Three Israeli lady soldiers

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Three Israeli lady soldiers
During my last year of Senior School, a friend of mine who lived in Israel invited me to spend some vacation days at his home in Haifa.
So I packed few clothes and I landed there to find my friend waiting for me.

We enjoyed the first days visiting historical sites and the city itself. One of those afternoons, I was on my own having a coffee at a bar, when I was approached by three nice young girls.
They were wearing colored summer dresses, but the three of them were carrying a semiautomatic rifle hanging from their shoulders. I knew they were in the militia, doing some military exercises during at least six months.
One of them smiled at me, asking something in Hebrew. I answered in English and they all three smiled back. They sat with me to share another coffee round. The beauty green eyes girl was called Calanit; the redhead was Abigail and the younger was Gal.

They were in their early twenties, just like me.
We chat for a while, until suddenly Calanit said they were very horny…
“We are looking for a real man who could satisfy our growing arousal…”
I smiled and said that it was not fair; I had only my dick for three pussies…
Then Abigail showed me her nice smile, saying I would enjoy their company.

They finally convinced me and there we go to their flat around the corner.
As soon as we got there in a comfortable bedroom, the three girls stripped off in just two seconds. They whispered in admiration when they saw my hard cock standing kaçak bahis at attention. They made me lay on my back onto a huge king size bed with silky black sheets.

Abigail leaned on my cock and she engulfed the head with her wet mouth.
I felt I was in Heaven, feeling a soft mouth swallowing my entire dick. Then younger Gal straddled my face and I felt her soft pussy lips over my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and started licking her cunt, as I heard her moaning.
As soon as my cock was close to burst, Calanit got on all fours close to me.

Abigail let slip my hard dick from her soft mouth and she smiled at me:
“You are ready to enjoy Calanit from behind, just as she likes it…” She said.
Gal dismounted from my face and she climbed off from the bed. I saw her fixing a leather belt around her tiny waist, provided with a huge strap on.

I looked at her thinking she was going to fuck my ass with this monster cock; but she smiled and said that only Abigail’s cunt was able to stand it.

Abigail also laughed and she came behind me, pushing her soft skin against my back. She embraced me and pinched my hardened nipples between her fingers. Then she grabbed my hard cock and guided the head between Calanit’s spread wet pussy lips. I moaned as I entered this sexy girl from behind. She moaned also in pleasure and soon she started moving backwards against my hard dick.

As I pumped Calanit’s warm cunt, I looked at my side, on a wall mirror.
Young Gal was now behind Abigail and she perabet giriş was now pushing the head of that monster silicon thing deep inside her girlfriend’ pussy.
Abigail moaned loud on my ear, crying this thing was really huge.

Soon the four of us found a steady rhythm. I was pumping Calanit’s cunt so hard; Abigail was pushing me against her girlfriend, as she herself was being fucked with no mercy with a huge toy from behind.

The first to come was Abigail. She cried loud in my ear and I felt her body shiver as she came on that sex toy buried in her nice cunt. Gal laughed and she slipped off from that nice stretched vagina.

The second one was Calanit. I felt her pushing backwards even harder, until finally she screamed like crazy and flooded my cock with her warm juices.
Then she fell forward onto the black silky bed sheets.

I was still rock hard, my dick now pointing out to the ceiling; but then young Gal came to my rescue. She leaned on me and engulfed my entire cock in her soft mouth. As Gal sucked me so good, I saw Abigail now fixing a smaller silicon toy around her waist. She looked at me with an evil grin.
“Do not worry, Vic… I promise it will not hurt deep in your tight asshole…”

Then I felt my cock twitch and I came inside Gal’s throat. The young babe just smiled at me and she swallowed my warm cum until last drop.
Abigail pushed me on my back and she positioned between my spread thighs. Then she moved forward and I felt the tip of the perabet güvenilir mi toy touching my very tight rosebud. I tried to protest; but the three girls ordered me to relax and enjoy. Then I felt it. I looked down at Abigail, as she pushed forward, invading my tight anus with her soft toy.

I opened my mouth to cry; but then Gal’s cunt covered my lips and I started to lick her wet warm cunt.
As Abigail pumped me, she grabbed my hard cock and started to jerk me off

Soon Gal came on my mouth. She dismounted and kissed my lips filled with her juices. She gave me a deep kiss and soon her lips were replaced by Calanit’s cunt. She made me suck my own cum from her sweet vagina.
Abigail kept pumping my asshole in a steady pace and I moaned with pleasure. His hand on my cock was soon replaced by Gal’s soft mouth.
She made me cum very soon; this girl was an incredible cock sucker…

Seconds later my tongue made Calanit cum on my mouth. And then Abigail slipped off from my stretched asshole, saying she was now very satisfied.
During the rest of the afternoon we continued changing positions on that king size bed. When the sun went down, I just passed out for a while.

When I opened my eyes again, I heard the three girls laughing in the bathroom, as they shared a warm shower. My cock was really sore after the effort of fucking those horny cunts and my asshole was on fire, since all three babes had fucked me in turns with their silicon toys.

As they came out of the bathroom, I could see their wonderful naked bodies.
My cock really was aching; but still it wanted to continue and then it started to rise again, just in front of those sexy girls.

The three lady soldiers smiled, as they approached to the king size bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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