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Following my misfortune in Amsterdam (please read “An Honest Mistake” under my Posts & Stories) although misfortune is perhaps the wrong word to use to describe my visit to a rather special boutique and experiencing the most intense arousal and sexual orgasm to date in my young twenties, my next few days off were entirely spent in local settings of East Anglia in England on my bicycle.

As a means of staying attractive and apparently sexy according to my friends, I have found that a long cycle ride on a reasonably frequent basis is good exercise, particularly riding around the East Anglia countryside. I had parked my car on the outskirts of Bury St. Edmunds, taken down my cycle and after locking my not so clean Volvo, pedaled off in a general direction of Kings Lynn, but with no intention of going quite that far and planning on staying to secondary roads and lanes.

Bury is located in West Suffolk, which in itself is steeped in history and offers many splendid examples of forgotten architecture, historical events, quaint farms and above all open pasture- land and quiet forest areas.
Today was one of those perfect days for cycling with an early morning mist clearing quickly to reveal an almost cloudless, pastel blue sky and warming sunshine on an early Autumn day. I would never describe myself as beautiful, but perhaps reasonably attractive with a super figure according to my friends and blessed, if I believed my close friends, with a superb bottom and very innocent face. For my ride today, I had decided on my white Monreal London Ace skirt which was reasonably short and considered premium active wear with a special fabric that provided lots of flexibility for cycling and was also part see through appealing to my exhibitionist side.

Above my skirt, I wore a white tank top with a loose fitting, Ellesse’s Oracle tennis jacket in white and orange. Being in a somewhat daring and sexual mood, I was not wearing a bra and under my skirt I was wearing a very sexy Swarovski Crystal Lace Mesh thong. Should I be lucky enough to meet another like-minded young woman, my clothing quietly said – “I am yours to love however you want me”.

Perhaps I should explain that my name is Yvette and I am basically lesbian having been seduced by my best friend Claudie at 17, (I am now 24) during a stay with her family when my parents were overseas. Her father being a good friend of my parents, all of whom are French diplomats. Claudie and I have remained very close friends and lovers ever since.

It is Claudie that recognized quite early on in our relationship that I had certain sub-conscious sexual traits that included a liking for exhibitionism, spanking and light caning on my bare bottom, anal penetration and a fascination in shemales. To me, shemales appear to have the best of both worlds being feminine, but with male cocks and who clearly enjoyed anal sex.

Knowing how I was dressed and thinking very naughty thoughts of what might happen spurred my cycling along and it wasn’t long before I was some distance from Bury, cycling down very quiet and narrow lanes somewhere close to the villages of Great Hockham and Little Hockham according to a rusted sign off to one side of the lane.
I decided to stop in a small clearing to one side of the lane and sip some of my chilled water and it was standing with my cycle looking around the clearing that I spotted a church spire through the trees, not far away. Then I spotted a pathway to one side of the clearing that seemed to head towards the spire in the distance. Intrigued at the thought of a church so far off the beaten path, I walked with my cycle down the pathway wondering if the church architecture might be quite old and possibly historic.

Pushing my cycle beside me, I crossed over two small streams aided by quaint bridges and began to realize that the pathway wound itself around the wood and tall shrubbery rather than being a direct path to the church. Before güvenilir bahis I knew it though, I came around a corner and there was the back of the church. There was a parking area to one side of the medium size church, and I could see that there was a vehicle driveway that led off in a different direction and presumably to another lane or road.

For a while, I stood admiring the church which was built in the old English style with a round tower at the front with a spire (the one that I had seen from the clearing), a main section in stone with a red roof, a section that had been added to the end of the main section with a brown roof, and an entrance vestibule section leading into the front side of the main section and adjacent to the parking area.

On the other side of the parking area there was an entire wall of towering rhododendrons with red, lavender, pink, and white flowers that was truly beautiful to behold. Walking round the parking area to the entry vestibule section, I now saw a large bronze and gold sign declaring “Parish Church of All Saints – No Person Unwelcome”.

I placed my cycle against one wall of the vestibule structure and was about to pull open the exterior vestibule doors to the church when I had to step back to allow a lady member of the clergy coming out of one of the doors. Dressed in a light grey cassock uniform buttoned all the way down the front and wearing a white a cassock rabat. We surprised each other, but I was more surprised as the lady of the cloth could only be described as stunningly beautiful with deep black curly hair, the most intense blue eyes, a face to die for, the figure of a model and a smile that took my breath away.

Before I could say anything, still astonished at her beauty, she smiled even more at me and asked, “Can I help you, you seem very surprised and perhaps a little lost?” I found myself almost unable to talk, but then stammered that I had seen the spire from the lane at the back of the church and was curious about the church being a little off the beaten path.

Nodding her head, the lady parson (Parson Rachel) as I later learned explained that strangers to the area often said that which was a shame as there was a growing congregation although not many of the locals.
Several members of the church came from as far away as Norwich, Ipswich, Kings Lynn, and even further.
If I had been staring at Parson Rachel, it was also true that the parson had been taking in my own cycling dress, and with the sun now directly behind me, she could also see that my skirt was somewhat see through and fairly short. Thinking that my outfit might be a little embarrassing to someone of the clergy, I was very surprised when Parson Rachel said, “I do like your cycling outfit, perfect for the day and perfect for you. Would you care to see the inside of our church? I think you will appreciate the care with which we have restored what was once derelict. Your cycle will be completely safe against the wall.”

I could not say no, particularly as I found myself almost under a spell with the beautiful parson. It may have been accidental but as I was ushered into the church, I could feel her hand touching my bare upper thigh pushing me into the church which triggered a degree of arousal within me.

Now in the main section of the church with lovingly restored seating for the congregation, Parson Rachel pointed out to me many of its fascinating and engaging features which included a sizeable confession box. I interrupted Parson Rachel to ask if that was not strange as this was not a Catholic Diocese, at least I did not think so. She explained that no, it was not a Catholic church, but hearing the confessions of the church membership was a major feature of the church and was very much in demand by its members, as was the penances required.

I was truly intrigued now and asked if the pastor could explain further. She gave me a quizzical look and said that she would be happy to do so with risksiz bahis veren siteler one condition. The condition being that I confess to her myself before leaving the church. Confessions were taken very serious at the church and I would have to agree to being completely honest and truthful with her when confessing. Strangely, I agreed.

Pastor Rachel then went on to explain that the church was open to all comers including lesbians, gay people, transvestites, and even transgender members and that some of the confessions were very naughty and required suitable penances, many of which were before the entire congregation. Now I was more than just intrigued, and my mind was filled with all sorts of imagined penance events and in front of the congregation setting on fire my exhibitionist desires.

“Let me show you the penance section of the church Yvette (I had given my first name to Pastor Rachel earlier), I sense that you will appreciate what we have done.” Said Pastor Rachel taking my hand and leading me to the other section of the church which could be opened via sliding doors as a full extension of the main section.
There was a sort of stage area with a number of furniture items on the stage that included two gym horses, a pillory, a number of wide wooden stools, two wooden tables with thin cushion type covering, two hospital type gurneys on wheels, and to one side of the stage, a number of closed wardrobes, large and small.

My mind was in turmoil as I took in the penance area watched carefully by Parson Rachel with one half of me shocked at what I was looking at and the other half mesmerized at what must take place there in front of the congregation.
I found myself very much aroused and I am sure Parson Rachel fully realized that too as she now led me to the confession box which unlike a normal confessional was an inner wooden chamber but where the Parson and the church member sat across from each other at a sturdy table. I sat down across the table from Parson Rachel who pulled the curtains across the entrance to give us privacy and then asked me to confess to all my naughty thoughts and sins. I asked her where I should start being very new to confessing to a member of the clergy.

Pastor Rachel replied – “Why don’t you start with today and your short, see through skirt Yvette and what you were hoping might happen? I would remind you that you promised to be honest and truthful in your confession.”
I explained about being an exhibitionist, from my early experiences at the hands of my closest friend and lover Claudie, and my enjoying here friends watching me be spanked and lightly caned on my bare bottom often. How it grew to allowing Claudie and her many friends to watch and participate in me being penetrated in both my holes by dildos and butt plugs. I told Pastor Rachel about going to naughty cinemas in Paris where Claudie and her friends would remove all my clothes in front of total strangers and spank me and use while many of the men at these cinemas then masturbated in front of me.

Finally, I told the pastor about my recent experience in Amsterdam at the special store there owned by shemales and how I had experienced anal sex from a live cock and with so many people watching. I included my intense fascination with shemales and how they seemed to have the best of both sexual worlds.

Pastor Rachel listened carefully and quietly, only interrupting me a few times asking how I felt in different situations. Did I feel ashamed when people watched? Why did I appear to like anal sex more than normal sex and did I enjoy the pain of being spanked and lightly caned on my bare bottom? Lots of other questions too.
Eventually, I was silent, amazed that I had revealed so much in my confession to Pastor Rachel who sat quietly, not saying anything for a few minutes and then in soft voice “Yvette, believe it or not you are far from alone in such naughty thoughts and shall we say casino siteleri sinful actions. Almost all of the church members here are from the LBGT movement and come here to confess and then accept their weekly penance. As I mentioned earlier, this is a rather special church! Please do not be embarrassed with who you are.”

“As part of your penance, I would like you to bend over the table with your legs spread wide and leaning as far forward as you can so that I can fully bare that naughty, but very attractive bottom of yours and give you a brief spanking here and now.” The pastor’s words caused a mixture of shock, surprise, instant shame coupled to intense feelings of excitement and arousal that I had not experienced in some time. Without saying anything and without hesitation, I did as she asked and bent over the table which was a little under waist height and not particularly wide and thus able to lean far across and over the table with my bottom raised and my legs spread wide.

Pastor Rachel now stood directly behind me and lifted up my skirt to reveal my almost bare bottom as the thong had only a narrow band of cotton running down between my bottom cheeks hardly covering my anus. Taking a long look at my bottom and legs spread, she then asked me to stand up, remove my thong and skirt and then position myself as before except I was now naked from the waist downwards. I also realized that in this position my bottom cheeks were partly apart showing my crinkled anus and also showing how wet my pussy was which Pastor Rachel had already seen.
Warning me that she was now going to use appropriate words, she slapped my bottom on both cheeks and then quietly pulled my cheeks completely apart and whispered into my left ear – “You have a deliciously naughty ass and cunt Yvette and I can see that you are definitely no stranger to things being thrust up your ass, you naughty girl.”
With that, she began to spank my bare bum, first one cheek and then the other. The spanking, as it always did, aroused me more and more with my pussy now wetter than I could remember. This was also very visible to Pastor Rachel who stopped to place two fingers in my pussy and then gently running them around the ring of my anus eliciting a loud moan from me. “A promise of things to come Yvette.” Whispered into my left ear again by Pastor Rachel. The spanking continued on both my bare bottom cheeks which had to be deepening to a bright red and causing my pussy to become soaking wet.

I could not believe that one of the most beautiful women I had ever met had me bent over a confessional table, naked from the waist down and spanking my bare bum moderately hard, though not in a distressing way and stopping now and again to pull my ass cheeks apart and whisper in my ear – “You are so wet and aroused Yvette and I am looking at a very naughty anus that has clearly been used many times and a bare ass that needs to be completely filled in the most demanding way.”

“Your penance is far from over, but I have to be somewhere soon unfortunately” said Parson Rachel. I am going to keep your thong here and you will cycle back to where you started with nothing under your short skirt. I will give you directions on how to find our vehicle entrance from another nearby lane and I would like you to return tomorrow evening at 7 PM. You will wear nothing but a blouse and light jacket and short skirt, no panties and no bra. When you arrive tomorrow evening, your penance will continue in earnest. Do you agree Yvette?”
In a hoarse voice I agreed and promised to be at the church the following evening dressed as instructed and intensely excited and aroused at what was to follow, a little afraid too, but knowing that I wanted to pay my penance in full with this most beautiful pastor.

As I left to retrieve my cycle and ride back to where I had left my Volvo, I turned to look back one last time at Pastor Rachel and blinked several times as it looked as though there was an ominous bulge within her cassock just where a man’s or a shemale’s erect cock might be. Could it be. I knew that riding the cycle back in my aroused condition would almost certainly bring on an orgasm. Please let there be no motorbike gangs passing me at that time!

To Be Continued:

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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