Sexual Extortion 1: Victoria

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Sexual Extortion 1: Victoria
Knock on the door, i hop over and open it immedatly.
“Hi, Victoria, thank you for coming” I say as i lead this beautiful white about 5’7 with these black high heels she has on 5’9 slender goddess. She has silky black hair just pass her shoulder length, with baby blue eyes. She reminds me of a young Angelica Huston in that Fiction moive. She is a bit mysterious but at the same time there is something very familiar about her. I been wanting to fuck her for months now ever since she started at my firm.
“Lee, thank you for entrusting me with the firm and business, is my pleasure” she saids as she walks pass me and goes over to the center of my room. My room is a black on white chic style room. I am not the interior design type at all. A simple black leather couch on the center with a black leather recliner on the left a long black coffee table in the center on top of a black rug in the center of the room covering my jade tiles protecting if from the couch n a recliner. I must confess i love my green tile. It’s what sucked me into buying this place to be honest.
I’m Lee Rod ( just go with it) im executive ceo of my brother’s law and business firm. He does the law part i do more of the business type. Over the pass few months i had an open fair and hire my new office assistants Victoria.
The thing is she is a slut, or at least dresses like one and every guy in the firm been trying to get her, but no one will only I i will make sure of that. Ill make her an offer she can’t resist.
I am currently dress in a classic black on black suit but i remove my blazer making it look like i just got home but to be honest i spend an hour in the shower making sure my man stage is nice, clean and shave (guys please take notes) also i got a really good pump as well i must admit im very vascular in that department. My dick been itching to slide inside her and load her up.

she stand causally over the center of the room placing her bag over on the recliner. “would you like something to drink? offer her while i throw my blazer over to the side and take off my black undershirt staying in my black under top lettting my ripped arms and nice chest peck out ( i don’t spend hours at the gym for nothing trust me i look good) ( picture me as Huge Jackman in the Wolverine yes!)
“why thank you, yes a ice tea be nice, are these the reports” she said as she takes a sit over on the couch and immediatly starts going over the paper i have laid out on my table. ‘yes they are’ i say bringing over a ice tea and handing it over to her and comfortably sitting over near her. She picks up the papers and reads over a few of them taking notes. See the thing about Victoria is she wants to be partners and as slowly but surely worked her way up in the few months shes been in the firm. She is very smart and knows her way around the corprate business. With someone like her at the control panel of my business she can have the business while i live my life out in my boat going from sea to sea just living canlı bahis the life style while she does all the business aspect of that. I been doing business for so long i have grown bored tired of it and well my mind is in other things. Like right now my mind is mentally undoing this tight red dress she has on that outlines her curves perfectly. She has this tick that she likes to lick her lips as she reads and occasionally she barely licks the tip of her pen.

FUCK!!! I’m getting hard, i feel my dick already popping up thru my trouser. What i am about to do is very risky but FUCK i want to fuck this slut. Her perfume is driving me crazy. Suddenly she caughts me stairing at her and awkardly adjusting myself fighting the erge of wanting to rub my dick ( rub, bitch please i wanna pull it out and stick it deep inside her, oh sorry back to the story)
“Lee, is everything ok? she suddenly ask licking her lips,
‘yes of course, so what do you think? i ask reaching over trying to readjust my dick that is about to explode out of my pants.
“well some of the numbers are out of date, and the statics are off by a few friction of numbers i am glad you entrust me with this, i can get all this firgured out and done by Monday if that is ok with you? she ask, its Tuesday mid evening so thats more then plenty of time.
“yes that is perfect’ i say. Reaching over some of the paper and folder but really just wanting to shovel my hands up her dress and feel her pussy.
“well i must admit this is not as bad as i thought the way you spoke on the phone i thought the firm was going under or something more seriouse happen, this is just a mix of paper work and someone failing to keep up with the numbers easy fix for me” she saids picking up some more paperwork and writing in that profilo of her’s.
“well that is not the only reason i called you here for i say’ ( here we go, is now or never)
‘oh is not?” she ask with a cariouse look on her face those beautiful baby blue eyes looking at me. God i can’t wait to have them looking at me while shes sucking my dick, im acitively thinking to myself. (my dick is going to rapture on me and i am going to end up in the hospital from a serve case of massive boner!)
“well , you see Victoria, i have been noticing you around the office, myself and just able every male in there, and well i wanna try and see if maybe just maybe you be interested in some other kind of work” i say reaching over with my left hand guiding her hand her fingernail bloodly red nail polish perfect trim but sharp enough to stratch. i guide her hand over my pants over my cock, while with my right i slide up her leg moving in closer to her.
“WHAT???” she suddenly pulls away
Mr.Lee! I I I I WHY WOULD YOU? she suddenly gets up but i beat her to it and stand over forcing her legs in between mines as i stand over her throwing her back down on the couch.
“oh come on, you know your a fucking slut! Don’t even play it off! You cant even try to play it off, ‘ I suddenly imply my voice changing bahis siteleri from soft spoken to harsh ( this whore is not going to reject me, fuck she think she is )
“MR LEE!!!! she looks up at me stunned by my reaction, im looking down at her, as i unzip my trousers my nice hard rock 12inches dick pop out (finally i can breath, that feels much better)
OH MY… she screams looking away lean to the right trying to fight slightly.
Oh come on VIctoria im sure you have had plently how many of the guys you pretty already fucked at the office’ i question her as i lean downward getting her and forcing her up my right hand holding her chin while my left is sliding up her leg.
NONE!!! I’m NOT what you think i am” she screams suddenly
Mr. Lee please you can’t do this, she said still rocking back and fourth as wanting to get away from me but unsure how she would do it.
“oh please, you dress like a slut you act like a slut your perfume even smells like a slut” i say suddenly pull her up and lying her stright down the couch as i place myself on top of her pinning her on the couch, with my left grabing her neck holding her and with my right rolling up her dressing my hand going up in between her legs.
MR LEE PLEASE DON”T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she suddenly crys out as i grab her
“WHAT THE FUCK????? i say suddenly letting her neck go and pulling her dress up to see a poor pathic excuse for a small little dick. I was so confuse i didn’t know if to laugh or offer her my condolenses. She lying there her secret exposed. As i back up slowly giving her some space enough for her to roll her dress down and slightly sit up fixing herself.
I never been fucked, i’m not a slut!!!!! shes looking down reaching over to grab her bag. As she stands up slowly stunned by all that occured. Looking at me with a perplexed look on her face (probaly cuz my dick is still hard as fuck) she reaches over and takes her bag, ‘Mr.Lee ill pretend like this never happen if you please don’t tell or expose me its embarssing as it is.” she saids in a shameful type of voice, looking me up and down taking a bit of an eye full at my dick. Slightly about to turn away and walk over to the door when

YOU FUCKING SISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER HERE!!!! I reach over and pulling her back down and up over the recliner ‘
MR. LEE?????”””” i stand over her, looking at her
I bet that ass is nice and tight ain’t it? i ask her stroking myself in front of her
she looks at me confuse not sure how to react, her eyes rolling over my dick following the forward and back motion of my hand. Shes licking her lips again, i knew it she is a slut!
Go on girl, suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Lee? But I’m a………
Do you want a promtion or not? i ask her go on suck it i say thrusting my dick in front of her face her lips barely brushing up against the perfect split tip of my enlarge head
‘promotion?’ yes yes i would like that’ she said looking up at me slowly licking her lips indirectly licking my head and slowly kissing it as she reaches over bahis şirketleri undoes my belt and button letting my trouser drop to the floor. placing her hands over my butt and shoveling my whole dick inside her mouth sucking me with the bobbing of her head up and dow and up and down and up and down and up and down, FUCK!!!! YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK THIS IS THE BEST BLOWJOB EVER!!!
i let myself lean back just enjoying how hungry she was for my dick i felt like she was trying suck my load out of me making me cum in her mouth. She kept caressing my butt while reaching over rolling my top up and stratching me with her nails down my lower back and abs. She took my full dick and balls in her mouth her lipstick all smeared all over me the blowjob of my life. If she sues me over this it would be so worth the lawsuit!!!!!!!!! I barely came a few drop when i look down and saw her baby blue eyes looking at me while with her left hand she was stroking that tiny little excuse of a dick of her. PATHIC my pinky is longer, mmmmm bet her ass is tight.
i reach down and grab her as she slowly pulls my dick out and kisses my head
“are you not please, you pre…”
SHUT UP! i pull her up pulling her dress up exposing her
FUCK!! YOU have a NICE ASS!!! I say while smacking her a few times making her ass bright red.
“Lee, I I ‘ thats MR.LEE’ i correct her pulling her dress off her sucking on her nipples and squeezing them
Mr Lee, i haven’t been fucked! she claims.
‘Really, well ill fix that! i say turning her around and shoveling her to the recliner poping up the recliner and exposing that nice perfectly beautiful ass of her that ass hole is so tight i had to spit on it a few times just to slide my fingers inside it she softly moan a little.
‘tell you what if you take all of me ill make you partner “i suddenly say as i rub the over size head of my dick up and down her ass crack and slightly rubbing it, spanking her ass with my dick as i slowly place it over her asshole and guiding it slowly i force my head iniside her.
“partner 50 50 an even share? she saids moaning and barely finishing the sentence.
YES, an even share! i agree which i was going to do anyways like i said i can live out in my boat and she can do all the work.
suddenly, i hear her scream
As she suddenly pushes back, back that ass up on my dick, as my dick pops right inside her
i start to thrust as she starts to roll back and fourth im fucking her while shes backing up that ass both our bodines perfectly insync with each of our movements.
FUUUUCCCKKKK YOU SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT ME EXPLODING!!!! i say as a few of my cum explode inside her as her asshole swollow all of my cum back shooting the cum dripping down her perfectly smooth legs as i keep shooting off load after load after load her ass nicely and smoothly taking all of my 12inches dick is sliding in n out of her so easily im exploding load after load after load
FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK i exploded so violently my legs give out and i drop like dead weight to the floor.
she cleans up slides her dress on and adjust herself.
Congrats Mr. Lee, you can be my personal assistant you start tomorrow!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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