But that’s for girls! Pt.1

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But that’s for girls! Pt.1

-thursday 20 november 2008-

As I sit on the couch in the living room watching tv. My eyes constantly look up to the clock hanging above it. It is 11.56 pm. In 4 minutes I will turn eighteen and officially be ‘’old’’ haha. The tv is showing an old episode of ‘the Simpsons’. But I’m only focusing on that clock.

Slowly but surely the arms both reach the number 12. Midnight!

AAAAAH I’m an adult now!

After receiving some birthday wishes from my parents and friends, I ate some birthday cake (as you do haha). After that I decide to go to bed at around 1 am because I’ll be giving a party for friends and family tomorrow.

-friday 21 november 2008-

It’s my birthday!! Party time!

I invited my best friends and family to come over to celebrate that I turned eighteen.

You should know that I normally don’t celebrate my birthdays with a party. Normally I just go and hang out with friends to the movies or bowling and I pay for the drinks.

I kinda suck at throwing parties cause I always forget buy enough groceries. But this time, since it is such a special occasion I invited them to my parents house and made sure I had enough drinks and snacks.

Everyone came and most of my family arrived before my friends.

Now as much as I love my family, I knew the people who knew how to get a party started were my friends. So not much later the doorbell rang again and when I opened it I saw my friends…….. and a sexdoll?!

It was a inflatable sexdoll. And they put stockings with a garter belt, a thong and a blonde wig on it.

‘Hey virgin!’ my friends shouted. I was a bit embarrassed but I couldn’t deny it… It was the sad truth. I actually never had sex up until then. I only ever kissed one girl… Without tongue.

Since they knew me for years they knew I never had a relationship or even a proper date with a girl. So since they wanted me to finally have sex now I’m an adult I should do it with this inflatable thing. I laughed nervously and invited them in to meet my family.

As you may have guessed walking in with a sexdoll wearing nothing but a wig, thong, and stockings was pretty embarrassing. And as expected they all started laughing, and pointing towards the doll. I could feel my face becoming very, very red.

Oh well. I could walk away or just laugh with them and enjoy the rest of the evening. So as you would expect about a dozen other jokes were made about me being single that evening…

I just let them have their fun with it. In the meantime I was daydreaming about the day I could walk in with the prettiest girl on earth and they all would be stunned. Then I would be the one to have the last laugh.

Unfortunately that day never came because…

-saturday 22 november 2008-

I wake up the next morning. Took a shower, brushed my teeth and put on some clothes.

I head downstairs and I freeze. AAH! That doll! Scared the hell out of me! Oh my god I almost forgot about it. It stood in the back of the room leaning against a wall. A little bend because it was a bit deflated.

‘Oh yes there’s that special gift from my friends’ I said to myself. I decided to put it in my own room instead of the living room of my parents house. I wouldn’t want any other visitors to come over and be surprised by this thing hehehe.

In my room I was thinking what I should do….. Would my friends really want me to use it like… you know. To have sex with? No that’s pathetic. Oh gosh I really don’t know what to make of this. Lets just deflate this thing. ‘It was a good joke’. They wouldn’t really want me to lay on a doll kaçak bahis and put my penis in there right hahaha.’ I said to myself.

Once deflated I noticed the wig, thong and stocking still on it. Never seen those things in my room before…. sad enough hehehe.

Wait where did they get this stuff from? Are those worn by any of my female friends who lend them for this joke? I don’t know but i’m suddenly way too much thinking about these ‘girl clothes’ in my room. That thong? Could that belong to my friend Danielle? (You have to know that I always had a little crush on her since I knew her.) But she has a relationship with another good friend of mine Rick… So I think therefore me and her will never be together. But hold on…. Wait a minute. No! Where these actually on her hips once, and now in my hands? I held them up to my face and quickly took a little smell. It smelled so nice. Just like her perfu…… omg. No! Did she actually??!?!?!?!!? Or did she only spray some of her perfume on it to trick me?

I took another whiff. Oh my could it actually be one of Danielle’s thong in my hands?!

At this time you could say I am getting a tiny bit aroused… ‘Oh Danielle’ I whispered as I let the thong slide down my body.

I take off my pants and start stroking myself with the thong firmly pressing against my cock. One, two, three, four strokes. Stop! No no no no what am I doing? This is so wrong! I feel like I’m cheating on my friend and what would Danielle think of all this if she found out I was getting hard smelling her underwear and press it onto my cock?

I just gonna take these stockings, wig, and those panties and put them in a bag. I stored it under my bed.

I watched some tv, ate some snacks and thought about stuff I could do now that I’m an adult. I can buy alcohol, actually pretty much anything without the consent of my parents. Yeah!

Hours went by but something strange was happening. I kept thinking about the stuff in the bag that I put under my bed.

Later that day I ate together with my parents and we talked some more about the party and that everyone enjoyed themselves. At one point my mom asked what I was gonna do with the doll. ‘Ehrmm.. nothing. I just deflated it and gonna put it in the attic’ I said.

Later that evening I went to my room changed into my PJ’s and got in bed. Normally I would watch some more tv upstairs but this time my tv wasn’t turned on. It was me who was turned on still thinking about the bag that was under me. That bag containing a piece of fabric that was Danielle’s. Man I felt pathetic. It’s just a piece of underwear for girls to wear. Come on get over it. I closed my eyes but of course couldn’t sleep. I turned and turned for about 15 minutes.

Urgh… ok. I’ll just get it out one more time, take a smell and tomorrow I will get rid of it.

I took the bag and pulled out that bright pink thong. It looks so good. Smells so good. I enjoyed just looking at it.

I wonder. What if? Could guys put them on too? Haha that’ll feel strange I guess. So little fabric. I kicked off my pants and boxer shorts and put on the thong. Oh wow! This feels so funny! And wrong. But nice. I… I like this a bit too much I believe. My brain is exploding at this point. Why have I only wore ‘’men’s underwear’’ in my life, while this fabric feels so f*cking great on my butt. Could I secretly wear this without anybody knowing? Am I gay if I do? Boys don’t wear thongs right. That’s a big no.

Suddenly I think about the bag that’s containing more than just this thong. Would those stockings that perabet giriş I always like to see on woman feel as good as this underwear?

I was eager to try them on too. So without any hesitation I did.

First the right leg then the left. As I pulled them up I was in awe. This was feeling way to good! Looking back now you could say at this time an obsession, an addiction was beginning to develop. But it that a bad thing? It sure didn’t feel like a bad thing the moment I put them on that day. Lol, I can’t believe this. Why haven’t I tried on these girl things before in my life. Oh the wig hahahaha. ‘This will makes thing complete’. I said to myself. There!

As I looked in the mirror seeing myself with long blonde hair. A thong and stockings I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I’m actually kind of pretty? Prettier than a boy? But, but. I can’t wear these instead of my male clothing from now on. That would be wrong. I mean I couldn’t go to school in a thong and stockings could I? A thong and stockings… that, that’s for girls. I said in a stuttering voice to myself.

I took them off and put on ‘’normal male clothing’’. I went to bed, closed my eyes. And fell asleep thinking about what I just did.

-sunday 23 november 2008-

The next day I woke up I should have felt regret…

I have sniffed and put on girls underwear. What was wrong with me? But instead of thinking about that, there was only one thing on my mind… When could I put them on again?

Right now! The entire day I wore them under my pants. Just walking through the house. Not my mom nor my dad looked funny at me. They had no idea. That would mean I could actually do this all the time. No one would ever know…

-monday 24 november 2008-

My first day going to school as an adult. Hehehe. That’s actually quite exciting on it’s own but of course I couldn’t keep my mind of the things I did in the weekend.

So I took the thong and put it in my backpack and went off to school.

To actually take girls underwear with me was thrilling, but the fact that I could go to the bathroom and replace my boxers with the thong any time I wanted was even more exciting.

As you could have guessed by now. After about 2 hours I asked if I could go to the bathroom. I’ve put the thong in my back pocket.

I walked to the bathroom, got into a stall, locked the door and changed my underwear. Replacing boxers for a thong. It felt awesome putting it on.

I noticed a little wet spot in the thong. Seems that I’ve been leaking a bit.

I guess that was because in my mind I already was thinking about walking around in these girly panties all day.

I pulled up my pants, checked if nothing pink was sticking out on my back or hips. And put my boxers in my back pocket. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought about what a naughty boy I became just now hahaha.

As I went back to the classroom. I came across 2 other students. Both girls. They would never know that that boy who was passing them was wearing women’s clothing. Oh the adrenaline was rushing through my veins like crazy. I noticed a little bulge not long after that. Oh shit. In my boxers a hard-on would be pressed down a bit because it was tight around my crotch so nobody would really see that it was stiff. But with this tiny thong… OMG I could feel how big my dick was getting pressing against the fabric. I even got harder because of that.

I decide to go to my locker and just wait there for a bit until my boner would be gone. So there I was. In front of my locker. Excited, aroused, ashamed, perabet güvenilir mi embarrassed, shy, horny. Just all of those things at the same time. It was a feeling that I never experienced before. And quite frankly wouldn’t ever want to lose it again. I loved this feeling.

If I bended towards the floor would the thong be peeking out of my pants? Would anybody notice? Such questions rushed through my mind. With all those thoughts it was becoming rock hard. Not something that I would while going back to my classroom.

Think of something else, think of something else. A dead person. My grandma. Anything…

I went to my locker to wait there for cock to go soft again.

Luckily after some time it began to fade. I felt I was losing the boner. But it took quite some time. I checked my watch and saw that 10/15 minutes had past since I left my class. F*ck I need to go back asap.

I walked back to class and went in.

‘Everything alright?’ asked my teacher. ‘Yes, of course’ I replied.

Did she know something was off? Is my fly open?!?!?! A mini heart attack followed. I looked at my pants but no. The fly was closed. Okay. ‘It’s nothing just go back to your seat and act natural’ I said to myself.

One of my friends asked where I was. ‘To the bathroom’ I replied. ‘For that long? Are you sick?’ he asked. ‘No. I was just checking my locker and stuff’. I said with a smile.

‘Are you hiding something?’ I freaked. Did he know? How? ‘No, what should I’ve been hiding?’ I replied.

He looks kinda worried to me and whispers ‘are you doing d**gs’? What?! No! Never ever would I do that. Just relax. Everything is just fine. I just went to the bathroom and my locker. Just leave it alone haha. ‘Alright then’ he replied as we were back to minding our own business.

I have no real recollection of what I learned that day in class. All that was going on in my mind was that I was sitting in a room with lots of people wearing girls underwear and hoping nobody would notice that.

Luckily nobody did. As the school bell rang and everyone was getting out, I walked out with confidence.

I actually managed to go to school in a thong for an entire day, (almost haha) nobody noticed, and I felt really good in it. Then it was crystal clear. I was going to to this more often. Maybe even every day. Should I never wear my male boxers ever again? I could always carry a boxer short with me and change in the bathrooms if I was getting afraid.

As I took the bus back home my mind was putting all those pieces together. I could hardly wait to put on the stockings too. ‘Why not’ I thought. Nobody noticed this then they won’t see stockings under my pants either right?

There were these days where I felt wearing my thong. Sometimes only stockings. Sometimes both. But of course I only had that one pair. So everyday was not an option.

I decided to wear it every other day or so. This went on for about 2 weeks.

After that I kinda lost interest in going to school in them. I didn’t knew exactly why. Maybe it was because the initial thrill of it all was gone. Or there were those days were I just felt totally pathetic for doing it in the first place. I couldn’t say what the real reason was but I stopped putting them on.

I just changed back to boys underwear and never bothered that much anymore.

The thong, the wig and the stockings were left alone for years after that. Collecting dust under my bed as they remained untouched.

A week or so later I saw my friend Rick again and he asked if I already had sex with the doll. ‘No hahaha of course not!’ I replied.

‘I don’t really wanna know if you did hahah’ said Rick. ‘Oh and before I forget. I need something back.’

I freeze and there is just one thing running trough my head. Does he need his girlfriends underwear back?

To be continued…

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