A Handyman Job – Meet Daisy

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A Handyman Job – Meet Daisy
It had just gone 9am and I was sitting in the kitchen having my morning coffee, the phone rang disturbing my waking up process, it was Amanda.
She had a client come in; it sounded a bit weird but work is work. The client was Daisy who was ‘not the sharpest tool in the shed’ as Amanda described and she cared for her Grandpa who was 70, registered blind and a bit ‘bananas’ as Daisy described and had a few odd jobs that needed seeing to.

I was happy to accept the job, took a quick shower and threw my small sports shorts on and a tee shirt, it is more comfortable to dress this way when its warm.
I pulled up outside the address given, not the best area of town and headed up the pathway to the front door which was opened by Daisy. She looked me up and down and then grunted something under her breath, she didn’t even smile.
“You Frank?” she asked quite bluntly, she was about 5’ tall, tidy figure and she wore a pink tee shirt that showed her nipples as she had no bra on, not that she really needed one as her titties were small and perky. Looking down I could just see her bare belly before her grey shorts, tied on her hips took over and down to a shapely pair of smooth legs.
“Yes I am, you must be Daisy” I said offering out my hand which she refused and just stood aside waving her arm inviting me in.

It was a bit dark in the house as the curtains were still drawn in the lounge, probably didn’t matter to a blind man! I stood in the hall waiting for instructions, Daisy looked at me
“Grandpa is in there, just to warn you he cant see good and uses the sense of touch to greet people” and I followed her into the dimly lit room, her arse did look good in those tiny shorts.
She stopped just inside the door where her Grandpa was sitting, “Frank is here Gramps” she said bluntly as she stood by his chair, Gramps reached out his hand and ran it up the outside of her thigh, up and over her shorts and up the side of her body to her head and then back down the front of her body brushing her nipple on the way down and then right down past her pussy and down the inside of her thigh.
“Oh thank you my dear” the grey-haired old man said as Daisy stood there totally motionless.

I must admit I did see a bit of a sly grin on her face as his hand felt her body, especially when her came back down the front.
I held my hand out and shook his as Daisy stepped aside and I took her place in front of Grandpa’s chair.
“Oh shorts” he said as he ran his hands up the outside of my thigh and onto my shorts, Daisy looked on straight faced.
He reached up and ran his hands up the outside of my body and along my shoulders, and then down my chest, ‘Here we go’ I though as his hands moved south and I definitely felt him touch my cock on the way down the front of my legs.

“Good quality clothes” she said in a stuttering voice, “Sit down” he said and I sat in the armchair opposite while Daisy sat on the two-seater sofa to my left.
“So, what’s occurring” he said as he looked in my direction and I was beginning to think he had no idea why I as there, “Nice shorts though” he said and I wondered what my shorts had to do with anything, I did see a slight smile on Daisy’s face as she looked across at me.
Grandpa was quite a thin man but looked good for his age, he sat there in his dressing gown tied tightly around his waist.

“He’s here to do those jobs we needed doing” she said with a look of confusion on her face, obviously they had discussed this before booking me,
“Who is?” he asked looking in Daisy’s direction now
“Frank” she responded
“Who’s Frank?, Have I met him” she said and I could see it was beginning to piss Daisy off, it was confusing the hell out of me, weird was an understatement.
“He’s here Gramps, the man with the nice shorts” she explained motioning me to stand up again in front of his chair,
“Nice shorts, Oh, that’s good” he said as her reached out again feeling up the side of my legs and up onto my shorts, “Ah Yes” he said as he put his fingers inside the leg to feel the fabric, his fingers touching her tip of my cock,
“Good quality” he said as I stepped back and sat down, I glanced across at Daisy and she shrugged her shoulders.

“Take him upstairs and show him what needs doing dear” he said as he sat back in his chair, “Damn nice shorts though” he mumbled as Daisy and I stood up and I followed her up the stairs, I could see that she was wearing white patterned panties under her shorts as I could just get a glimpse up the leg.
We went into her bedroom and she pulled out a chair for me at her desk and then sat on the edge of her bed, I wasn’t sure what was going on but thought I would as canlı bahis always, go with the flow.

“What is it with your Gramps and shorts?” I asked her, she looked at me and for the first time gave a half-hearted giggle,
“Oh that, he used to work in clothing and loves to feel the quality of peoples clothes, old habits and all that” she said.
“He does it with me all the time, its harmless” she continued, then she smiled, “We even play a game where he has to guess what I am wearing” she admitted, “He is good at that and always gets it right”
“How do you play it” I asked actually quite interested in it, sounded fun.

“He knows the feel of most of my clothes and just by feel he tries to guess what I have on, if he guesses right I have to take it off so he can guess what is under it.” She seemed very matter of fact as she explained.
“Sound fun and entertaining” I said, “Do you end up naked?” I asked smiling, she still didn’t smile as she responded,
“Yes if he guesses right but he said it don’t matter coz he cant see me anyway” which I though was a decent enough response.
“Sometimes he would put blindfold on me and I would play” she said and I did get a bit of a smile as she continued, “Hehe, he couldn’t see so I cheated by making a couple of holes in it” she said remembering her experiences,
“He’s so dumb, it was easy to win with him hehe”
I was actually starting to get a chubby and wasn’t sure if it was of the stories or the fact that Daisy was a bit restless as she talked and kept giving me flashes of her panties under her shorts, I don’t think she noticed though.

“So how is the ‘winner’ determined? I asked just for clarification, she looked at me with a half-smile
“When you guess all the other persons clothes silly” she said which is just what I thought, she was cunning.
“So you cheated and saw your Gramps naked knowing that he can’t see you” I said with a chuckle, she was puzzled for a bit,
“Oh Yeah, oh please don’t tell him, you won’t tell him, will you?” she was almost begging me.
I wasn’t convinced and was shaking my head at her sneakiness while at the same time I applauded it.
“Please?” she begged, “Tell you what, why don’t I blindfold you and you try out the game?” she suggested as way of keeping me quiet.
I was tempted, “But I know what you are wearing” I responded but she responded well,
“I will blindfold you first and then quickly change” she said, “Please?, Please Frank?, don’t tell Gramps I cheat” she begged looking at me with sad eyes. She had won me over.
“OK” I said, “But just one game” as she smiled and searched her drawer for the blind fold, I could feel the old chubby growing in anticipation.

“Here it is”, she said happily as she found the blindfold she uses with her Gramps and put it on me, the world went black and I couldn’t see a thing, I did hear drawers opening and it was obvious from the sounds that she was changing.
“OK ready” she said, “And don’t worry, Gramps takes ages” she said as she stood in front of me, I was very conscious of the fact that I had a hard on and it was obvious that she would see it but this was fun.
I reached out and ran my hands up the side of her body, seemed like she had a woolly jumper or something on.
I ran my hands across her chest, change that to cardigan as I felt the buttons and a blouse or shirt, I couldn’t confirm if she had a bra on or not at this stage.

I started to undo the buttons, “Cardigan” I said as the last button came free, “Well done” she said and allowed me to remove it, obviously there was no way of knowing colours.
I ran my hands down the front of hr shirt, no pockets it felt like it was just a plan cotton shirt, as my hands fondled her breasts I could confirm that she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples felt tight and erect as my fingers brushed over them.
I could hear Daisy’s breathing getting heavier as my fingers probed and teased, gently tweaking, “How am I doing” I asked softly as my cock bulged in my shorts.

I could tell by her breathing that she was enjoying it as much as I was, “Oh very good Frank” she said letting out a moan, “Promise me you wont tell Gramps?” she said again.
I ran my hands down her front to her belly and gently pulled out her shirt and started slowly undoing the buttons from the bottom, she seemed to take a step closer as I felt the warmth of her body as I went up her shirt, only two to go.
“Plain cotton shirt” I said as the last button came open, I could smell the sweetness of her skin.
“Correct again, damn you good” she said and again allowed me to take it off.

I heard her giggle, “What’s up?” I asked her, “I just noticed you got that bulgy thing in your shorts like Gramps gets” bets10 she replied and I only wished I could see her face.
“Sorry” I said as I got her shirt off
“Is it uncomfortable?” she asked, “Gramps says it is and takes them off, he says it is more comfortable that way” she continued,
“He is right” I said and quickly removed them; I could hear my cock saying ‘oh thank you’ as it was released from its enclosure.
“OMG, Wow!” she muttered as my cock came into her view, she moved in closer as I ran my hands across her chest as if searching for a bra or vest or something, I had to check. My fingers lightly touching the skin down to her belly and feeling out the waistband of her skirt or trousers.
Her body shook slightly as I retraced my steps back up to her perky little breasts, circling her nipples with my finger and gently squeezing, her nipples felt solid as she stood so close, I lent forward and gently flicked her nipple with my tongue.

She jumped back, had I gone too far? She soon returned to her position and I felt her nipple in my mouth, I gently sucked on the stiff stud.
“Mmm, no bra or vest” I said quietly, “Good boy” she replied, “Top marks so far” and I heard her murmur something but couldn’t make it out.

My hands ran down to the waistband and then slowly down the side of her legs, “A skirt” I said and not a very long one at that as my hands hit the outside of her thigh very quickly.
I felt the softness of her smooth legs as I fondled the outside of her thigh. I had already ascertained that it wasn’t front fastening so I asked her to turn round and I ran my hands around the waistband then down towards the hem feeling the cheeks of her arse as I passed, I got to the hem very quickly so I knew it was a mini skirt, as I felt the hem I could feel the back of my hand rub the back of her thigh, her legs parted slightly I cam off the hem and ran my hands up the back of her legs, her breathing quickened as I came into contact with the cheeks of her arse, my guess is she had a thong on.

I came back up and undid the button at the back and slowly unzipped her skirt, “Mini Skirt” I said triumphantly guessing correct again.
“Yes” she said as I lowered the skirt to the floor knowing that I now had her back to me.
She stepped right back and I sat with my legs either side of her as I fondled her cheeks, searching for the string that would confirm her wearing a thong, her skin was soft as I squeezed her cheeks pushing on her back to get her to bend, spreading them wide and basking in the aroma of her arse.
I heard her moan softly as my finger ran up and down her crack, I felt the thin string and held it aside as my finger probed her little button.

It suddenly dawned on me what Daisy had said about how she cheated, I wiggled the blindfold and lined up the little peep holes she had made, OMG and now I could see her pert little arse perfectly.
I was close enough to kiss it, her string to one side on her soft skin, her arse cheeks perfectly proportioned and the little shaded area around her puckered little arsehole.
I edged closer with my tongue at the ready, she jumped as the tip of my tongue touched the shaded spot, the musky taste of her arse as she pushed back on me, my face hard against her spread cheeks as my tongue darted in and out of her backdoor.

“OMG!” she cried as she bent lower to accommodate as I slipped to my knees, her arse was tight and I was struggling for air but what a way to go.
“OH YESS GRAMPS!” she cried out not realising what she was saying but I knew, I licked hard and as the saliva opened her up my tongue dove in deep, she held her cheeks apart as I gripped her hips pulling and pushing as I tongue fucked her musky arse.

“Ooops!” she said as she suddenly got up and turned facing me, her tiny panties were directly in my eyeline, they barely covered and her pubic hair could easily be seen, not that she knew I could see it.
“It’s ok, Gramps usually loses his balance at that point” she continued and I am sure he did.
She stood with her legs slightly apart and I ran my hands up the side of her legs very slowly as I focussed and processed the view that was in front of me.
A smooth flat stomach down to a very tiny white G-string and clearly visible dark pubic hairs, her panties were tight showing the outline of her labia lips that looked squashed inside, looked like an ugly bank robber!
I could just make out the line of pubes disappear up her crack, as my hands reached around her arse pulling her in closer, my lips contacting her belly right on the pubic hairline.
I gently licked as I held her close, my fingers searching out her wet arse and I must have overdone bets10 giriş it as we lost balance and I fell onto my back, Daisy landed right on my face, my nose buried with her knees either side under my arms, I was able to reach round and grab her arse to steady her while she got her balance because I felt her wiggle a bit on my face and I didn’t want her to fall.

She explained that her Gramps often lost his balance, the daft old fool, and found that either putting his hand on her arse or chest often helped to regain balance, keeping one hand on her arse to stop her falling back and one on her chest to avoid a forward fall was the way to go.
She continued to wiggle so I had to act fast and quickly held her little titty with my left hand, her hot stiff nipple nearly burning my hand but by gently rubbing and squeezing I was able to control the situation.

She continued to gyrate slowly on my face but the strategic positioning of my hands prevented any accidents and what I found happening was the fabric of her panties was moving and somehow I found my tongue in direct contact with her labia lips, that musky taste as her juices unavoidably ended up in my mouth.

We seemed to have forgotten about the game as I felt her body shake and her gyrating speed increased, my tongue had somehow worked its way deeper inside her as I felt her juices flow, most went directly in my mouth but I did feel it running down my chin.
“OH YESS!, FUCK YESS GRAMPS” she cried out again not realising what she is saying as she shuddered to orgasm, I managed to maintain my hold to keep her balance.

“OMG Sorry!” she said as she looked down at my blindfolded head, she lifted herself off of me, “That happens a lot with Gramps” she said, “Balance is an issue with him” she continued.
I could totally understand how it could easily happen at his age, she sat beside me laying on the floor with just my tee shirt on, I could see her through the little holes.
“What can be done to help with his balance? Is that the end of the game? I asked her, she reached over and pulled the blindfold off me,
“It’s his age and being blind doesn’t help his balance” she said in a concerned voice, “Yes, it’s the end of the game, I won as you didn’t get the last item” she said in a jubilant voice, damn I thought, I hate losing.

She helped me back onto the chair, showing absolutely no embarrassment of the fact that she was naked apart from a tiny G-string,
“Gramps hates losing too as he often forgets to get the last item, but its ok, I sit with him in his chair, put my arm around him and tell him I love him” she told me with sincerity.
“He likes it when we cuddle” she said, sounds convincing and I am glad that this sweet girl looks after her elderly relatives.

She came over and sat across my lap and put her arm around my shoulder, I could immediately feel the warmth of her pussy as she sat on my cock, she looked me in the eye as she wiggled her arse searching for the right position, her eyes stared into mine, she had no emotion on her face and then bingo, I felt my cock slide into her wet hole, her eyes cold, staring but her mouth wide as she felt my cock enter her and slide right up to the hilt.
“OMG!” I gasped as I felt her young cunt muscles tighten around the shaft, she had that ‘what do you think you are doing’ look on her face as she started to bounce up and down on my throbbing cock while holding on around my shoulder.

We nearly broke the chair as my thrusts met her bouncing and we built up some steam, her facial expressions didn’t change at all making me feel like I was fucking a doll, in a way the look of surprise on her face was turning me on more, she grabbed my back as she felt my cock start to pulsate, I gave it one last hard thrust as I felt my hot liquid spurt into Daisy’s belly,
“Damn Gramps” she cried out, “You done it again” and quite honestly I had no idea what the fuck she was talking about as she got up muttering something or other under her breath, I hadn’t even finished cumming when she threw my shorts back at me.
As she was searching for her clothes I could hear her mutter something more clearly
“What have I told you about that” came through loud and clear, I hurriedly put my shorts on, a little too quick as I was still damn cumming, cum residue on my shorts is not what I wanted right now, Daisy had flipped and I didn’t know what to expect next, she hurriedly put on her pink tee shirt and her grey shorts and then turned back to me, my heart stopped and I held my breath making sure she wasn’t holding a weapon.

She smiled, “Thank you Frank, all done. I will show you down to Grandpa to say goodbye, follow me please” she said as she marched out the room.
“Come” she said as I just stood there in total shock and disbelief at what has happened, I couldn’t process it quick enough and hurriedly followed her down the stairs.

To be Continued…..

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