Never say no to daddy

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Never say no to daddy
Ive learned the hard way i was now his sissy pet

He storm in my dorm room on monday evening

i was about to go to school and didn’t have time to meet him like every morning since that weekend

Mike his the father of Rebecca the girl i was team with for a session homework

The daddy who caught me looking at her daughter cute panty in the laundry room

and force me to put in on

”you like my daughter cute panty ? gotta teach you little boy some respect”

my cock so small he laught at me hidding it in her panty

”my daughter way too good for a small cock boy like you , now get out of here and keep these on or i tell her”

i felt so fucking shy, in her little panty going back to help her with out homework

but she never found out and i finished the work worrying about Mike wanting to drive me home to my dorm

she choosed me after a year to be her homework buddy , i was about to understand why

i listen at first wondering what was he talking about

”she is right about you being a cute white boy”

on the highway close to the school

”you feel good in her panty , i could buy you some for yourself if you want”

”i just wanted to see them , i dont wear panties”

”dont be shy its ok, i wont tell no one, dont lie to me”

”get your jeans off and stop lying”

”look at that little bulge, you love her panty, its so perfect for small cock boy”

i was hard and looking at myself in the cute tight white panty

”lets stop at wallmart , im gonna buy you yours so you stop wanting to try my daughter stuff”

i was feeling dizzy in the alley at wall mart following him

trying to act normal my store basket in hand him just going around putting some cute underwear inside

the smooth satin camisole matching the panties presented güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to me

”wich one, the one with hearth or flower?”

both so girly night dress i pointed the one with hearth

”nice choice, there get the matching bikini one piece over there”

i just stand next to him , silent as he bought it all and walk me outside

80$, of cute lingery and night dress

nothing was normal about walking in my place with him holding my bag full of girly cute cloth

”im going to help you to bed”

I was just obeying him, i felt under his total ownership walk to the shower

he undress me and took my own razor and shaving foam while i hold on the bikini one peace

i did has he told turning around on all 4 like a pet , my body foamed up him shaving the small amount of hair i had , not being that hairy he did it quick and easy

i was help to the shower to rinse

i felt like i was his doll, he just made me like one looking at him undressing to his boxer , bbc shape in view

i was dried up and help into the bikini

he had me all smooth in it, feeling so tight and small

we walk back in the shower, i was a cute girl going to please her daddy he whispered in my ear

we kissed his bbc rubbing on my belly , making me feel he was hard and horny for me

rubbing my body with his hands , over the nice cute swimsuit

”you feel great dont you”


”i love you very much , go down and say thank you to daddy”

”thank me for your cute cloth baby”

i was on my knees looking up

”thank you daddy”

his bbc was slam on my face hurting me a bit

looking up in distress

”no with a girl voice, you are a girl, you understand?”

”yes yes ok daddy”

”ohhh this is better my sexy girl”

”now ask tipobet me to fuck your mouth like a teen pink pussy”

I look up and repeated

”….like a teen pussy”

my hands were lift up and i saw a chains gettiing set on my wrist
Slap Slap
”say it again until i accept you offer ”

his bbc hitting my face hard , so strong

”daddy use my mouth as a pussy please a teen pussy ”

Slap slap

”please stop it hurts your so big awwwww daddy fuck my face daddy ahhhhhh stop please stop”

slap slap slap

”you just a white stupid girl, you like me slapping it around , try to catch my cock , if you can slut”

”ahaah you so cute mouth open trying to get me”

”go on, Slap oh no too big , Slap too big for you slut”

”here here dont cry , dont cry yet babby ”

and i was gagging mouth fucked hard , so suddenly i was drooling all around coughing between him getting out and in hard

”open up that pussy, open up little girl, yeah yeah you look great scared like that”

”be scarred , im so big i will turn all your holes into pretty gaping pussy holes”

”oh no stay fucking there , Slap Slap , you stop moving wore, open up that pussy and take the cock”

he fucked my face until i was weak hands tied up I coudnt stop anything

i was head between his hands fucked deep relentless , him moaning this was his wet cunt now, pumping non stop to make me understand i was just holes for him

it went on for an hour

i was weak and pleading with puppy eyes for him to cum

”you want me to cum? ”

nodding and feeling him about to unleash it all

he got out

sit down and lift me right on him arms still up and chained

”ohhhh noo nooo im too small please wait”

and he release me

my eyes rolled falling down on his bbc trying to stop perabet ma fall in failure legs lifted up by him

”ahhhhhh please your too big in hurt ohhhhh please awwww i dont , i cant ahhhhhh”

”your stupid , you are so stupid, stupid little girl love to sit on big cock, im cumming in you ”

”awwww no no ahhhh ”

”take my cum , this is my pussy ., i told you stop lying cindy , you take my cum bitch”

”take it cindy girl ohhhh yes cry cry i love this”

”awwww ahhhhh sniffff awwwww noooo omg nooooo ewwww ahhhhh please please awwwwwwww”

”yesssss yesss im r****g that ass all night until you understand, stop moving lile this stay weak like a bimbo doll ”

”asaahahahahhaaha fucking boy thinks he can be a man, look at that cunt, so perfect you will never be a man , your full of cum taking my bbc, you never were a boy, you are a cunt for my cock”

”hey you arent crying anymore whatts up? feel good in that pussy already?”

”hahahahah you do stupid girl? you like my cock now?’ full of cum like a teen girl”

his cum worked magic in me, no more hurting , up and down slidding , deep bbc in his own bucket of cum

he made me sit on him and move on my own

until i was moaning of joy, saying to him it feels good now

happy it wasnt hurting but instead felt so right hitting deep in me

i was untied from the shower ceilling, my swimsuit put back in place

walking out of the shower

”here let me dry you baby girl”

he was gently and carring

i look at him naked smooth and broken into his girl

he dress me up in a baby doll and we went on my couch and he laught when i sit near him

pointing at his cock

”this is where you sit”

”get some porn on and come sit back at your place”

he had me has a sleave for himself, a fuck doll weak and owned watching white teen blacked

i was used to deposit all he had

2 hours of his bbc pumping in loads after loads

i slept in his arm kissing him , my body never felt so usefull

”see , i told you , you are a girl”

nodding., happy to be a sexy girl

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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