyes over his body. She reached out her fingers and held them flat against his chest, feeling the chiseled figure. She ran her fingers over his arms, across his back and to his buttocks. She couldn’t resist worshipping his physique. She couldn’t hide her desire for him.

His pace slowed a little as she gently teased at his body with her fingertips. She ran her nails over his chest to his stomach which seemed to drive him wild with pleasure. He was close now and she could feel it, she seemed to be urging him closer with her incessant teasing. He groaned and his arms seemed to give way beneath him as he reached a hand beneath my wife’s neck and held his body close to hers.

He pounded her pussy as she ran her nails over his buttocks and gripped him tight, as if forcing his cock deeper inside her. He groaned again.

“No, keep going,” I heard my wife whisper in his ear. She must have been feeling another orgasm approaching, she didn’t want him to cum yet. I was so close too, I felt his pain.

“I can’t” he whispered back.

“Please Kyle,” she whispered.

He increased his force, driving Emily wild with excitement again. She cried out in ecstasy, running her fingers all over his body, wrapping her legs around his, pulling him closer, tighter to her.

“I’m gonna cum,” he whispered.

“No,” she replied.

“I have to pull out.”

“Not yet.”

“I have to,” he said, straining his voice.

He tried to pull out of her but she couldn’t help herself, she held his legs tightly with her own and when he tried to pull his body away from hers she pulled him in for a gentle kiss.

“Not yet,” she whispered again. “Don’t stop.”

He breathed deeply, and seemed to think for a moment before placing his lips back on my wife’s and kissing her back.

“Don’t stop, fucking me” she whispered again.

They gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment as he pounded her, still staving off his orgasm before they both instinctively put their lips together again, kissing uncontrollably, with incredible passion. Their bodies were one again as they embraced tightly, their lips locked , only releasing to show flashes of tongues battling within. He groaned loudly through the kiss and his body jerked, Emily doing her best to hold the huge man tightly against her own tiny figure.

His orgasm seemed to last forever. He moaned loudly with every spurt of semen that entered my wife’s pussy, still trying to retain the kiss as he did so. Emily gasped every time she breathed, as if she was dreaming. Still his hips kept driving his cock within her pussy, still the orgasm continued, until finally his body stopped, the kiss ended, and they embraced each other on the bed.

I was covered in my own semen. The passion of their lovemaking had driven me over the edge, I had lost my mind with pleasure. The sight of my wife being fucked by another man, in such a passionate way, it was all too much. It took a moment for me to realize that this was never the plan. He was not supposed to cum inside my wife. Already I felt the first pinch of regret.

On the bed the lovers were whispering something to each other. Finally Kyle looked like he was beginning to ease his huge cock out of Emily, making her moan wildly as he did so. As Emily grabbed his hips and wrapped her legs around him “Your not done fucking me yet” as she ground her pussy against him. He just looked over at me and smiled as he started to pound her pussy again. He was working his cock grinding his against her clit and than deep stroking her and she was having multiple orgasms until he came again.

He took some deep breaths before clambering to his feet, almost falling over as his legs were so shaky. My wife just lay there, staring at the ceiling.

None of us said a word. Kyle began pulling his clothes back on. I sat in the chair. My wife lay still, eyes now closed.

“I’ll let myself out,” Kyle said as he pulled on his shirt and left the room. I heard the door swing closed and I felt relieved he had gone.

I showered silently with Emily, washing each other, drying each other after. Then we made love passionately. Her body was tired, and I felt emotionally drained, but we both knew that was not the last night.

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