Episode 116: Mums and Daughters on Holiday

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Episode 116: Mums and Daughters on Holiday
Molly adored Fuerteventura – on holiday with her mum Justine after the gruelling GCSEs – topless sunbathing all day, dancing and drinking long into the night.

Ever since she was a little girl, Molly had collected glass beads to adorn her clothing.

Now that she was old enough to wear a proper tie-sided thong bikini, she threaded one bead onto the tie strings for each sexual conquest: boys on the right and girls on the left.

Sitting across the restaurant table from Justine, Molly was horrified to watch her mum groping the bottoms of two attractive young waiters.

“Mum – they’re only half your age!”

“Yes baby girl, that’s why I’m having both. No plans to share tonight. It’s been ages since I had a good DP session – your dad plus uncle Brian from the cricket club”.

“Mum, too much information”.

“Stop being a prude – here take this 50 euro and have a good time – don’t come back too early – these boys are hot”.

That evening had been special – she met two couples probably in their mid-twenties in the beachfront bar. The deafening music and no common language – Molly guessed they were Hungarian – it sounded like Martian, meant most communication was by touch or sign language. Molly loved dancing pressed up close between the two scantily clad girls, while their boyfriends spent most of the time drinking or ogling the talent

It was a fairly wild night, girls dancing half-naked on the bar – Molly found herself touching up her new friends as their hot bodies rubbed together on the crowded dance floor. Hands invaded private places – Molly’s pussy dripped as they gyrated around the floor, laughing and drinking.

Molly only suspected her drink had been spiked when she woke up naked in their apartment, one cock in each hand, taking turns to suck them off.

Due to some misunderstanding, they seemed to think that Molly wished to preserve her virginity (that had thankfully gone years ago – on a previous holiday, as it happens), so were only willing to fuck her anally.

The first bloke was quite gentle – applying lots of lube, then sliding slowly into her butt, taking her guttural moans as encouragement to go deeper.

He pulled out before cumming, offering his sticky cock to Molly to suck clean, meanwhile the second bloke took over. He was much rougher and larger, gripping her hips and plowing ferociously into her loosening arse, before depositing his hot seed deep inside her.

Bloke number canlı kaçak iddaa one took this as a signal to join his friend inside Molly’s backside, making her really scream.

The blonde girl offered up her cunt to Molly’s mouth in an attempt to ease the pain, while the darker one just fiddled with her phone – taking the occasional video of the ongoing gang-bang.

The following Morning
Bright as a button, Molly bounced into Justine’s room: “How was your night Mum? How were the Spanish waiters?”

Clearly mum was frustrated: “turns out those two waiters were gay – as soon as they saw this king-sized bed, they invited all their twink mates over”.

“Oh Mum – you poor thing – did they make you watch?”

“I’ve never seen so much sperm – there was a complete all-boys orgy just where you’re sitting.”

Molly jumped up, not wishing to touch anything.

“It’s OK – the maid changed the sheets – they were pretty crispy. Oh and we need new batteries for the vibrator – how was your night?”

Molly added two beads to the boys side of her bikini, but only one to the girls side – not sure if she had actually had both girls.
This brought the score up to 4:2, so it was time for some more pussy – she couldn’t have her lover Emma doubting her lesbian credentials.

It wasn’t until the last day of their holiday that mum Justine brought back a hot woman her own age with her young daughter Jackie for Molly to play with.

The ch?ldren watched their mothers stripping off, slightly embarrassed when they descended into a hot 69.

“Come on Jackie,” said Molly, dragging the girl away to the poolside to remove their clothes “do you prefer to be on top or underneath”.

“I don’t know – I’ve never been with a girl, and only one boy – my brother”.

Jackie tried to hide her developing bust from Molly, unsure what lesbians really did to each other, but that lovely feeling in her pussy when she touched herself had started.

Molly gently eased down Jackie’s bikini bottoms, stroking and kissing just inside her hip bones as her smooth flesh was exposed.

Jackie instinctively clamped her thighs together, just like when she masturbated.

“Relax, baby girl – nobody is going to eat you – well perhaps just a light nibbling on that pretty butt”.

Jackie blushed: “you like my bottom? Can I touch yours?”

Molly grabbed the girls hand and thrust it between her own legs, as Jackie relaxed her thighs to allow Molly’s invading fingers.

Molly thought back canlı casino to her own lesbian seduction at Jackie’s age. She had laughed at the girl-on-girl videos along with all her schoolmates and watched the older girls making out in the changing room after a sweaty netball match, but never actually had the courage to physically express her own sexuality.

That very first time with Emma had been magical; she had gone with her mother for her regular weekly massage and was reading a book downstairs when they called her into treatment room.

Nothing had prepared the young girl for the sight of two attractive naked women, covered in massage oil, rubbing their cunts together.

Molly found her nipples hardening under the thin t-shirt and a dampness spreading in her crotch as Emma reached out to stroke her face.

“Don’t be frightened, you lovely ch?ld, I’m just making love to your mummy. Slip your clothes off and you can join in”.

As Emma and Justine eased their crotches apart, it became obvious that Molly was the only one with a mass of pubic hair.

“It’s OK, baby, don’t worry – we can soon get that cleaned up – sit here and open wide”.

Justine supported her young daughter’s ankles, as Emma got to work smoothing on the shaving gel and taking the first long, slow razor strokes through the tight red curls all around Molly’s pussy lips.

Each time the electric razor buzzed against Molly’s clit, she would jolt up and a little more natural lubricant would drip down between her buttocks.

Soon only a small downward pointing triangle of red fur remained. Satisfied with her handiwork, Emma held out a mirror for Molly to check between her legs, then took her completely by surprise by inserting two fingers between her slick pussy lips.

A thumb on the clit and Molly was creaming, desperate for her orgasm building inside. Emma slowed the cuntal assault to concentrate on Molly’s developing breasts, while her mum presented her own wet crotch to Molly’s face for attention.

Things slowed down a bit after that first climactic orgasm; in later weeks Emma would encourage her young lover to close her eyes on the massage table and talk.

Mostly Molly was happiest talking about the boys and girls she fancied at school, while Emma did her magic.

Emma’s skilful fingers detected Molly’s growing arousal equally when describing riding on top of a rampant erection or bringing off a young girl – the mark of a true bi-sexual in the making.

Molly kaçak casino adored their intimate massage sessions, always cumming in buckets, whilst learning new techniques to practice to arouse others at school.

Back at home, Molly now felt much more comfortable discussing sex with her own mum Justine, agreeing to always use protection when fucking boys and to see the Doctor about going on the pill when she was old enough.

Justine now liked to check Molly’s pockets each morning before leaving for school: phone – tick, keys – tick, dinner money – tick, condoms – one of each flavour – tick, thong – optional.

Sometimes a hand would slip down the front of her panties to check for a smooth pubic area; “you don’t want to give the other girls razor burn from stubble, baby girl”.

“No Mummy – pussy is super smooth – just like yours, but I’d better get going – the school bus will be here soon”

Back in the here and now, Molly and Jackie rejoined their mothers in the big bed, slipping between their hot naked bodies.

Fortunately they were laying face down, so as not to frighten the young girl.

Jackie relaxed as many hands explored inside her bikini, as she watched Molly getting off straddling Justine’s raised hip. Then the purple feeldoe became visible sticking straight up, which Molly sank down onto, exposing then hiding it between her pussy lips.

Suddenly Jackie sat up, attempting to cover her developing breasts with a pillow, demanding to know whether this was inc?stuous.

“I don’t know, baby girl, why don’t you look it up”.

Everyone went back to familial lesbian sex while Jackie searched for her phone and read out the wiki article on inc?st.

That didn’t help, so she widened the search for ‘does inc?st include mother daughter sex’. That only produced some very dry legal and medical articles about penetration and inbreeding, which completely missed the point.

Finally Molly grabbed the phone and looked up ‘lesbian inc?st’; that did it – dozens of superb porn videos of very attractive mothers and daughters making love.

Satisfied that it was only porn, Jackie happily accepted the first orgasm from her mother’s fingers and tongue, while Molly ate out Justine.

Jackie looked stunning at breakfast in a low-cut sundress that emphasized her developing bust, rather than hiding it.

“Thanks for suggesting we give each other a trim – pussy tastes much better bare”.

Jackie’s mum handed over the feeldoe: “thanks for the loan – we experimented all last night”.

“No – you keep it – perhaps we’ll meet up back home for another foursome”

Molly and Jackie swapped phone numbers; their mums swapping addresses in Stockbridge – who knew?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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