Hone alone again, but enjoyinga BBC

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Hone alone again, but enjoyinga BBC
I was really horny that night, when my beloved hubby had gone fishing with his buddies. My own fingers were not enough to calm down my growing arousal; so finally, I decided to call Jerome, my Black Master…
I met my black man at the door with a deep tongue kiss. We had not seen each other on the last two weeks; but we did not need to talk too much…

Jerome did not waste any time when he had me in his strong dark hands.
He dragged me to the main bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. Then he pulled me on top of him. We both love to kiss each other lips.
So we kissed passionately as he roamed his hands all over my hot body.
He ran his hands under my blouse and inside of my tight yoga pants.

I always love being undressed by his strong hands. Jerome slowly lifted my blouse off of me and took my bra off. He gently kissed and sucked on my tits and hardened nipples. He made me moan softly under his touch…
He then got up and got undressed. He flipped me over gently pulling my yoga pants and my thong off. He proceeded to kiss me all over eventually using his tongue and teeth canlı bahis on my clitoris and pussy. He used his long fingers too and brought me to a very intense orgasm.

He then got on top of me and slowly shoved his cock in my pussy bareback, missionary style. I loved how good his ten inches’ black cock felt in my cunt.
We continued kissing and caressing one another with our hands. It did not take long until he exploded in my pussy. We both then laid down next to each other, talking and touching one another. I loved his soft touch on my body.

I told him I had a surprise for him. I was going to give him a sensual massage. My black Master smiled as I sat on his ass and started massaging his strong shoulders, arms and back. I then proceeded to massage his buttocks and then his legs and feet. I had him turn over and then massaged his chest and legs, ending with sucking his cock with my wet mouth…
Soon Jerome was kissing my neck, my nipples, my belly and then my cunt.
By this time all the caressing was working me up again. He then with his teeth, tongue and fingers brought me to an ever more intense bahis siteleri orgasm where I squirted all over his face and my belly.

Jerome quickly licked it all up. He got on top of me again, this time on his knees holding my legs. It felt amazing and I shuddered as he pumped his hard black rod deep in my wet cunt.
I quickly matched his steady pace and my second orgasm was so wonderfully intense I cried out loud. It was not long with much pumping for him that he came inside of me, grunting wildly…

We once again collapsed on the bed next to each other.
A while later I got on top of him and started kissing his face, his chest, sucking and nibbling on his nipples, kissing his stomach.
Then I proceeded to lick his inner thighs and his balls, sucking on them.
I licked his cock, playing with it as I caressed it with my tongue.
I got on top of him again and slowly let his cock impale my hungry cunt.

I slowly rode him moving my hips back and forth while his hands were on my hips. I then laid down on him, kissing him while he started pumping furiously, moving my hips with his pumping until he exploded bahis şirketleri the third time inside of me.
When he left, I enjoyed a warm shower. Later on bed, I shoved my favorite toy deep in my asshole; since Jerome had missed it. As I moved this thing in my anus, I fingered my stretched pussy once more.

Soon I came very hard on my fingers and I felt finally very relaxed.
I called my beloved hubby, to share with him every detail of my time with my Black Master.
But Victor laughed on the phone; saying that Jerome had sent him already some pictures of my contorted pleasure face as my black lover fucked me…

In the early morning my sweet husband came back home.
He got directly into our marital bed; where I had been so wildly fucked by my Black Master and he started kissing my naked body.
Victor made me spread my legs and he shoved his face between my thighs.

He licked the remains of Jerome’s salty semen and he told me he loved it.
Then he turned me on my belly and pushed his hardened dick into my asshole. It hurt a little; but Victor managed to enter my tight rosebud at his will

He fucked my tight anus like a crazy man and he finally came in me.
When Victor dismounted from my buttocks, he said next week end he would go again on fishing with his friends… and he was hoping Jerome could be available to pay another night visit at our home…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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