You are in Charge Baby Cuckold

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You are in Charge Baby Cuckold
It was a rough and rocky road getting to this point in our relationship. Denise and I had been married less than three months when she cheated on me the first time. He was a guy she worked with and she was his superior at work. Denise was always sexually aroused by being the dominant half of any relationship. Making the “target” (a man in this case) bend to her will was such a turn on for her that she was actually addicted to it. To call her a control freak is a total understatement. Sexual conquest and domination for her was a real and undeniable need.

She had no trouble finding willing participants. At 44 years old, “five foot two and eyes of blue”, hair of gold to her shoulders and an undeniable MILF/Cougar sexiness that surrounded her and overcame even the strongest of wills like a hot sea-fog engulfing the land. The land is powerless against the aura of the fog. It is pointless to resist. She will have her way with you.

Her breasts were smaller than large but much larger than some you have often jerked off to, I’m sure. They were nice. Very nice! Her nipples extended a quarter of an inch when she was passive. They thickened and swelled to a stiff half of an inch when she was excited. Her areolas were dark enough to be seen through the thickest of thin materials and they thickened and darkened appreciably as she was aroused. The bumps surrounding her nipples rose and were very prominent and looked so enticing through whatever clothing she may have been wearing…or not wearing. It’s not that her breasts were large, they were not, but they were so firm and tight and upright. They stood up from her chest as if floating there unassisted. They just naturally drew your eyes to them. She was very much aware of the attention they drew and she liked it…a lot. She used it…a lot.

Oh…Did I mention her ass? OMG!! “It must be jam ’cause jelly don’t move like that!” By any estimation Denise’s ass was big. But by no estimation was it ever considered fat. Her ass was kinda like her breasts in that it sort of floated high and tight and just naturally drew your eyes to it…from the heart shaped overall look of it to the crack that sucked you in no matter how hard you tried to resist. I have seen her line dancing and watched guy after guy wait for his turn to have her back her ass up against his already hard cock. Oh yeah, Denise had a way about her that just simply drove men, old and young alike into a sexual frenzy. She knew it. She loved it…she used it. She couldn’t help it.

For the first few years of our marriage I had a difficult time figuring her out. Sex between Dee and I was always mind-blowingly amazing! We craved each other physically to a degree that some would call unhealthy. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what most of our counselors called it.

By the time we got around to counseling our marriage consisted of yelling and fighting (never physical although she told one counselor that she tried everything to get me to hit her. I still don’t understand that.) That’s not say that she didn’t slap me a few times out of anger…but from that; straight into the bedroom for some knock your socks off fucking and sucking and pussy eating and anal sex. Denise loved anal and she would orgasm every time she made me spank her. I was never into spanking, but Dee begged for it. She would scream “PLEASE spank me! I have been such a bad little girl and I know I have to be spanked. I can’t feel good with myself until I have paid for the things I’ve done! You know it’s true, you know I’m a slut…you have to make me pay for it. You don’t have a choice. It has to be done. Don’t make me suffer any longer, PLEASE just spank me and get it over with. You know that bad little girls like me have to be spanked by their Daddies.”

She would turn straight from a submissive spanking into a domineering Bitch! She would make me lick her ass and suck her asshole and she would squeeze my balls and make beg her to let me eat her pussy. I can’t tell you the umber of times I begged to eat her pussy. It was a pussy worth begging for too! If there was anything she loved more than getting a spanking, it was giving one. She used to slap my ass hard and long. She would play with her pussy as she spanked me harder and harder. She orgasmed many times just from spanking me.

I finally saw a pattern. Denise would tease and seduce me for several days until I was in a frenzy to make love to her. She would seduce me to the point that she knew I couldn’t stand it. She would make me beg her to let me pleasure her body. It was NEVER about my pleasure or about her pleasing me. She was only happy when the sex was all about making her happy. I had to beg to kiss her, I had to beg to fuck her, I had to beg for a blow job. Every time I was granted access to her body, I was told that I owed her something in return.

After getting warmed up with one of her blow jobs, she would always kiss me to make sure I tasted my dick. She would smile seductively and say “He tastes good, doesn’t he?” Then after she allowed me to fuck her, I was required, often held forcefully down, to lick and suck her pussy until it was clean. She would kiss me again and say something like, “He tastes awesome doesn’t he? Don’t you just love eating his cum out of my pussy?”

If I didn’t answer quickly enough she would continue; “How could anybody NOT love the taste of cum? You love the taste of cum, don’t you Sweetie?” She would continue until I finally said “Yes. Yes! I love the taste of cum.” She would respond by kissing me again and telling me what a great lover I am and how lucky she is to have an understanding man like me for a husband. As often as not I would end up sucking my cum out of her ass before we were finished. Like I said; it was ALL about her pleasure, but OMG how I loved seeing her pleased. Anything I had to do to please her was totally worth it.

One day I got home from work before she did and there was a message on the answering machine. Thinking it might be her telling me why she was so late from work, I played the message. Here is what I heard:

“Hello Denise, This is Mike. OMG girl! You were amazing! I know you’re not home yet, how could you be; you haven’t even pulled out of my driveway yet. All of that teasing at work…I had NO idea you were serious! I never in a million years would have thought that such a high society woman like you would ever want to be with a blue collar worker like me. That may be the biggest compliment I have ever received. You have no idea how many times I have jerked off just wishing you were really serious. When you said ‘What I need from you, Big Boy is…A little less talk and a lot more action’… Holy shit! Had no idea you ever intended to suck and fuck me like that! I didn’t know sex could be that good! And then you said ‘Just wait till next time.’… Oh Baby! How am I supposed to look you in the eye at work tomorrow? I would have bet my paycheck (that you sign), that you couldn’t make me cum three times like that! WOW! You are amazing. And you could probably tell, but I have never fucked a girl in the ass before. You are one helluva a woman! A total woman! More woman than I have ever even dreamed of. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you totally rocked my world this afternoon and you’re right…I can hardly wait till next time! I’ve gotta run. My wife will be here in a few minutes…you really like taking chances, don’t you? I’ll see you at work tomorrow. A little less talk and a lot more action, for sure!”

I must have played that message about four times before I realized I was as hard as a brick and stroking myself picturing my wife with another man having his way with her, or more correctly, my wife having her way with another man.

I didn’t know how to handle this, but I knew she would be home very soon…filled with his cum. I could hear the sound of her sexy, husky voice saying; “He tastes awesome doesn’t he? Don’t you just love eating his cum out of my pussy? How could anybody NOT love the taste of cum? You love the taste of cum, don’t you Sweetie?” She would continue until I finally said “Yes. Yes! I love the taste of cum.”…

I couldn’t believe the thoughts I was having…how would I handle this?

It wasn’t long before that question would be answered. I heard her little Escort ZX2 pull up in front of the condo. The door shut. I could hear her sexy heels clicking on the sidewalk as she made the short walk to the front door.

I was in the foyer where I had been listening to Mike’s recording and rubbing my little dick thinking about him satisfying my pretty wife…wondering how big that cock was that had just finished fucking my Denise. The door opened and Denise stepped in. She wasn’t three feet from me and I could smell the sex in the air. Her blouse was unbuttoned mobilbahis to her waist. Her skirt rode high and tight. Her legs were bare, no sign of the hose she had been wearing when she left the house this morning. She looked for all the world like she had just been fucked to death!

As I was stuttering “What the fuck…?” Denise walked toward me, grabbed me by the shirt collar and pulled my face close to hers. I could smell his cock on her breath. She reached between my legs with the other hand and grabbed my hard-on. She cooed approvingly and said “You know how horny I get when I work late. I’ve been playing with myself all the way home hoping you would be in the mood when I got here. I’m glad to see…errr…feel that you are.” Magically she extricated my penis from its confines with one hand and dropped to her knees and engulfed it all in one stroke. She sucked me in and out for about five deep strokes and then swiftly stood, grabbed my collar again and kissed me hard and deep and long.

I should have anticipated her next words…”His cock tastes great doesn’t it?”

Without thinking I replied “OH HELL YEAH! It tastes like he’s already cum in your mouth. That was one helluva kiss! I don’t remember ‘him’ ever tasting that strong before.”

Denise answered “I guess you must be more excited that usual. What has you so worked up, Little Man?”

I really wanted to play Mike’s voicemail for her, but something had taken over my mind and my words. I answered “It must be the way you looked when you came through the door…like you had just been fucked to death. That ‘look’ looks good on you. You look so fucking hot all I can think about is getting you naked and eating you till you scream for me to stop!”

Taking the hint and the opportunity, she grabbed me by the arm and dragged me up the stairs to our bedroom. She pushed me onto the bed as she stripped off her blouse and skirt…which was all she was wearing. No bra, no panties, no pantyhose. Everything was already off of her MILF body before she walked through the door.

Without a word Denise stood on the bed over me and lowered her asshole over my face. As I pressed my tongue inside of her sweetness, she mumbled “His fresh cum tastes so good doesn’t it Sweetie? It’s probably still warm.” I could only moan. Now I was wondering if she knows that I know? Does she want me to figure it out? Is she trying to tell me? Or does she just think I’m really stupid for not figuring this out?

“Suck it all out, Craig. Suck all of his cum out of my ass!”

This seemed to be going a little further than this game usually goes. But this time I really could taste the other man’s cock from my wife’s asshole just like I could taste him on her mouth, lips and tongue. She had to know that I know she has just been fucked, hell, her mouth was still slick with his cum when she first kissed me. As I’m sucking his cum out of her ass I can feel the globs of it swishing around in my mouth as she ground herself onto my face.

Then she said, “Swallow for me Sweetie. Swallow his cum like I do when I suck his cock. Swallow it like I do when he cums in my mouth. You’re so fucking sexy baby, you’re about to make me cum! I think you like the taste of his cum as much as I do! Do you know what a turn on that is for a woman? OMG, you sure know how to push my buttons.”

I was beginning to wonder how much cum he had spent in my wife’s ass? It seemed never ending.

About then Denise started bucking and nearly crushing my face with her big sexy ass! She screamed “Don’t move! Don’t fucking move!” Then she slid down just a little bit and pressed her wet, slick, hot pussy onto my mouth. OMG she was so fucking wet!

The she said, “I know you can taste their cum here. This is where they left the most cum. Do they taste good baby? Can you taste their cum now Sweetie? Swallow it all! OMG you can make me orgasm better than anybody! I love it when you suck all of the cum out of my pussy and make me scream! I love that you swallow it all. OH Sweetie, I love you so much!”

She shuddered. Her right leg wouldn’t stop twitching for several minutes it seemed.

As she caught her breath again, she stroked my hair and looked me in the eyes and said “You don’t know how much I appreciate you encouraging my role play. A strong fantasy life is essential to a good marriage.”

“Denise; I need to tell you something. I am quite sure that all of your role play is not fantasy. And I mobilbahis güvenilir mi want you to know that the lying and hiding it from me is much more destructive than whatever you’re hiding. Stop lying to me. I love you for who you are, not for what you do. I would never stop you from doing anything that you need to do, I understand your needs, but you do not need to lie to me.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about! I would never…” I put my finger to her lips to shush her as I said; “Stop talking and go listen to the answering machine…right now.”

She came back up the stairs crying and begging for forgiveness. I said “Forgiveness for what?”

She said “For cheating on you and playing that awful game…” I quickly shushed her again. I said “The only thing you have to apologize for is for lying to me. I know you all too well, Baby. I know that you have physical and emotional needs that I just can not provide for. But just because I can’t provide for all of your needs doesn’t mean that you should be denied any of those needs or forced into hiding them from me. I would rather have any piece of you than to loose all of you.”

She appeared to be in shock. “What are you saying? That you don’t mind if I fuck around all I want too? That’s not fair to you because I would be really jealous if you were fucking other women. Do you want me to fuck around so you can too?”

“That’s not at all what I’m saying…” She shushed me this time…

“I’ll tell you what. I will agree to this if we do it by my rules.” She said. “This may be only shot we have at saving this marriage.”

“You are in charge, Baby. You make the rules. Tell me what you want. I will do anything you say to save this marriage. I can’t lose you, Denise. Just don’t lie to me anymore.”

“OK” she said. “So…I can have all the lovers I want, male or female and you can have only me or whoever I choose for you. And if I never allow you to have sex with another woman, you’re Ok with that?”

“As long as I get to have sex with you and you promise to tell me ALL of the details of every encounter and even allow me to participate whenever possible. I will be your sub. As long as there is no more lying…Promise!”

“Oh I promise” she said. “How could a woman turn down this offer? And just for the record…if you knew about the recording, about Mike…then you knew that he had just fucked me only minutes before I got home. And you also knew that you were eating his cum out of my ass and off of my lips? Why did you go along with that if you really knew?”

“Because I saw how excited you were to be doing it and anything is worth it if it makes you feel that good. But now I have another question.”


“When I was kissing you and tasting his cum and eating your ass, you were talking about his cum. When I ate your pussy you were talking about ‘their’ cum. Who were ‘they’…? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth right now if this is going to work!”

“Mike is the maintenance supervisor at work. He lives with his wife and her little brother. Little brother was home when Mike and I showed up. I sucked and fucked both of them, but only Mike fucked my ass. But they both came in my pussy. Little brother couldn’t stop cumming! He came in my pussy twice and in my mouth once. After I sucked Mike to a frenzy, I let him fuck my ass. He said he had never fucked a woman’s ass before. It was just so sweet to be his first. It was kinda cute. His cock went sooo deep too!”

By now she was stroking me back to erection as she talked. “So; could you really taste his cum?”

“Taste it? From the moment you walked in the door I could smell it all over you! When you first kissed me I could smell it so strong I could almost taste it in the thick air. Your mouth was slick with cum when you kissed me. I knew right away that I was getting sloppy seconds and it turned me on so much I was going crazy! After that kiss, I knew I had to taste his cum in you. I still can’t believe how much cum I swallowed from you! OMG you were amazing!”

“You really enjoyed swallowing another mans cum? Cool! Cause I will definitely be making you do a lot more of that.”

“You going back to Mikes’?”

“Maybe…but first we’re going to set up a profile for me on one of those sites and see how many new dates I can get. I want you to help me write a sexy profile so they will know right away that I’m just looking for sex. I can’t wait to tell you all about my play-dates. I’ll even text you pictures while I’m with them so you can stay excited at home waiting for me to CUM home to your waiting mouth. You have me feeling really evil. This is going to be more fun than you ever imagined.”

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