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Kali’s teeth bracelet
I am kneeling on a soft carpet, naked, my arms immobilized in a leather armbinder, Hooded and with mouth gagged with an inflatable gag. Ears plugged an heavy metal collar at my neck.
Above a tripod in front of me with a camera to record the whole scene, Mistress Sonja is dressed with a long blackleather skirt and a black bustier. Her face hidden by a mask. A red mask of a smiling devil!! Even if almost all those who would have seen the videos perfectly knew who is hiding under the masks, she preferred to maintain a form of anonymity.
A Mistress friend , Sophie,had a second camera to make other recordings from different points of view.
Sonja stert to talk:
– Dear friends now we will learn to use properly the Kali’s teeth bracelet. Istart with the usual and real Kali’s teeth bracelet then I will show you other similar tools that have the same goal: prevent an erection and make it painful!! Francesco will be our guinea pig for this tutorial.
Sonja is behind me with her hands on my shulders, chatting one hand reach my nipple and strat to pinch it……
– to make the tutorial as real as possible you should know that my slave has been caged for 5 days. He hasn’t had an orgasm for 5 days, a long time for this slut – Sonja tell – anyway in this days he continued güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his duty as slave . make come her Mistress at least 3 times every days, to be spanked and teased regularly….he is blindfolded gagged and ears plugged from 3 hours and he ignore what happens and what will happen.
Sophie focused her camera to my caged cock
The Mistress stopped talking and took gloves …… long red latex gloves. She put it then took a key and approched to me and my cock. Removed the padlock and then the
metal cage from my cock and my balls.
Feeling the hands of Mistress playing with my cock and then feeling the freedom for my sex I started to think that she was ready , finally to use me.…..and slowly my cock started to grow…
The Mistress smiled behind the mask watching my cock grow…..
-well…..the unawere slave cock is ready for our tutorial.
Sonja takes the first item from a small table and shows it to the camera
– the traditional Kali’s teeth bracelet……
a metal ring of two inches with spikes on its inner surface lockable with a padlock
– this device prevent male erection, Prevent forbidden erection for male slaves.
Unawere of all I feel the touch of Miastress hands on my cock then suddenly my cock shaft pressed. squeezed and pain that starts from my cock and casino firmalari rise along my back. Immediatly the incoming erection is dead, I feel the shaft pushed down by the weight of the object that holds it
– it is clear that this simple tool works perfectly – she said – some models have the possibility of screwing the screws in order to tighten the cock shaft more. Usually the Kali teeth bracelet is smaller than this one. Only one inch at maximum but because my sub is a big slut better a big ring, His cock is big so better a bigger bracelet and bigger ring more fun for the Mistress
Sonja said laughing
– Well, on the market we find other objects that use these names even if they are not the original bracelets. One is this ….
Mistress Sonja showed another metal ring towards the camera
– this is a normal metal ring ball but with the usual spikes in the inner surface
She started to put and tighten the new ring at my balls, is really heavy and stretch my balls and spikes add more pain at my sex.
Closed the ring with one more big metallic padlock Sonja started to slap my balls
I start to moan, but the gag in my mouth prevent to disturb the lesson.
-Well – continue Sonja – this is not the only object that use the Kali’s teeth name wrongly
She showed a metal ball and opening it güvenilir casino you can see the spikes inside.She started to put at my balls
– this is named or Kali’s teeth balls stretcher or Balls Iron Maiden…. is very funny, to use,Not to wear!!
She smiled and clamped the metal balls on my balls. Then put one more padlock. The Mistress started to caress my back and ass, titillating my anus with a finger not seen by the recording cameras… I was in pain for my sore cock and the balls stretched and squeezed but the touch of my Mistress is arousing…..
But this is not the end!!
Soja, smiling hidden behind the red mask took the last device
– Well to finish our lesson miss the last device. As you can see there is a part of his cock that has remained without the right attentions. A part that can allow the slave to have some pleasure not allowed. The cock head. But the human fantasy helps us.
In her hand is a metal cupole of 3 inches filled in the inner surface of metal spikes!!
– This is very heavy and painful and force cock head to remain pointed downwards and prevents any erection with its weight and the pain caused by the spikes. This is the first time that I see a cock with all four device at same time. i dont know if this is a record but is really exciting. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that, above all, it was useful
Saying this Sonja had taken a strapon and helped the friend Mistress wear it. Then she herself wears one…..
– Now we are going to have some fun with my slave before releasing him from all these metal spikes.
Bye and see you at the next tutorial!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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