Anything to please my sweet Ana

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Anything to please my sweet Ana
I grunted softly into the pillow as this stranger’s black cock nudged my tight asshole. Every instinct told me to clench up and close my legs, but instead, I spread them even wider.

The thick black cock invaded me slowly but firmly, spreading me up and causing me to grit my teeth. To distract myself from the discomfort, I reflected on how I had gotten into this situation.

It was my sweet wife’s birthday.
Anita and I had reached an understanding that it was acceptable to ask for present any new idea, rather than risk getting something the other had no use for. As per usual, I then asked my sweet wife what she wanted for her birthday some days before.

Ana smiled and kissed me on my neck, twinkling in her eye.

“Do you remember you let me fuck your ass with a dildo last time?”

I just smiled: “Yes, I do. My ass is still sore from that!”

“Well, babe; this time I would like to see you take a real cock.”

My smile disappeared: “But you know I do not swing that way.”

Anita then sighed and pouted prettily. She whispered softly:
“I know that; but I would love to see you on your knees with a cock stuffed up your tight butt. I had have this fantasy for a long time!”

Then I knew at that point I was done for. I could never resist my lovely wife when she really wanted casino şirketleri something.
And I could see she really wanted this.

It only took a while for her to find someone willing to do the job. After making sure the stranger had recent test results and was clean of any sexual disease, Ana made an appointment with him for her birthday butt fucking present.

I groaned louder as this nine inch black cock slid all the way in.

Meanwhile, Ana’s soft fingers kneaded my shoulders, as she watched with fascination. She leaned down to look into my eyes.

“You look so hot.” She whispered. “My pussy is soaking right now.” She slid a finger into her tiny thong and then brought it to my lips.

She made me taste her juices and then I sucked her finger.

The black stranger started fucking my ass harder, moaning loudly. Ana moaned too, as the bitch watched me suffering in pain.
This huge cock was really destroying my asshole…

I held Ana’s gaze for a moment and I guessed what she wanted.

Then I moved my hips and wiggled my ass on the stranger’s cock.
I could feel the black man shudder and then I was more than ever aware of his heavy hands grabbing my hips and going even deeper inside of my poor asshole. The pain was almost unbearable.

Ana reached between my spread legs and she stoke my casino firmalari cock…

She whispered in his ear: “I want you to tell me how you love his very thick black cock spreading your tight asshole.”

Then I wiggled my ass more, like a horny bitch needing to get fucked. There was nothing I would not do for my sweet wife.

“I love it…I love that huge cock fucking my butt, making me sore…”
My sexy wife shuddered and closed her eyes for a moment…
Then I looked back and saw the dark hand of this stranger was resting onto her nice round buttocks.
Ana had lifted her summer dress and now this black bastard was fingering her tight rosebud; as he sodomized me so wildly.

Anita moaned under his touch and she resumed stroking my cock. To my own surprise, it was quickly growing harder.

Only my vicious wife could get me hard while another man was fucking my anus. When she tickled my balls lightly with her fingertips, I moaned loudly, from pleasure this time.

Now the black cock in my ass was starting to feel a bit pleasurable. I wiggled again, this time of my own volition, trying to help the stranger get balls deep in my anus.

My wife grinned wickedly and she squeezed my cock hard.

I reached back and spread my ass cheeks, displaying my cock filled anus for my sexy wife to watch it. güvenilir casino
Ana started to breath heavily and she jerked me off faster.

Now the black guy had finished fingering her tight asshole; so Ana moaned again as she fingered herself and she told me she was going to cum.
She wanted me to cum with her.
And she wanted to see my butt filled up with cum too…

Then this black bastard began pounding my anus relentlessly.
He soon exploded a load of hot cum deep into my bowels.

Anita fingered herself furiously and soon she too exploded.
I watched her shuddering and moaning with lust and pleasure.

As Anita came, she started squeezing my cock harder; against my own will, I suddenly felt my balls tightening.

“Come on, baby, cum for me…” Ana begged, whispering softly.

With a loud cry, I finally exploded, burying my face in the pillow as I shot my warm load all over the bed sheets.

When I recovered, Ana was beside me on all fours, giving me a very wicked grin. Then she moaned loud and I knew the black stranger was now fucking her very tight rosebud from behind…

He lasted not too long. Soon he grunted and filled Anita’s anus with more warm semen. Then my slutty wife fell close to me, absolutely wasted, as the stranger guy started to dress himself.

Ana made me shove my tongue deep into her anus, to lick all the sticky cum this black guy had left there.

When she was done, she let me wake up to kiss her red lips.

“Thank you, babe, you always make my birthday special…”
“And I was right… “You look really hot with a cock in your ass…!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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