New Neighbor Part 4 – The Next Morning

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New Neighbor Part 4 – The Next Morning
Katie woke up the next morning, finding herself snuggled between Jill on her left and Todd on her right. She felt wonderfully warm and cozy between them. She laid there for a while still feeling satisfied from the night before, thinking about how much she’d enjoyed being with Jill and Todd.

Finally Katie quietly slipped out from between Jill and Todd and got out of bed. Wrapping herself in a green silk robe from her closet, she went down stairs and started the coffee maker. Katie walked over to the sliding glass door that overlooked her deck, in ground pool and backyard. She opened it allowing the fresh morning breeze to blow in.
Hearing soft footsteps behind her, Katie turned and smiled as Jill came into the kitchen. She was wearing her panties and the shirt Todd had been wearing the night before.

“Good morning.” Jill said softly as she walked over to Katie and took her in her arms. She kissed Katie softly on the lips. “I really enjoyed last night!”

“Me too.” Katie said. “Very much.”

“I’d never seen Todd with another girl before and watching him with you totally turned me on.” Jill said as they walked back toward the center of the kitchen. The coffee was almost done. “And you looked like you were loving it too.”
“Oh, yes I was!” Katie grinned, “It’s been a while since I’ve been with a guy and Todd gave it to me good last night! You’re a lucky girl, Jill!”

Jill smiled a little and reached out, brushing the back of her hand over Katie’s breast. Katie’s nipples had become clearly visible through the thin silk of her robe. “Look at you getting all turned on again!”

Katie felt her face becoming flushed as Jill took a step closer. Jill let her hand slide inside Katie’s robe. Gently, she caressed Katie’s right breast with her soft hand. Cupping the firm flesh in the palm of her hand, Jill slowly circled her thumb around Katie’s stiff nipple.

Katie lowered her mouth to the nape of Jill’s neck and then left a trial of kisses up to Jill’s earlobe.

Jill loosened the tie holding Katie’s robe closed and pushed the robe open letting it slip off of Katie’s shoulders. She gently pushed Katie back against güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the kitchen’s center island. Wrapping her left arm around Katie, Jill leaned in close again, kissing her. As Jill’s tongue danced and swirled with her own, Katie felt Jill’s right hand slip between her thighs. Katie spread her legs a little and immediately felt Jill’s fingers parting her pussy lips, playing in her wetness.

Katie spread her legs a little more as Jill began to glide her slick fingers up and down the length of Katie’s slit, from just outside her opening, up to her clit and back again. With each pass over her clit the pressure of Jill’s fingers increased just a little bit. Katie moaned softly, her breathing becoming rhythmic in time with the movements of Jill’s fingers.

“That feels so fucking good.” Katie whispered between breaths. Feeling the pleasure building deep inside her she laid her head on Jill’s shoulder. “Do it a little faster, ” she said huskily, “and harder.”

Jill was almost fully supporting Katie now with her left arm and hearing Katie’s request, Jill slipped her fingers down to Katie’s sopping wet cunt one more time. With her fingers slick again with Katie’s juices she rapidly stroked Katie’s swollen pink clitoris with the tips of her middle and forefinger, letting the pressure of her fingers build up.

Katie clamped her eyes shut and bit down on her lower lip. She groaned deeply and leaned against Jill as her orgasm shook through her. Jill supported her as Katie rocked her hips as her muscles contracted with each wave of pleasure.
“You’re so wet!” Jill whispered in Katie’s ear as Katie relaxed and leaned against the counter. Jill’s fingers were still in Katie’s pussy and before Katie had a chance to recover, Jill began stroking her fingers over Katie’s clit again.

Katie started to moan immediately and felt her second orgasm building much quicker this time. With her legs trembling, Katie grabbed the counter to support herself. Trying not to scream, Katie let out a long low moan as Jill’s finger tips brought her off again with a second, stronger orgasm. This time she wrapped both of bets10 giriş her arms around Jill as she came. As her orgasm passed she kissed Jill and for a few moments they stood there locked in their embrace.
Finally, spent and with her thighs wet with her juices, Katie took a step back. She bent and picked up her robe.

“Wow.” Katie whispered as she slipped he robe on, letting it hang open. She looked at Jill who was smiling like the cat who’d just eaten the canary. Katie extended her hand to Jill. “Come with me you sexy minx!”

Katie led Jill up stairs to one of the spare bedrooms at the opposite end of the hallway from her room, and had her sit on the bed.

“Now, don’t you move.” Katie said playfully.

Slipping out of the room she went back down the hall to her room. She quietly retrieved an item from her night table, being careful not to wake up Todd who was still asleep.

Making her way back to the spare bedroom, Katie found that Jill had removed the shirt and panties she’d been wearing, and was sitting back against the headboard. Jill’s legs were drawn up, her thighs wide apart, exposing her vagina. Her pussy lips were full and plump, and Katie could see Jill’s clit just peeking out between her pink folds. Jill was slowing sliding her finger over her pussy, playing in her hot, sticky wetness.

“What do you have there?” Jill asked as Katie climbed up on the bed, and knelt between Jill’s thighs. She was still wearing the robe, but had left it untied, her breasts framed by the green satin.

“I thought you might like to try this.” Katie held out a nine inch flesh colored dildo. Her heart was pounding in her chest, she could not wait to fuck Jill with her toy.

“Ohh! Looks good to me!” Jill scooted down a little on the bed and opened her long tan legs further, giving Katie full access to her pussy.

Jill watched as Katie held the head of the dildo up to her mouth. Slowly, she circled its head with her tongue, and then she licked up and down the shaft, as if it were a real penis. Pressing the cock to her soft lips, she lowered her mouth over it and began moving up and down, sucking it as she would if she were giving bets10 güvenilir mi a blow job, making the dildo slick.
With the dildo still in her mouth, Katie reached out and slipped two fingers between Jill’s pussy lips. Jill was very wet and Katie’s fingers slid easily inside her. Removing her fingers, Katie took the dildo from her mouth and began to move it up and down Jill’s wet slit and then she let it come to rest just outside of Jill’s opening. Katie began to slip just the head of the dildo in and out of Jill, at the same time she used her thumb of her other hand and strummed Jill’s clit in short strokes.

Jill’s first orgasm came almost immediately. She let out a series of short, sharp cries as she squeezed her eyes closed, her hands squeezing her breasts tightly.

As soon as Jill started to relax Katie started moving the thick plastic cock in and out of Jill’s pussy again. She pushed it deeper now, letting Jill feel all of its length and thickness inside her. Slowly Katie let the pace of her thrusts build up until finally she was fucking Jill with fast deeps strokes. Jill was pushing her hips forward slightly with each thrust. Jill was having a series of small orgasms and it was all she could do to keep from screaming out with pleasure. Her pussy was so wet now that the dildo was gliding easily in and out of her, making a soft squishing sound with each stroke.
After several minutes, Katie started to fuck her a little faster and again found Jill’s clit with her thumb. Jill pressed her own fingers over Katie’s thumb, and began making quick, hard circles. Jill raised her hips up and began to shake all over as she was about to cum. Katie could feel Jill’s cunt gripping the dildo firmly as she pushed it deep into her in one final thrust. Katie sat back as Jill wrapped her hand around the fake cock and held it firmly deep inside her cunt as has her hips bucked wildly on the bed. She pushed her thighs together tightly and let out a long, low groan as she came.
Finally, as her breathing returned to normal, Jill slipped the pretend penis out of her pussy and set it aside. It was glistening with her wetness.

Jill sat up and leaning over she kissed Katie, who’d been watching her, smiling. Jill started to say something but Katie put a finger over her lips.

“I know.” Katie said softly. She stood up and tied her robe closed. “Wake up Todd and c’mon down stairs when your ready, the coffee should be done.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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