My Boss’ Wife

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My Boss’ Wife
I was 20 years old and still a virgin. Sure, I jerked off to magazines and year book photos, but have never been inside a woman. My boss’ wife, June, was 45 years old and stunning; tall, statuesque, brunette, with an accent that would make any cock tingle. She had three daughters, the oldest being a professional model, and the mom was the more beautiful.
I started working for the company straight out of high school as shipper/receiver, then also managed a warehouse they were leasing downtown. I often left the store in a cube van, so June would ask me to pick up the other two daughters from school or other events.
Things in the family became stressed when the middle daughter got into d**gs. My boss’ response to it was eating dinner in front of the TV (away from the family) or taking off to watch sporting events in other cities. June needed someone to talk with and I was more than happy to give my ear. On occasions the boss would take the younger k**s with him, so June and I would arrange to attend a dinner theater, or movie.
Our friendship grew. First thing we would do when seeing each other was hug. One night it was just June and myself at her house, talking. Suddenly she said “I need a hug”. i was more than happy to oblige, but this was not a normal hug… we kissed… and kissed. Her hands slid under my shirt. At that moment we heard the front door unlocking. It canlı bahis was the youngest daughter coming home. I had quickly run around the corner to straighten my shirt, then the three of us played video games.
June and I discussed what had happened and admitted that we were in love. We talked about having sex, but the timing didn’t seem to work. The chance finally came, her husband was taking the k**s to a sports event out of town, leaving June alone for two nights. It was then that June phoned me to say it was over…she couldn’t go thru with this. At first I tried to convince her other wise, then I accepted it and instead we talked about a new meal a local restaurant had come up with. I offered to pick it up and bring it to her place. She was ok with that.
After we ate, we talked, then hugged and were soon back into a passionate kissing frenzy. She had taken my shirt off and I had her skirt unzipped and sliding down those long, perfectly formed legs. It was then that June excused herself and went to the bathroom. I waited outside the bathroom door, not sure if she was hiding from me, or what. When the door opened, she was wearing a housecoat. We returned to kissing in the hallway and I slid my hands inside her housecoat to touch her naked body, then untied the cord and pulled it open. My lips moved slowly down her exposed flesh, kissing her neck, shoulders, breasts, belly, mobilbahis güvenilir mi then down into her bushy beaver. My nose sunk unto her bush as her legs spread and my mouth went onto her sweat smelling vagina. After a few moments, she gently took hold of my head, lifted me up, then walked into her bedroom with me following.
June had some interesting ideas about sex. If you love someone, you cum inside them three times; the first time was a sign of lust, the second passion, but if I could shoot a third creampie in her, that meant I loved her. I was young, full of stamina and semen, and found her irresistible, so that was no problem. She had lost her womb while birthing her last daughter, so pregnancy was never a worry.
Rule 2: I was never allowed to touch my cock, even when stuffing it inside her; June believed a cock knew where to go and she was usually right. No matter our position, she could shift her hips and my cock would slide right in that exquisite cunt. Another rule was a towel on the bed; after an hour of humping (her favorite position was missionary), a 6″ diameter wet spot was on the bed. I swear she was a gusher, but I never saw it happen.
Our first night was endless. We’d make love, nap a bit, make love more, use the bathroom, hump in front of the bedroom mobilbahis giriş window, sleep some more… I was ready to let my virginity go in a wild way. The orgasms were intense for both of us.
Our affair lasted just over a year. Never again did we have sex at her house, she would come to my apartment. I’d carry her to the bedroom, she would neatly fold her clothes on the chair, then we’d fucked; her legs wrapped round my waist and my hands cupping her ass cheeks. She would never suck cock, which wasn’t an issue because I got a hard-on just standing next to her in public. I was allowed to eat her pussy, but I couldn’t be down there when she came (making me suspect she was a gusher). Missionary was the position of preference, but she would do tall in the saddle and reverse cowgirl. Oh.. how she would grip my cock with her cunt. Anal was a total taboo; she said “If my vagina isn’t enough, then you better find someone else.” Believe me, that vagina was plenty, especially with the three cumload rule.
Sometimes she couldn’t get away, so she’d meet me at the company warehouse, driving her car inside so no one would know she was there. That’s where we fucked doggie, standing up and other positions. She wanted me to experience the full range of possibilities. She could cum by just having her nipples sucked and those panties always had a wet spot.
What brought our love affair to an end was the middle daughter. After d**g re-hap she found a guy, got married and started a family. I guess June didn’t need me anymore as a sounding board or maybe a stress release.
She had my virginity, and I was so glad to give it to her….three time over. 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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