Married with a weird step son

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Married with a weird step son
I married my crush from high school at 19 she already had a son who was five, she had him young at f******n. The father was not in the picture. My wife Laura was a beautiful blonde, long curly hair, big perky C-cup titts, very shapely and a nice firm ass. We were young and in love. I tried to raise Ray if he was my own, but as he aged we told him I wasn’t his father. He went through some crazy phases growing up. Fast forward 10 years he was 15. He started painting his nails, growing his hair out. Laura insists on letting be his own person.

I’m 6’6 250lbs covered in tattoos and a big beard. A mans man. I drive a truck and drink beer, how I think a man should behave. Ray is the opposite of me. Me and Laura are 29 about to turn 30. The sex is still good but she’s starting to get fat. Our sex life is pretty vanilla. Oral and pussy fucking that’s it , no anal! She has the perfect ass for fucking but she says I’m too big. My cock is 10” fat like a red bull can. I’m a big guy, I got a big cock!

3 years later Laura is a cow, I don’t fuck her at all . She’s lazy and wants the government to pay for everything, a typical liberal. (No offense) the relationship is rocky. Ray is a fucking sissy, like really. He’s transgender, non-binary, pansexual I don’t know shit. He wants to be a girl and he thinks the country should pay for it shit! Laura buys him female clothing and he prances around the house like a faggot fairy. I drink a lot more now!

One day me and Laura get into a heated battle, turned into a huge fight. She stormed out and went to her mothers. Ray came down crying asking if we were fighting about him.
No Ray, not at all. Your mother thinks I’m cheating on her, cause I don’t fuck her anymore.
Why not?
She’s big as a house! I like skinny bitches!
He giggles, looking at me funny
I think to myself what the fuck is this weird fuck looking at . I sit in my camouflage recliner. Ray flutters up to me with a beer, here ya go!
Thanks Ray, shocked he got me a beer.

Ray sits down on the couch, sitting back he crossed his legs. He’s got a pink skirt on and a white tank top, his toes and nails painted pink , not a hair on his body. I sit there drinking my beer till it was finished. He hops up and gets me another.
Thanks Ray, grab yourself one.
He giggles I don’t like beer I only like wine.
Well get some fucking wine then.

He returns with his wine and sits tucking his skirt underneath. Crossing his legs. His hair past his shoulders, full face of makeup on, to be honest. If I passed him on the street I’d think he was a chick. I haven’t really talked much to him in years so I figured this was a good time.

Ray what the fuck is going on with you?
Nothing much
Tell me why you dress and act like a bitch?
Hehe I know you don’t understand, but I feel like I was born in the wrong body. Like I was meant to be a girl. Look at me! I’m 5’2 standing up lifting his shirt showing his hips, look at my hips! Look at my figure!

Looking at him, shit your right. Your built like a girl. I laughed
But you have a cock!

Yeah I do, but it’s tiny.
How tiny?
Well at 15 it was 4” but I started wearing this device.
What the fuck ! I cut him off what device?
It’s a male chastity. 24/7 for 3 years now it’s 2”

Lmao! 2 “ cock jeez man how you jerk off chopsticks?
He giggles I don’t jerk off…
He fetches me another beer. Thanks Ray!

Ok ok let’s see this device…
Only if you refer me as she , you can still call me ray short for Rachel.
Ok Rachel let’s see it!

She stuck her thumbs in the side of her shirt and wiggled her ass out. It slowly fell to her feet. Standing there in pink cotton panties she wiggles out of them down to her knees. Her pubic area is smooth, there’s this little pink plastic thing covering her cock, it has a hole so she can piss. But it has a lock on it.

Sitting there looking at this contraption. I’m curious. Take it off!

What why? I wanna see it!
You drunk? Yeah now show it!

She steps out of her skirt and panties and turns to walk away, her ass plump and firm her hips wide , waist thin. Her long hair running down her back. Jeez man she’s a dude calm down!

She comes back holding 2 beers and hands them to me. She takes a key and unlock her device and throws it on my lap.

Standing there completely nude, her tiny cock. It looks like my big toe. Her soft round tight balls . I drank my beer, just looking at it. I reached out and took her little dick between my index finger and thumb. So soft so tiny. Then I felt her tiny balls.
She squeals when I touch them.

Your the first person to touch me! She giggled.
I never felt someone’s balls and cock besides my own I laughed. It’s so tiny it’s actually cute. I said rubbing it between my fingers.

Can you cum? I asked
Yeah I can, you keep rubbing she laughed
But I only cum like a girl now.

I sat back drinking my beer, just looking at her smooth silky, thin body. She sat down on the couch, her little cock resting peacefully.

How do you cum like a girl Rachel? Tell me everything… first let me apologize for being a redneck homophobe asshole to you.

She giggled so cute, Your not a homophobe, you just don’t understand. But now you do. You are a redneck she laughed, nothing wrong with that! As for the asshole part I think that will all change!

Speaking of asshole, that’s how I cum through my ass! My prostate to be exact! When my prostate is stimulated my cock squirts!
Do you get hard? No never!

Rachel do you practice safe sex at least? She giggled um I’m a virgin.
I have toys.

Oh yeah dildos? Yep !
What size titts do you want? What where that come from?
Takes a swig of my beer, I’m a titty man. You have nice nipples but no titt I need tits to feel,suck and fuck! So what size?

Stairing at me she smiles. I’ll leave that up to you.
Really? Sweet nice big firm C cup. I say as I lick my lips.

She just giggles. And I drink my beer.
She rocks back and put her feet flat on the couch. I watch her tiny cock move, her soft balls, the opening in her cheeks, I see something shiny. What’s in your ass Rachel?

Oh she giggled hopping up turning around.
Spread my cheeks she giggled
Reaching out I grabbed each firm cheek. The skin was soft and smooth I pulled them apart to see what looks like a gemstone. Holding her ass spread with on hand I tugged on the plug . Ohhh she moaned. I tugged some more. Ohhhhhhhhhh
It popped out. Stainless steel with a jewel . Her asshole tiny hairless and pink. It was a beautiful sight. I tried to push the plug back in but it wouldn’t go.
She said it needs lube !
I leaned down and spit on her asshole.
OMG! Ummm ok she shockingly said as I slid it back in. I slapped her ass . Sit down Rachel!

I sat there drinking my beer. She sat there smiling. A few minutes later her phone beep. It was Laura.

Hey Ray,
I’m coming back to get some clothes, pack your stuff so your ready to leave. We’re staying with my mom for a while!
-No! Mom I’m staying with daddy!
Daddy? You hate him.
– no I don’t we’re actually getting along
-yeah and I know what you been up to!
What are you talking about ray?
-your cheating on him!
Did you tell him?
-not yet! Do I have to go with you?
No I guess not. Don’t tell him
-ok see you soon!

Moms coming to get some things and is staying with grandma! Rachel says as she stands up pulling her panties and skirt up. Then throws her shirt on. She walks by and puts her hand on my shoulder. Another beer Daddy?
Yes honey thanks
Did she just call me daddy? I thought to myself…

Laura waddles in the door. And heads to the bedroom. She returns with her luggage. She starts to walk over and Rachel kicks my foot. I look down and sitting on my lap is her chastity device, quickly I grab it and put it in my pocket.

I’m leaving asshole! Ray wants to stay with you!
Of course she is staying here this is her home! Have fun getting fucked by all those black dudes you fat bitch! You think I don’t know I laughed. Good riddance!
By the way your daughters name is Rachel not ray!
She grabbed her stuff and stormed out.

You knew she cheated? Rachel said
Yeah baby I knew.
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you daddy
Wasn’t your place baby.

She got up walking over and straddling my lap gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

She sat down.
Your going to have to help me out now! Around the house and such…

And such she giggled. I’ll do anything you want daddy! She squeals.

I got up and headed to my room
Where you going? Getting changed brb
Still in my work clothes I changed into loose lounge pants and a t-shirt.
Oh you look comfy Rachel said as she grabbed my hand and led me to her room.

I haven’t been in there for years. Pink walls, white lace curtains. Her bedding was purple and white. Clothes everywhere. Panties lined the floor. Her closet packed with clothes. Makeup all on every flat surface.

She led me to her bed , here sit!
What should I wear?
I seen a short night shirt it was yellow, that put that on!
Her skirt and panties fell to the floor as she lifted her shirt over her head the sun came in the windows and brighten her entire body. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tiny package. She slipped the yellow satin shirt on , it was a tank top and flowing right below her cock. It laid on her hips perfectly. She was gorgeous.
I looked around . there those yellow satin.
She slipped them up. They sat low covering half her ass crack , sitting right above her cock. Her little balls snuggled tight.

How’s this daddy? She twirled around
Your perfect Rachel!
Absolutely stunning!

So daddy more beer? Sure
I looked around her room and she came back holding a beer and her wine. Oh daddy where’s my chastity? In my room, I don’t think it’s going to get smaller. It’s perfect the way it is baby.
So you don’t want me to wear it anymore ?
No baby. Ok daddy! She smiles.
I slugged my beer down.
We need to get you a bigger bed I laughed
That thing is a c***d’s bed.

I’m tiny, it’s ok for just me she grinned
I love ur bed so big and comfortable. Yeah it is honey.

How big is your dildo?
She spit some wine out, it ran down her plump bottom lip, and down under her chin to her chest. I wiped it with my finger. Up her chest and neck around her chin and up over her lip. She licked it off my finger, never breaking eye contact. So how big?

She gasped well… I have a few. But the biggest is 7” … want to see them?
Yes baby.

She gets down on her hands and knees her ass wiggles in the air as she reached under the bed. I can’t take my eyes off her ass. She pops up with a big box and puts it on the bed.
It opens. A bunch of butt plugs some still in the wrapper. Nipple suckers, cock pump, and some cock dildos. I grab the large size . It was a average size cock.
This fit? She giggled yeah lots of lube. What’s with the cock pump Rachel? That’s from when I was young. It didn’t help she laughed. Some times I put it on my asshole and plump it up.
Laughing I just said ok.
I grab the nipple pumps and brush her shirt away, I suctioning them tipobet on and start pumping. Mmmm she moans as her nipples grow. After I pop them off her nipples swollen I brush them with my thumb.
Mmmm daddy she moaned. My cock has been semi hard since she sat down earlier. You can see it through my lounge pants. Rachel has been looking at it.
Another beer daddy she bites her bottom lip.
I grab her hand and her dildo and take her in the living room.
Do something for daddy?
Oh anything!
In front of my chair I stick the suction cup dildo to the hard wood floor.

And sit down. She’s biting her lip, standing in front of me her panties fall to the floor she ran into her bedroom and came out with a big bottle that said cum lube . On her knees behind her dildo she pour the cum in her hand and starts stroking it looking into my eyes. She reached back pulling her plug out and licked it while I watched. Pouring some cum in her hand she wiped it on her hole.
Mmmm daddy you ready?
Yes baby!
She hovered the cock on her knees, holding her shirt up. She lowered on it, she squeals as it enters. Sliding down to the floor taking it all in. Mmmmmm daddy you feel so good. She moans. My cock hard as a rock.

She gets up on her feet holding her shirt up she slides up and down. I watch the cock sliding into her, she leans back on her hands her satin top rests at her waist. Her tiny cock flopping around as she thrusts up and down. Oh daddy you like what you see? I reached in my pants pulling out my rock hard cock started stroking, her eyes looking in amazement of my size . She starts moaning and her tiny cock is squirting cum every thrust. She dropped back to her knees panting, slowly up and down not taking her eyes off my cock, she starts to lean forward. I scoot forward in my chair. She opens her willingly mouth and I slide my cock in. My cock stretched her tiny mouth. She kept riding and sucking. Moaning, I was ready to fuck but her dildo was half the size of me. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I did in a way. I pushed her back and stood up. Reaching behind her I grabbed her dildo off the floor and slid it deep as I stood her up. Holding her dildo in I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and we started making out. I thrusted the cock in and out of her as we explored each other’s mouths. I felt her little cock cumming on my belly as she moaned in my mouth. I carried her to my bed. Laying her on her back I got undressed.
Today you become a woman Rachel.
Yes daddy. She biting her lip stairing at my cock. She pulled her knees to her chest her legs spread wide. I lubed up my cock. And pulled out her dildo. Her asshole gaped. My head went right in . Slowly I slid my tapering shaft in . Tears puddle in her eyes as the fattest part of my cock stretched her virgin hole. Oh daddy it hurts! She moans, relax baby. Another inch sliding in she cry’s out daddy ! She clenched at the sheets. I push more as she cry’s daddy please!

I add more lube and push another inch in her little cock gets hard for the first time in years it grows to 5” laying on her belly. Look at your cock baby. She looks down omg! I’m hard. I push more cock in and her balls twitch a huge thick stream of cum squirts out of her cock hitting her in the face. Her body starts shaking as she moans out mmmmmmm daddy use me!
I shoved balls deep into her young hole, she shoots her self in the face again. Her face covered in cum I slid in and out. Fuck me hard daddy!
I picked up my pace. My balls slapping her ass. Harder daddy! She looks me dead in my eyes
Hurt me! She screamed
I pounded her tight little asshole as hard as I could, her body shaking with every thrust. Her eyes rolling back her mouth open, the cum giggled on her face. Her cock bouncing with a continuous stream of liquid pouring out. Pushing her up on her back trying to get in deeper. She moaned daddy fill me! Hurt me!
I pulled my cock completely out her asshole so gaped I stuck my hand in her ass to my wrist. I pulled it out. What’s wrong she said. I watched her asshole slowly close, after it was half the size I slammed back in. She cried out , again! I continue this 3 more times. The last time my cock erupted fully filling her bowels , I pulled my cock out and made her suck me clean. Mmm daddy. I layed next to her making out with her cum. Her cock shriveled back to its tiny form. After about a hour we got up and cleaned up.
Back in the living room I was sitting down Rachel was making dinner. I just watched her cook in her yellow satin outfit. She looks over . Hungry daddy? Yes baby. We eat dinner. I can’t take my eyes off her.

Want some dessert daddy?
What do you have?
She gets naked, grabs the whipped cream and climbed on the table. Sitting in front of me she throws her legs on my shoulders. She squirts some cream on her nipples and I suck it off. I grabbed the can and cover her cock and balls. Oh daddy you don’t have to. I take her cock and balls into my mouth and suck the cream off. Omg daddy! I suck her tiny cock in my mouth and she gets hard again. I suck her cock and she cums In my mouth. She looks at me in amazement. Omg daddy look what you do to me. Flip over and put your ass in my face! Daddy?
Do it! I yanked her plug out and filled her with cream.
Fart it out! She squirts it out and I lap it up. Smack her ass and plug her back up. Good desert honey. She climbed off and got dressed grinning at me . Your bad daddy she smiled and gave me a kiss.
She went off and cleaned the kitchen.
After about a hour tipobet giriş she says she’s tired and going to bed. She walks into her room…

Yes daddy!
My bed, is your bed for now on!
What should I wear? Nothing and no plug.
Yes daddy!

A few moments later I turned in, my cock nestled between her cheeks my hand on her tit we slept all night.

The next morning I woke up to Rachel blowing me. I looked down to her tiny mouth wrapped around my cock . She lifted her head. Morning daddy.
Morning baby. She continues sucking, it didn’t take long and I was cumming down her throat. Mmmm daddy you taste so good.
Coffee is ready. I get up and walked out nude and get my coffee. It was Sunday so no work.
Rachel honey we need to make you a chore list. Ok daddy
If you don’t follow it I will put you over my knee!
Mmmmm yes daddy!

1. Clean your room
2. Pack up all your moms stuff
3. Put hers in the garage
4. Put your stuff in my room
5. Laundry
6. Cooking
7. Dishes
8. Cleaning
9. Coffee in the Morning
10. Please me!
Oh yes daddy. I will start getting her things out today. Also one more thing, I pulled her close and kissed her. I need a morning kiss ! Mmm yes daddy, I slapped her bare ass. She ran to her room and came out wearing baby blue panties and matching tank top. Ran into my room and filled the clothes into trash bags. Then lugged them to the garage. I watched as she ran back and forth room to room smiling.
I got dressed and did some yard work. After I mowed the lawn. Rachel walked in the back yard. Wearing a pink bikini, here daddy I made lemonade. Thanks baby. I took a sip ice cold. Are you plugged baby? Yes of course daddy.
Go fetch your cum lube. Yes daddy she prances off. I go in the barn and grab a new funnel. I sit down she comes out here you go. Looking at the funnel oh daddy your bad. Lay across my lap. I pull he shorts down and pulled the plug out, funnel in. I start pouring the lube in to her asshole. Mmmmmm daddy.
Once topped off put her plug back in and pulled her bottoms up . Spanked her ass and told her to lay out in the sun. Yes daddy, what if it leaks? It will! Don’t worry about it!

I returned later and Rachel was on her stomach, hi daddy she smiled. The back of her bottoms soaked with cum. .
Hey darling how you feeling? Like I have to use the bathroom she laughed. I kneeled down behind her and pulled her bottoms down. Her crack and balls covered in cum. Gently glides her plug out, cum rolls out of her open hole, never ending I put my empty glass to catch it. The glass fills quickly. And I set it to the side. Pull my cock out dip it in the glass, then push it to her hole. Mmmm daddy ! Fuck me! I push in , she cry’s out, omg it hurts! So bad! I push more…

Daddy she cry’s, please it hurts. It’s too big!
I keep pushing. Three quarters of the way in I lay on her back. Reaching up muffling her cry’s with my hand, I whispered in her ear , relax baby, I love you… she shakes her head yes and in one swoop I’m balls deep. She cry’s in my hand I just lay on top still. A few minutes go by and she stops I remove my hand. Daddy you hurt me so bad, but I love you too. Slowly I stroke myself in and out. Yes daddy I know you have to hurt me. I need to be broken for you to fuck me. To except your huge cock.
I start pounding away at her stretched hole .
Mmmmmmmmmmm she moans yes hurt me!
I get off her to watch my cock slide In and out. Then I pull out. Grab the glass holding her asshole open I pour In the cum than ram my cock deep. Ohhhhhh she cry’s out! With each stroke cum squirting out. My hands spread her cheeks wide so I can get deeper. Thrusting hard my balls slapping her taint.
Her body shaking. I’m cumming she screamed. Ohhhhhh yesssss daddy’s whore I am! I pulled my cock out the cum squirting all over my stomach and her back I plunged back in, over and over. Out exposing her gaped cum hold then shoving it back in. Her hole stretched perfectly I came in her with my last thrust. I made a plug on my lathe earlier today out of stainless steel. 4” long hour glass shaped. The widest part fatter than my cock in the middle it tapered to as wide as my cock. It was hollow and smooth I pulled it from my pocket and screwed it into her asshole. She squeals as I had to stretch her a bit further to get it In the top was tapered also so it was easy to get in. Ohhh she moaned from the cold steel. Her ass closed around it. I took a picture and showed her.
Omg daddy my asshole is open. I’m gonna leak! I pulled her up to her feet. How’s it feel?
Heavy she laughed. Walk around is it comfortable? Yes daddy
Cum pouring out of her hole down her legs.
This will stretch you to except my cock baby! Oh daddy thank you. And you can put stuff in me easy she giggled
I gotta clean all that cum out, get on all fours! Yes daddy. I put the head of my cock and piss into her ass. So warm are you peeing in me? Yep! Ok daddy after I finish I pulled her up. Piss pours from her ass.
Daddy I have to pee. Ok pee you don’t need permission. Her cock so tiny it runs down her balls and legs.

A few days of wearing her plug and she could finally except my cock with out too much crying. 2 months later I could fuck her any time with little lube. 24 months later I was divorced. And Rachel had big c-cup tittys we moved to another state and started our life together. She went on hormones and her body was filling out nicely, her cock shrunk to a inch, her balls disapeared she would cum every time I fucked her. I started training her in bdsm. To be my sex slave. It is interesting, she loves the pain. She loves to cry , and loves when I beat her. We FaceTime Laura when I’m pounding Rachel ass apart. Laura cry’s watching me sodomize her little girl. We love it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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